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BBEdit 11.0.3- Тип издания: OS X Software
Релиз состоялся: 05 марта 2015
Поддерживаемая ОС: OS X 10.8.5 +
Разработчик: Bare Bones Software, Inc.
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: не требуется (инсталлятор уже пролечен)
Системные требования:
• Intel,
• Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later (10.9.5 or later recommended; 10.10 supported).

BBEdit - популярный текстовый и HTML редактор. Эта программа специально разработана для удобного редактирования текста, поиска, трансформации, создания HTML-тегов, написания и правки кода программ в различных языках программирования. BBEdit создан непосредственно для программистов и разработчиков, то есть для людей, которым приходится иметь дело с кодами программ и скриптов. Приложение интегрируется во многие билдеры, например, Apple Xcode, CodeWarrior, MPW, и Perl.
Bedit - довольно навороченный редактор текстов/программного кода, понимает синтаксис таких языков как: HTML, PHP, C++, XML, Java, Perl и многие другие. Програма обладает огромным функционалом, из необычных функций стоит отметить возможность улучшения читабельности текста/программного кода, а так же оптимизация кода. Может работать с несколькими документами одновременно.
Может работать с файлами напрямую через FTP/SFTP, встроенный интерпретатор позволяет запускать скрипты и выдавать результат их работы во встроенном браузере или терминале. Встроенный конвертер позволяет конвертировать текст не только в различные кодировки, но и в другие системы счисления. Очень мощный поиск. Реализована система расстановки закладок по ходу текста.

Дополнительная информация:

Одна из главных достоинств приложения — это распознание и подсветка синтаксиса большого количества разнообразных языков программирования. BBEdit умеет по синтаксису распознавать начало и окончание функций, тегов, по ним вести навигацию в файле из меню программы. Есть возможность получить доступ ко всем другим документам, к которым ведется обращение в начальном документе.

Что нового в версии:

Version 11.0.3
• This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features.
• Made a change to the internal "Replace All" mechanics to improve performance by a factor of two (results may vary).
• Any unprintable characters in the ASCII range are now drawn as inverted red question marks, whether or not "Show Invisibles" is turned on. This will help reduce confusion when working with files that contain many such.
• Zero-width Unicode characters are now drawn as a gray vertical bar when "Show Invisibles" is turned on.
• Typing in the search box in the "Go to Named Symbol" panel will now select the first matching item.
• Fixed bug in which the HTML syntax checker would sometimes report false positives for duplicate id attribute values.
• When saving an existing file to disk, if the file being written already has a correct HFS file type (whether it needs it or not), the file type is preserved, which prevents the OS from arbitrarily changing the document icon and/or refusing to show QuickLook previews.
• Fixed bug in which text transform scripting verbs would not return their output to scripts run from the built-in Scripts menu.
• Updated the built-in list of VectorScript predefined names.
• The PHP language module will now stop scanning when it encounters a __halt_compiler(), to avoid potentially getting confused by any subsequent binary data.
• When mapping file names to languages, all extensions are tested before attempting to use exact or wildcard file name matches. This results cases such as the one in which a file named Makefile.pl is inappropriately mapped to the Makefile language instead of Perl due to the order in which language modules are queried for file name matches.
• Fixed crash which would occur when cancelling "Create Bookmark", "Go to...", or "Create Directory" in the "Save to FTP/SFTP Server" dialog, or when cancelling "Create Bookmark" or "Go to..." in the FTP/SFTP browser. Shhhh!
• Fixed bug in uncommenting of line comments on a single line containing the insertion point (or when the selection range did not include a trailing line break).
• Fixed bug in which attempting to save a zero-length file with Windows line breaks would report a -50 error.
• The path controls in the Find Differences dialog box now have tooltips when appropriate.
• Adjusted the "is text file" content check to pre-emptively rule out Photoshop files, which look enough like text files internally to pass the test. Any file which has a nonzero HFS file type that is not 'TEXT' or a relative is now ruled out in the "is a text file" test, in advance of any content checking. Together these two changes will prevent multi-file searching from finding text in files where it shouldn't.
• Made some changes to make the default list of preview helpers more useful.
• When examining a file to determine whether it is a Zip archive (for opening as well as when searching), BBEdit will first examine the file's UTI (Uniform Type Identifier) information; and if the UTI does not indicate that the file might be a Zip archive, filtering ends at that point. In some cases, this can lead to files being skipped that are in fact Zip archives, but which don't have conforming UTIs. To solve this problem, you can disable UTI checking:
defaults write com.barebones.bbedit InspectUTIWhenFilteringZipFiles -bool NO

