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Lloyd Biggle Jr. / Ллойд Биггл младший - Собрание сочинений
Годы выпуска: 1957-2007 г.
Автор: Biggle, Lloyd Jr. / Биггл, Ллойд младший
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2
Качество: OCR/eBook
Ллойд Биггл младший (Lloyd Biggle, Jr.) 17 апреля 1923 г. - 12 сентября 2002 г.
Главным делом жизни Ллойда Биггла-младшего стала музыка и только потом — научная фантастика, в тематике которой музыка занимает также немалое место.
Биггл родился в 1923 году в городке Ватерлоо в США. Вторую Мировую войну провел на фронте, служил сержантом связи и был дважды ранен. Его вторая рана, шрапнелью в ногу, полученная на Эльбе в конце войны, сделала его инвалидом.
После войны Биггл продолжил образование. Он окончил университет Уэйна, защитил диссертацию по музыковедению и преподавал эту же дисциплину в Университете Мичигана и в Восточно-Мичиганском Университете в пятидесятых. Писать научную фантастику принялся с 1955 года, а с 1963 года, после выхода его романа «Все цвета тьмы», стал профессиональным писателем и оставался таковым до самой смерти.
И научная фантастика, и детективы Биггла получили мировое признание. Он стал известен как автор, принесший эстетику в жанр, известный своими технологическими описаниями. В его романах и рассказах часто используются музыкальные и артистические темы. Поэт-песенник Джим Вебб и писатель Орсон Скотт Кард признавались, что в юности на них оказал огромное влияние рассказ Биггла «Музыкодел».
В области детективной литературы он написал два романа о Шерлоке Холмсе от лица его помощника с Бейкер-стрит, Эдварда Портера Джонса, и ряд рассказов, объединенных главной героиней — леди Сарой Варнлей.
Однажды он сказал: «Я могу писать быстрее, чем журналы могут меня издавать». И действительно, журналы продолжали издавать рассказы Биггла еще несколько лет после его смерти.

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Примеры текстов:


Everyone calls it the Center. It has another name, a long one, that gets listed in government appropriations and has its derivation analyzed in encyclopedias, but no one uses it. From Bombay to Lima, from Spitsbergen to the mines of Antarctica, from the solitary outpost on Pluto to that on Mercury, it is—the Center. You can emerge from the rolling mists of the Amazon, or the cutting dry winds of the Sahara, or the lunar vacuum, elbow your way up to a bar, and begin, “When I was at the Center—” and every stranger within hearing will listen attentively.
It isn't possible to explain the Center, and it isn't necessary. From the babe in arms to the centenarian looking forward to retirement, everyone has been there, and plans to go again next year, and the year after that. It is the vacation land of the Solar System. It is square miles of undulating American Middle West farm land, transfigured by ingenious planning and relentless labor and incredible expense. It is a monumental summary of man's cultural heritage, and like a phoenix, it has emerged suddenly, inexplicably, at the end of the twenty-fourth century, from the corroded ashes of an appalling cultural decay.
The Center is colossal, spectacular and magnificent. It is inspiring, edifying and amazing. It is awesome, it is overpowering, it is—everything.
And though few of its visitors know about this, or care, it is also haunted. You are standing in the observation gallery of the towering Bach Monument. Off to the left, on the slope of a hill, you see the tense spectators who crowd the Grecian Theater for Euripides. Sunlight plays on their brightly-colored clothing. They watch eagerly, delighted to see in person what millions are watching on visiscope.
Beyond the theater, the tree-lined Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard curves into the distance, past the Dante Monument and the Michelangelo Institute. The twin towers of a facsimile of the Rheims Cathedral rise above the horizon. Directly below, you see the curious landscaping of an eighteenth-century French jardin and, nearby, the Moliere Theater.
A hand clutches your sleeve, and you turn suddenly, irritably, and find yourself face to face with an old man.
The leathery face is scarred and wrinkled, the thin strands of hair glistening white. The hand on your arm is a gnarled claw. You stare, take in the slumping contortion of one crippled shoulder and the hideous scar of a missing ear, and back away in alarm.
The sunken eyes follow you. The hand extends in a sweeping gesture that embraces the far horizon, and you notice that the fingers are maimed or missing. The voice is a harsh cackle. “Like it?” he says, and eyes you expectantly.
Startled, you mutter, “Why, yes. Of course.”
He takes a step forward, and his eyes are eager, pleading. “I say, do you like it?”
In your perplexity you can do no more than nod as you turn away—but your nod brings a strange response. A strident laugh, an innocent, childish smile of pleasure, a triumphant shout. “I did it! I did it all!”
. . .


It came to Obrien quite suddenly that he was dying.
He was lying in a gently swaying gourd hammock, almost within reach of the flying spray where the waves broke in on the point. The caressing warmth of the sun filtered through ragged, scarlet-leaved sao trees. Shouts of the children spearing marnl off the point reached him on fitful gusts of fragrant wind. A full drinking gourd hung at his elbow. The sweet, clear tones of a girl’s voice uplifted in an old, old song, and the tremulous twanging of the nabuls stroked in accompaniment, had embroidered his reverie with bittersweet nostalgia. His first wife had sung that song at a moment in time that now seemed remote almost beyond the reach of memory.
Then the realization snapped coldly across his thoughts and roused him from half-dozing, drowsy contentment to icy wakefulness.
He was dying.
The sudden surge of panic he experienced brought pain in its wake, and while the spasm lasted he lay quietly, hands clutching his abdomen, eyes closed, perspiration oozing from his forehead and soaking the hammock’s brightly patterned robes. It passed, and he jerked erect and shook his fist at the mocking emptiness of the cloudless blue-green sky. “What are you waiting for, damn it! What are you waiting for?”
The song stopped abruptly. A nabul struck the ground with a soft thud and a dissonant rattle of strings as Dalla, the singer, leaped to her feet and hurried to his side. He sat on the edge of the hammock wearily looking about him. The multicolored vegetation encircled him with a curtain of riotous beauty, and its glistening, drooping blossoms wafted a soporific invitation to rest, to meditate.
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