David Brin / Дэвид Брин - Собрание сочинений
Годы выпуска: 1980-2016 г.
Автор: Brin, David / Брин, Дэвид
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook
Дэвид Брин (полное имя — Дэвид Глен Брин / David Glen Brin, р. 6 октября 1950 г.) - американский писатель.
Первая публикация в художественной литературе — роман «Прыжок в Солнце» (Sundiver, 1980), первый роман цикла «Возвышение». Второй роман цикла, «Звёздный прилив» (1983), был удостоен премий «Хьюго», «Небьюла» и премии журнала «Locus» как лучший роман года. Третий роман цикла, «Война за возвышение» (1987), получил премию «Хьюго». Эта трилогия сделала Дэвида Брина одним из самых известных авторов «твердой НФ» 80-х годов.
В 1985 году Брин опубликовал роман «Почтальон», экранизированный в 1997 году Кевином Костнером — один из наиболее интересных литературно-социальных экспериментов в современной фантастике. Среди других его известных романов роман-катастрофа «Earth», в котором Земля разрушается искусcтвенно созданной чёрной дырой.
В 1990-х годах Брин возвращается к миру «Войны за возвышение» в романах «Brightness Reef» (1995), «Infinity's Shore» (1996) и «Heaven's Reach» (1998).

Список книг:


Uplift Universe / Возвышение

Uplift / Сага о Возвышении
    01 Sundiver / Прыжок в Солнце 1980, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-13312-8, Bantam Books; 2010, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57525-8, Spectra / Ballantine Books
    02 Startide Rising / Звёздный прилив 1983, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-23495-1, Bantam Books; 2010, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57521-0, Spectra / Ballantine Books
    03 The Uplift War / Война за Возвышение 1987, fb2, ISBN: 0-932096-44-1, Phantasia Press; 2009, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57535-7, Spectra / Ballantine Books
    Temptation / Искушение 1999, fb2
Uplift Storm / Новая трилогия Возвышения
    01 Brightness Reef / Риф яркости 1995, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-10034-3, Bantam Spectra; 2010, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57272-1, Spectra / Ballantine Books
    02 Infinity's Shore / Берег бесконечности 2010, fb2/epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57354-4, Spectra / Ballantine Books
    03 Heaven's Reach / Небесные просторы 2009, fb2/epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57350-6, Spectra / Ballantine Books


01 Kiln People / Глина 2002, fb2, ISBN: 0-765-30355-8, Tor

Existence / Бытие

Existence / Бытие 2012, fb2/epub, ISBN: 978-1-4299-4696-4, Tor
Latecomers 2014, fb2


The Practice Effect / Дело практики 2009, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57502-9, Spectra / Ballantine Books
The Postman / Почтальон 1985, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-05107-5, Bantam Spectra; 2010, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57501-2, Spectra / Ballantine Books
Heart of the Comet 1986, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-05125-3, Bantam Spectra; 1997, epub, ISBN: 1-85723-436-7, Orbit (with Gregory Benford)
Earth 1990, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-07064-9, Bantam Books; 2009, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57340-7, Bantam Spectra
Glory Season 1993, fb2, ISBN: 0-553-07645-0, Bantam Spectra; 2011, epub, ISBN: 978-0-307-57346-9, Spectra / Ballantine Books
Foundation's Triumph / Триумф Академии 1999, fb2, ISBN: 0-06-105241-8, HarperPrism; 2009, epub, ISBN: 978-0-06-179534-3, HarperCollins e-books


The River of Time 1986, fb2
  • The Crystal Spheres / Хрустальные сферы
  • The Loom of Thessaly
  • The Fourth Vocation of George Gustaf / Четвёртая профессия Джорджа Густава
  • Senses Three and Six
  • Toujours Voir
  • A Stage of Memory
  • Just a Hint
  • Tank Farm Dynamo
  • Thor Meets Captain America
  • Lungfish / Опоздавшие
  • The River of Time (= Co-existence) / Река времени
Otherness 1994, epub
  • The Giving Plague / Вирус альтруизма
  • Myth Number 21
  • Dr. Pak's Preschool / Дошколята доктора Пака
  • Detritus Affected
  • Sshhh ... / «Тс-с-с»
  • Those Eyes / Этот огненный взгляд
  • Bonding to Genji
  • The Warm Space
  • NatuLife (R) / Следуя природе
  • Piecework
  • Bubbles
  • Ambiguity
  • What Continues ... And What Fails ...
Tomorrow Happens 2003, epub
  • Aficionado (= Life in the Extreme)
  • Stones of Significance
  • Reality Check / Проверка реальности
  • Paris Conquers All / Париж покоряет всех
  • Fortitude
  • The Diplomacy Guild
  • News from 2025
  • A Professor at Harvard
  • An Ever-Reddening Glow / Красный свет
  • The Other Side of the Hill
Insistence of Vision 2016, epub, eISBN: 978-1-943486-82-3, Fiction Studio Books
  • Introduction (Insistence of Vision) essay by Vernor Vinge
  • The Heresy of Science Fiction essay by David Brin
  • Insistence of Vision
  • Transition Generation
  • Chrysalis / Куколка
  • Stones of Significance
  • News From 2035: A Glitch in Medicine Cabinet 3.5
  • The Logs
  • The Tumbledowns of Cleopatra Abyss / На дне каньона Клеопатры
  • Eloquent Elepents Pine Away for the Moon's Crystal Forests
  • Mars Opposition
  • A Professor at Harvard
  • I Could've Done Better
  • Paris Conquers All / Париж покоряет всех (with Gregory Benford)
  • A Retrospective by Jules Verne (with Gregory Benford)
  • Fortitude
  • An Ever-Reddening Glow / Красный свет
  • The Diplomacy Guild
  • The Other Side of the Hill
  • Temptation / Искушение
  • Avalon Probes
  • Six-Word Tales
  • Reality Check / Проверка реальности
  • Waging War with Reality essay by David Brin
  • Afterword & Book Notes (Insistence of Vision) essay by David Brin