• Note: Disabling UTI inspection means that BBEdit will always have to open the potential Zip file to inspect its contents. This will slow down batch operations such as multi-file search/replace, text factory application, and file filtering for projects and disk browsers when the directory being processed contains a lot of files that are potentially Zip archives (and not previously determined to be text files).
• Fixed a bug in the Ruby module which would cause incorrect generation of fold points if an iterator ended with a "trailing if" or "trailing unless", such as:

a = b.c.select { |d| foo(d) unless d == nil }

• ctags file discovery will now ignore "tags" files found inside of git and Mercurial repository data directories.
• Fixed a bug in which the C/etc function scanner would get confused by #defines with comments and character escapes in them.
• In order to add callouts to a PHP document, you had to use all-caps. For example:
#MARK these words appear in the function popup

• That's been fixed so that all of the call-out markers can be UPPER CASE, lower case or MiXeD caSE. The full set includes: fixme, fix-me, mark, note, nyi, review, todo, to-do, xxx, ??? and !!!. Any of them may have a single, optional colon at the end, before the space and the text to appear in the function popup.
• Fixed a bug in the PHP callout parser which resulted in the selection range being set one character short of the full callout. (When you choose a callout from the function popup, it selects the text of the callout but was missing the last character.)
• The "Automatically refresh documents as they change on disk" setting in the Application preference was changing the wrong preference, so it had no effect.
• Made a change to the improve the chances of the application reloading documents from disk which are being written to multiple times per second by an external process.
• Put some code in bbedit and bbdiff (and edit/twdiff) to fix a case in which the --wait flag didn't work when the application needed to be launched.
• Fixed a bug in which double-clicking on an HTML/XML tag edge to select the CDATA contents would incorrectly contract the selection if the BalanceIncludesDelimiters expert preference was turned off (as is the default).
• Updated the keyword lists for C++ and Objective-C++ to include some previously missing C++11 keywords.
• Fixed bug in which application state restoration would not properly restore the window grouping of untitled documents.
• FTP/SFTP browser windows that get opened as part of state restoration will no longer block with the connection sheet in cases where a local SSH public key is found at [email protected]
• Added readonly and readwrite to the keyword lists for Objective-C/Objective-C++.
• Fixed crash (radar 19971151) which would occur when pasting many (more than a few) lines of text into a field in the text factory Replace All options dialog and then dismissing it.
• Multi-line text in the text factory Replace All options dialog is now normalized so that the line breaks escape to "r" rather than "x{0A}".
• Fixed bug in which the runtime environment for #! scripts run from within the application get set up with an empty variable (both name and value). This in turn broke numpy, so that Python scripts using it would fail when run from within the application.
• When "Include row headers" and "Include table header" are both turned on, Create Table Shell (Markup -> Tables) will now add an extra th container at the beginning of the table header, to preserve alignment between the header columns and the rest of the table.


