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The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook
Год: 2013
Автор: Chris Hartjes
Жанр: Учебное пособие
Издательство: Leanpub
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 89
Learning how to use PHPUnit doesn't have to suck
Your code is untested and fixing bugs is tedious
You know you need something better, but time just doesn't seem to be on your side. Making things "right" is costly and you need to deliver working code NOW.
Writing tests is time-consuming and you're not sure how to fit it in
Tests would be great but there are real deadlines to meet. You can't stop development and churn away for hours just to add tests around what you know already works.
PHPUnit is the unit testing framework of choice, but it's intimidating
It looks hard to use and difficult to understand. You have little-to-no experience with it and just figuring out where to start feels daunting. You're left wondering how you use it to test all this stuff you're responsible for.
You don't have time to slow down development
You need to write solid, bug-free code, but your path is filled with manual tests and an application that breaks every time you change it.
You could go home from work, on-time and happy.
Life would be sweet with a solid set of tests
If you already had tests, you'd probably catch bugs faster.
You could refactor your code ruthlessly
Your tests would tell you when a requirements change broke something.
With tests, you'd push code to production with confidence
No longer would you dread the bug reports. You'd happily make changes knowing that your safety net is there. You'd try out new features guiding yourself with tests.
You can make this happen after reading "The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook"
You'll know exactly how to tackle your existing code.
You'll know how to drive new features with your tests.
You'll write tests that run fast and keep you moving quickly.
My name is Chris Hartjes. I'm a long-time PHP developer who has been promoting testing practices for almost a decade. I wrote "The Grumpy Programmer's Guide To Building Testable PHP Applications" to show you how you can write code you can easily test. The past few years I have spoken at conferences about best practices for writing tests and been recognized as an expert on unit testing. Now, I want to help you learn to use PHPUnit to create tests that give you confidence that your code is on the right track.
My new ebook "The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook" is a collection of tips and tricks for making PHPUnit do what you need it do in order to write tests for your code. With the information contained in this book you will get a jump start to make writing tests something you do effortlessly.

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PHPUnit For Grumpy Developers
Installing And Configuring
Minimum Viable Test Class
Making Your Tests Tell You What’s Failed
Configuring Run Time Options
Test Environment Configuration
Organizing Your Tests
Test Doubles
Why We Need Them
What Are They
Dummy Objects
Test Stubs
Test Spies
More Object Testing Tricks
Data Providers
Why You Should Use Data Providers
Look At All Those Tests
Creating Data Providers
More Complex Examples
Data Provider Tricks
Creating Test Data
Data Source Snapshots
Fake It When You Need To
Testing API’s
Testing Talking To The API Itself
Wrapping Your API Calls
Testing Databases
Functional Tests vs. Unit Tests
Our First DBUnit Test
Mocking Database Connections
Mocking vs. Fixtures
Testing Exceptions
Testing Using Annotations
Testing Using setExpectedException
Testing Using try-catch
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