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Версия программы: 11.0 Build 55831
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: патч
Системные требования:
• Windows® 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 2003/2008 Server(x32/x64)
• Core 2 class CPU / 1 GB RAM / 1600x1200 монитор / 2 GB свободного дискового пространства
Advanced Installer - это мощное и простое в использовании средство для создания программ установок в формате MSI / EXE за считанные минуты. Решение Advanced Installer основывается на использовании стандартных открытых форматов. Файлы проектов сохраняются в формате XML, что упрощает их интеграцию с системами управления исходными текстами. Advanced Installer - профессиональный инструмент для создания MSI-установщиков приложений под операционные системы Windows.
Программа крайне проста в использовании (для своего уровня), все взаимодействие с ней осуществляется через удобный интерфейс, так что вам не придется изучать большое количество документации и писать сложных скриптов - каждое действие логично и интуитивно выполняется через систему внутренних команд. Созданные проекты сохраняются в формате XML для дальнейшего использования. Если к примеру взять в сравнение Wise, InstallShield и другими программами для создания MSI-пакетов, Advanced Installer имеет гораздо более понятный интерфейс, с помощью которого Вы создадите свой пакет установки за считанные минуты.

Ключевые особенности

Advanced Installer makes MSI creation a snap
Advanced Installer integrates in automated build tools
Install and register the resources composing your application
Search, download and install Prerequisites
Organize your application in modules and components
Secure and choose your package's presentations
Extend the installation process with Custom Actions
Customize the installation User Interface
More and suggest new features

Изменения в версии 11

New features in this release
Support for deploying setup packages to SCCM
Import IntelliJ IDEA projects
Support for running SQL Scripts on Microsoft Windows Azure
Sandbox test for SQL Queries and Connections
SQL Scripts error logging
Support for IIS 7+ Module Mapping
Support for IIS 8.0 CPU Throttling
Windows Firewall support for Merge Modules
Flat buttons Air theme variation
Organization page refresh
Predefined prerequisites for Internet Explorer 11
Predefined prerequisites for Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10 64-bit
Predefined prerequisites for PowerShell 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0
Predefined prerequisites for Windows Management Framework BITS
Predefined prerequisite for Visual C++ 2008 SP1 x64 (MFC Security Update)
Predefined prerequisite for Visual C++ 2008 x64
Predefined prerequisite for Visual C++ 2005 x64
Enhancements to existing features
Per-build SQL Scripts
Logging installation actions during Wizard Dialogs Stage
Support for adding multiple Real Studio Apps to an existing project
Option for adding task links to Control Panel Applets
Detect Control Panel applets when importing Repackaging results
Provided "IsRequired" collection item field status for IIS Custom Properties
Optionally create a backup of the old project
Allowed File Operations from within the Search Files Window
Disabled the preview file location when multiple files are selected in the Search Files Window
Filter Rows option in Table editor wait user to type entire word
Warn user about query result data mismatch
More logging when running in service mode
Created support to add the same extension for both application versions (32 and 64-bit) when using a mixed installation package
Support to hide network drives when browsing for a folder
Enlarged the Computer ID edit so that all computer id text is visible
Sending parameters with the URL when using "-licensecheckurl" command line
CLI option to set component attributes
Predefined conditions for x86 and x64 systems
Launch conditions for SQL Server 2012 Express SP1
Launch conditions for PowerShell 4.0
Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista/Server 2008 predefined prerequisites
Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP/Server 2003 predefined prerequisites
Updated all Internet Explorer 32-bit prerequisites regarding supported Windows versions, correct install conditions and parameters for silent installation
Updated download link for Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 prerequisites to VSU4
Updated download link for older Visual C++ Redistributable prerequisites to latest revision
Updated all Visual C++ Redistributable prerequisites regarding supported Windows versions, correct install conditions and parameters for silent installation
Bug fixes
Fixed problems with Office 2013 Addin support
Fixed Office Addin wizard
Advanced Installer failed to build a Simple project on Korean operating systems
Updater crashed on Japanese Windows
"Uninstall a package with the same version" option worked only for the default project language (or English)
Repackager processed post-install metadata incorrectly
Advanced Installer crashed when importing repackaging results
Space or comma separated registry values containing file paths were not detected as Project File References when importing repackaging results
"Detect process" and "Detect service" custom actions were not set to run as immediate
The process name used for the "Detect process" and "Terminate process" custom actions was case-sensitive
Custom actions with the same name but different cases did not appear in the Existing Custom Actions list
"Run PowerShell Script" custom action script textbox lost cursor position when Advanced Installer regained focus
Fixed bug on import WiX custom actions sequence
Last dialog in sequence or its linked dialogs couldn't execute custom actions
Projects were marked as modified when "Execute inline script code" custom actions lost focus
32-bit module component was marked as 64-bit component
"Open Output Folder" and "Options" ribbon buttons remained enabled after a wizard was canceled
AI_UPDATER_SERVICE_CONFIG action condition was wrong
First saved template project was displayed in the Transforms section of Start Page
Added tooltips for the projects in the Start Page, Transforms section
Windows Optional Features UI was blocked when using filter with no results and no features were selected
Media page, Build Events Tab did not have vertical scroll if resolution was set to 1024x768
The "Response Transform" and "Delta Transform" tooltips displayed wrong license required information
Fixed installation of multiple prerequisites with the same EXE/MSI name
Corrected PowerShell 3.0 prerequisites type to pre-install
Output type and location was changed without notification by the Test Installation UI support
"OutOfDiskDlg" dialog was displayed even after disk space had been freed
The "ClientServerDlg" dialog preview in Professional projects was not correctly displayed on Modern, Air and Azure themes
Fixed Surface theme maintenance problem - "Repair -> Back -> Remove"
Prerequisites selector control used incorrect colors for the texts on Surface theme, making it almost impossible to read the name of a prerequisite
Slideshow caused Windows Installer error on Windows 7 32-bit
"I would like to register by email" option was inactive
Advanced Media configuration was not correctly copied
Added USR_ANONYMOUS to User and Groups properties in the picker
Fixed custom user account bug for IIS Application Pools
SQL Server connections did not need a port field
AIJCL did not remember JRE specified by user
Build progress was broken
Build events were set as global on project reload
Java service status marked as stopped with no errors when exit was called from java with error code different than 0
ODBC User DSN installation failed on per-user package
Folder and Properties references were not resolved in Java 7 Mac OS X builds
SMI schema.dat build failure after repackaging

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Скопировать патч в папку с установленной программой.
Запустить патч от имени администратора и найти файл advinst.exe в папке bin, согласно разрядности вашей системы.
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