Version 11.0.2:
Bug fixes:
• Added some code to work around a bug in OS X 10.10 and 10.10.1 (Radar 18785168 and 18701840) in which the height of the Open and Save panels would creep by 22 pixels each time, until the bottom edge of the panel was off screen and inaccessible.
• Note: This change will not automatically return the Save and Open panels to their default size; instead, it will prevent these panels from growing out of control again after you have reset them. In particular, you can restore the Save panel to its default size by issuing this Terminal command:
• defaults delete com.barebones.bbedit NSNavPanelExpandedSizeForSaveMode
• Fixed the cause of a hang in the YAML module and in the process improved the detection, folding and scanning of block literals.
• Block literals in YAML documents are now syntax-colored as strings instead of as comments.
• Fixed crash in the Lasso function scanner which would occur when interpreting an include_url directive with nothing between the quotes.
• Fixed a class of memory leak in some of the built-in language modules. This would particularly affect performance and memory consumption on extremely large YAML files.
• "Go Here in Terminal" is now faster and works better.
• Fixed bug in which documents opened via FTP/SFTP were unconditionally opened as UTF-8, which would result in an error being reported if the document was actually some other encoding and contained characters that weren't valid UTF-8.
• The factory language modules are now in a subdirectory of the PlugIns bundle directory. This is to work around a bug in code signing, in which the --deep option doesn't actually check signatures of things that aren't in approved subdirectories of Contents.
• Made some internal changes to further improve the performance of filename extension to language mapping at run time, which in turn will further improve the performance of text file filtering when opening, browsing, and performing batch multi-file operations.
• Fixed a multi-file processing performance bug in which file contents were being examined for text-ness even when the file itself would then fail to match a user-supplied file filter. File contents are now only examined for text file filtering as an absolute last resort.
• Fixed a bug in the Markdown scanner where it would hang if you inserted a tab before a blockquote marker '>', but only if you'd had three or more cups of coffee at a small diner within the last week.
• Fixed crash which would occur sometimes when editing per-language enabling for clipping sets in the Setup window.
• You can now use the Escape key to close the Setup window, if desired.
• When using the search box in the Clippings floater or the Insert Clipping panel, the first match is now selected so that you don't need an extra step to confirm if that is the one you want.
• If the application is unable to create the necessary auto-save data folders, it will now alert you when starting up, rather than allowing the operation to silently fail (and cause a runtime exception when attempting an auto-save for crash recovery).
• Fixed crash which would occur when trying to interpret certain types of malformed markup while right-clicking in a tag or using the "Edit Tag" command.
• Fixed crash which could occur when toggling Show Line Numbers or Show Gutter in the Appearance preferences.
• Fixed bug in which Find Differences results windows didn't use the correct highlight colors for selected differences.
• Fixed crash in the Pascal function scanner which would occur in some cases when it was asked to process a file that was most assuredly not Pascal source code.
• Fixed text rendering bug which would occur with certain font and size combinations (usually when both the font size and the number of spaces per tab was small).
• The text generated by the "New HTML Document" command is now detabbed if the "Auto-expand tabs" preference is turned on.
• Holding down the Option key while clicking an "x" widget in the Windows palette will now close all windows (or documents, depending on which "x" you clicked on).
• Fixed bug in which applying a sub-line difference would modify the wrong range of text.
• Restored "Capitalize Sentences" to working order.
• Fixed bug in which the "Next Occurrence of/Previous Occurence of" commands on the Search menu would not update correctly when selecting text for which only a single occurrence was present in the document.