Примеры текстов:


Jijo's ocean stroked her flank like a mother's nuzzling touch or a lover's caress. Though it seemed a bit disloyal, Makanee felt this alien ocean had a silkier texture and finer taste than the waters of Earth, the homeworld she had not seen in years.
With gentle beats of their powerful flukes, she and her companion kept easy pace beside a tremendous throng of fishlike creatures — red-finned, with violet gills and long translucent tails that glittered in the slanted sunlight like plasma sparks behind a starship. The school seemed to stretch forever, grazing on drifting clouds of plankton, moving in unison through coastal shallows like the undulating body of a vast complacent serpent.
The creatures were beautiful... and delicious. Makanee performed an agile twist of her sleek gray body, lunging to snatch one from the teeming mass, provoking only a slight ripple from its nearest neighbors. Her casual style of predation must be new to Jijo, for the beasts seemed quite oblivious toward the dolphins. The rubbery flesh tasted like exotic mackerel.
"I can't help feeling guilty," she commented in Underwater Anglic, a language of clicks and squeals that was well-suited to a liquid realm where sound ruled over light.
Her companion rolled alongside the school, belly up, with ventral fins waving languidly as he grabbed one of the local fish for himself.
"Why guilty?" Brookida asked, while the victim writhed between his narrow jaws. Its soft struggle did not interfere with his train of word-glyphs, since a dolphin's mouth plays no role in generating sound. Instead a rapid series of ratcheting sonar impulses emanated from his brow. "Are you ashamed because you live? Because it feels good to be outside again, with a warm sea rubbing your skin and the crash of waves singing in your dreams? Do you miss the stale water and moldy air aboard ship? Or the dead echoes of your cramped stateroom?"
"Don't be absurd," she snapped back. After three years confined aboard the Terran survey vessel, Streaker, Makanee had felt as cramped as an overdue fetus, straining at the womb. Release from that purgatory was like being born anew.
. . .


To my brothers Dan and Stan,
to Arglebargle the IVth…
and to somebody else.

… it is reasonable to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star.
A. S. Eddington, 1926
“Makakai, are you ready?”
Jacob ignored the tiny whirrings of motors and valves in his metal cocoon. He lay still. The water lapped gently against the bulbous nose of his mechanical whale, as he waited for an answer.
One more time he checked the tiny indicators on his helmet display. Yes, the radio was working. The occupant of the other’ waldo whale, lying half submerged a few meters away, had heard every word.
The water was exceptionally clear today. Facing downward, he could see a small leopard shark swim lazily past, a bit out of place here in the deeper water offshore.
“Makakai… are you ready?”
He tried not to sound impatient, or betray the tension he felt building in the back of his neck as he waited. He closed his eyes and made the delinquent muscles relax, one by one. Still, he waited for his pupil to speak.
“Yesss… let’sss do it!” came the warbling, squeaky voice, at last. The words sounded breathless, as if spoken grudgingly, in lieu of inhalation.
A nice long speech for Makakai. He could see the young dolphin’s training machine next to his, its image reflected in the mirrors that rimmed his faceplate. Its gray metal flukes lifted and fell slightly with the swell. Feebly, without their power, her artificial fins moved, sluggishly under the transient, serrated surface of the water.
She’s as ready as she’ll ever be, he thought. If technology can wean a dolphin of the Whale-Dream, now’s the time we’ll find out.
He chinned the microphone switch again. “All right, Makakai. You know how the waldo works. It will amplify any action you make, but if you want the rockets to cut in, you’ll have to give the command in English. Just to be fair, I have to whistle in trinary to make mine work.”
“Yesss!” she hissed. Her waldo’s gray flukes thrashed up once and down with a boom and a spray of saltwater.
. . .
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