• Fixed a performance bottleneck in some of the more compute-intensive text transformations, and Process Lines Containing, Process Duplicate Lines, Sort Lines, and Zap Gremlins will now operate about 40% faster.
• Corrected the appearance of the progress bar overlay in the application dock icon (used for operations which display a progress dialog), so that it now updates correctly as the operation progresses.
• Changed the ordering of extension mappings for the "Text File" language so that initial saves of such documents no longer select ".csv" as an extension.
• Made a change to improve the performance of content-based text encoding detection in text files. This will reduce the amount of time required for large multi-file batch operations (such as search/replace, Find Differences, and text factory operations).
• Made a change to improve directory scanning performance during a Find Differences folder comparison.
• The popup menu next to src and href (and similar) attributes in the Markup Builder panel will now make a more educated guess as to which directory to inspect, based on what's currently entered into the attribute's value.
• Fixed bug in which text in Search Results lists could wrap when printed.
• Fixed bug which silenced the Emacs beginning-of-buffer and end-of-buffer keyboard gestures.
• Made a refinement to the automatic "Highlight instances of selected text", such that if the insertion point is on the left side of a word, all occurrences of the word are highlighted (using a word-sensitive search).
• The application now remembers the state of "Show Palettes"/"Hide Palettes" when the application quits, and will restore that state (including the list of palettes that were hidden at the time) when the application is restarted.
• Fixed bug in which uncommenting lines by removing the Line Comment delimiter would not uncomment lines in which there was no whitespace between the comment delimiter and the rest of the line.
• Fixed bug in which attributes with empty quoted values would end up with a null character in between the quotes after applying the Format tool.
• Fixed bug in which the "Include File Separators" check box (in the Insert -> File Contents dialog box) was ignored.
• Made changes to reduce the transient memory needs of the internally factored text transformations (Zap Gremlins and others), which will help reduce the incidence of out-of-memory errors from occurring when applying these transforms to very large documents.
• Made a change to reduce the amount of transient memory required by line ending conversion when saving files with Windows line endings.
• Made a change so that the documentDidSave attachment script is called as the very last step, most notably after re-enabling file observing, so that if the attachment makes any changes to the file on disk, it will get reloaded.
• Fixed bug in which the Strict Hierarchical formatter would unconditionally left-justify pre, textarea, script, and style tags.
• The user manual is now downloaded using https, and the world is once again safe for democracy.
• Fixed bug in which clicking in either document-view panel of a Find Differences window would cause the list of differences to scroll to the top.
• Fixed bug in which the HTML syntax checker would report errors for correctly formed attributes whose required value was "empty", that is, the presence of the attribute itself was the correct syntax.
• Restored code which ensures correct text layout if the legacy OS AppleAntiAliasingThreshold preferences key is present and specifies a text size larger than the current display font size.
• Results list windows now honor the list font settings, just like the manual says they do.
• Fixed bug in which URL-unsafe characters in "Find in Reference" input were not properly decoded by the internal reference handlers for Perl, Python, and Ruby.
• Fixed bug in which "New Line After Paragraph" would leave the insertion point in the wrong place in soft-wrapped documents.
• Made some changes to the license panel so that when random junk surrounding a serial number is pasted in, it gets stripped off leaving only the serial number.
• "Convert to Table" now generates the correct output when the input does not end with a line break.
• Fixed bug in which scripted position changes to palettes containing toolbars (such as the Clippings palette) would progressively shorten the palette by the height of the toolbar.
• Fixed crash which could occur while editing within syntax-colored documents in some edge cases.


• This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features.
• Fixed bug in which the credits text in the About box was editable (though by rights it should not have been).
• Text smoothing for Monaco is no longer unconditionally suppressed.
If you want to unconditionally disable text smoothing for a specific font, you can now accomplish this with an expert preference:
defaults write com.barebones.bbedit DisableFontSmoothing_FONTNAME -bool YES
where FONTNAME is the display name (in the font panel or Font Book) of the font for which you want to disable smoothing. For example:
defaults write com.barebones.bbedit DisableFontSmoothing_Monaco -bool YES
will disable font smoothing for Monaco. The Expert Preferences help has been updated accordingly.
• Fixed crash which would occur when trying to apply a color scheme that had been converted from a legacy format.
• Reworked some internals in the SGML/HTML parser to improve reliability and fix a reported (but non-reproducible) crash.
• Made an additional change to reduce the transient memory requirements of the SGML/HTML parser, particularly on very large documents.
• Fixed bug in which completions in language modules would include all predefined names, rather than just the ones which matched the partial entry.
• Fixed bug in which "Balance" did not correctly shim through to "Balance Tags" for "PHP in HTML" and "Ruby in HTML" documents.
• Corrected a problem with the in-app purchase mechanics which prevented placing orders from the license panel.
• Increased the maximum allowed parenthesis nesting depth in the PHP function scanner.
• Fixed bug in which the positions of the HTML markup palettes were not being correctly restored when starting the application.
• Put a workaround in place for a cosmetic bug in which icon menu titles (Subversion, Clippings, and Scripts) were drawn incorrectly on OS X Yosemite when "Use dark menu bar and Dock" is turned on. However, due to a bug in the OS itself, the menu titles will continue to be drawn with the incorrect appearance.
In other words, we were doing it wrong before, but now we're doing it right, but because of a bug in the OS, it still looks like we're doing it wrong.
• Added ellipses to the "Preferences" and "Setup" menu commands, because some people just want to watch the world burn.
• Turning off the Subversion menu now not only hides the Subversion button from the window sidebar, it also allows the sidebar to get narrower (by the amount of space taken up by the button).
• In the language module API, kBBLMResolveIncludeFileMessage has been renamed to kBBLMCreateURLByResolvingIncludeFileMessage, so that it's clearer that your module needs to return a CFURLRef (or NSURL) with the expectation that it will be released.
• Made a change to reduce the amount of time required to restore sleep state at startup.
• The dialogs-for-scripts feature now works as intended for #! scripts and Unix executables when you run them from the Scripts menu.
• Fixed bug in which completion in Ruby and SQL source files didn't inspect the file's contents for eligible completions, as it should have done.
• Added an expert preference to suppress separators in Unix script output:
defaults write com.barebones.bbedit UseSeparatorsInUnixScriptOutput -bool NO
• Fixed bug in which "Capitalize Sentences" would fail when applied to text containing blank lines or lines consisting entirely of whitespace and/or word-break characters.
• Fixed bug in which the cache of known ctags files was not stored in cases where the application-specific folder in ~/Library/Caches/ didn't exist.
• Although we can't stop the system from using giant icons in the Counterparts menu when it really wants to, we can still ask it nicely to not do that.
• Fixed bug in which Spotlight-based tags file detection would inappropriately include things named "tags" that weren't actually files.
• Fixed bug in which really old-format color schemes (predating BBEdit 9) were not converted correctly.
In order to correct the symptom after updating, look in your BBEdit Application Support/Color Schemes/ folder for any files whose name ends in bbcolors. You will find a file with the same name, but with the bbColorScheme extension. Delete the bbColorScheme file and relaunch the application.
• Fixed regression in which Control-underscore (ctl-_) didn't perform an Undo when "Emulate Emacs key bindings" was turned on.
• Corrected missing colors for some Perl constructs.
• Fixed bug in which the application did not correctly come to the foreground after completing a comparison started with the bbdiff command-line tool.
• Fixed bug in which the Prefix/Suffix Lines would fail to remember settings that had been cleared to empty strings.
• Fixed bug in which manually changing a single color setting while a color scheme was selected would not take effect. (Changes after the first one would work, though.)
• Fixed crash which would occur when configuring a Prefix/Suffix text factory action and one of the fields was left blank.
• Fixed bug in which Subversion working-copy dialogs didn't remember folders that were chosen while using those dialogs.
• Updated the Expert Preferences help to include UseTabKeyAsCompletionTrigger.
• Fixed bug in hex-color and number coloring in the CSS language module.
• Fixed bug in which out-of-memory conditions in the HTML/XML function scanner (which also generates folds) weren't caught when they occurred (when opening giant files).
• Fixed bug in which the PHP in HTML and Ruby in HTML language modules did not properly declare that certain runs were eligible for spell checking.
• Made some improvements to the path shortening used in Differences results windows.
• Fixed bug in which Grep patterns listed in the Setup window could not be reordered.
• The Find Differences dialog box now correctly adds directories being compared to the Open Recent list, and fixes a bug in which previously used locations would sometimes be forgotten.
• Right-clicking in a CSS/SCSS document no longer triggers an error alert if a parsing error occurs.
• Fixed bug in which the sidebar width for project documents was not restored as it should have been when opening the project.
• Fixed bug in which the sidebar in editing and project windows would grow and shrink when the window width changed.
• Fixed bug in which certain constructs in C source files were not colored correctly if they followed a number without any intervening whitespace.
• Fixed hang in Markdown scanner when a document started with blank line, a >, and a tab. (But only on new moons in August and October)
• Fixed a bug in the syntax coloring of Markdown documents, where text would be colored as though it were PRE formatted, when in fact the indentation was not enough to trigger that formatting. Not that whitespace is significant, because we all know it's not. But we'll pretend.
• Fixed a bug in which Markdown link text in list items was not colored as it should have been.
• The default internal character classes now include word characters that lie outside of the normal US-ASCII range; among other things this allows text completion to work in documents where the language is other than "none".
• Corrected appearance of status and navigation bar popup menu items on retina displays.
• Fixed bug in which the "OK" button in the options for Process Lines Containing, Sort Lines, and Process Duplicate Lines text factory options was disabled when it shouldn't have been.

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