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CITYCONOMY: Service for your City

•Год выпуска: 2 дек, 2015
•Жанр: Симулятор, Экономика, Менеджмент
•Разработчик: Nano Games sp. z o.o.
•Издательство: astragon Entertainment GmbH
•Платформа: PC
Версия игры: v1.0.180 ot 23 ДЕКАБРЯ
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Итальянский, Испанский, Японский, Венгерский, Польский, бразильский Португальский, Чешский, традиционный Китайский
•Язык oзвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: CODEX

• Операционная система: Windows 7, 8, 10, 64-разрядная версия
• Процессор: Двухъядерный процессор Intel Core 2 Duo или Athlon 64 X2
• Оперативная память: 4 GB
• Видеокарта: Видеокарта с поддержкой DirectX 11 (NVIDIA GeForce 4xx или AMD Radeon HD 57xx
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 3,5 GB

Станьте одним из работников обслуживающей организации и следите за живущим полной жизнью мегаполисом в новом экономическом симуляторе с открытым миром CITYCONOMY. Вы сможете выполнять разнообразные задания по всему городу — от сбора мусора до чистки водостоков, от буксировки до подстрижки газонов! 15 разных транспортных средств ждут вас, в том числе и в многопользовательском режиме! Вас ждет огромный открытый город с разными районами, к примеру старый центр, промзона и жилой квартал. Для вашего растущего парка в городе всегда найдутся новые задания. Если жители будут вами довольны, вы будете открывать новые умения, работы и транспортные средства. Выполняйте вместе с друзьями реалистичные задания на ниве городского хозяйства, такие как буксировка, очистка водостоков, уход за дорогами и подстрижка изгородей. И всегда помните о том, что жители города должны быть довольны и счастливы. Постройте прибыльную компанию, которая станет основой местной экономики. В многопользовательском режиме играть может до 5 игроков. Создавший игру становится ее хозяином. Выполняйте разнообразные задания с друзьями или просто наслаждайтесь открытым миром. Чего же вы ждете? Садитесь за руль тщательно смоделированных транспортных средств MAN и запускайте двигатель!

Update list

Patch v. 1.0.180 released! (Patch #4)
Dear community,
just before Christmas Eve, we would like to share the patch notes of the newest Patch #4 for CITYCONOMY with you, which was released today!
We all wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Games logic optimization
We’ve made sure that games logic works as fast as possible so if you suffer framerate drops (which we hope you don’t) it is rather a rendering or traffic issue that both could be easily adjusted in options menu.
Fix building gates in multiplayer
Your friend has been emptying a garbage truck but incineration plants gate were closed for you? It is no more! Enjoy synchronously opening and closing of buildings gates.
Direction pad and buttons act the same
From now on you can assign either D-Pad or regular buttons to controllers bindings which aren’t using axis (these are still separated). So thumbs up for four new buttons available!
Translations fixes
Minor bug fixes
We’ve hunted down everything reported via steam bug tracker!
Enjoy the holidays and have fun with CITYCONOMY!
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Patch v. 1.0.161 released (Patch #3)
Dear Community,
It’s time for the third Cityconomy patch! Thanks for your feedback regarding the previous ones, it allowed us to correct some issues with recent changes. And, of course, we’ve implemented new features lots of you have been asking for, including:
Multiplayer: many active missions at once
That’s right. We looked deep into the multiplayer mode and enabled activating more than one task at a time (exactly as many tasks as there are players, up to 5). Only the host (the boss!) can take missions, but after that a guest can activate one for themselves in the tablet menu (by selecting the task from the list and pushing the ‘set active’ button). This will show them task goals and minimap markers for the mission. Which means that each of the players can complete a different task at the same time. What do you think?
Multiplayer: riding the back of garbage trucks
Some of you asked not only for riding as passengers in the cabin (last patch), but also for riding the back of garbage trucks. It is possible now and we hope it works fine for you!
Multiplayer: patching the chat
OK. So you noticed a silly mistake we’d made when implementing chat. We’ve corrected it. Press Y to open/close chat window. Press T to write your message. Type Y without closing the chat window.
Bug fixing
We detected a couple (potentially) game crashing bugs. They’ve been corrected, and we will continue looking for other. Some are just more tricky to correct, we can only ask you to let us know whenever you find a bug and for your patience.
And that is all for now. Thank you for your support and for being so active. Please note that we are still working on details of some of the changes that are not perfect, but did not want you to wait too long for new features. We’ll keep on going through reviews, comments and the forum to learn your opinions and suggestions. More updates soon!
Best regards,
Cityconomy Team
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Patch v. 1.0.142 released (Patch #2)
Dear Community,
As promised, based on your reviews and posts, we’ve prepared a second update to Cityconomy to address some of the issues you’ve had with the game and to add some useful features you’ve been discussing.
The patch includes:
Multiplayer: passengers
More than one person can enter a truck. Big MAN trucks have three seats, small ones have two. The first person to get in the vehicle becomes the driver. Who’s going to call shotgun?
Multiplayer: chat
You reported this was an important feature to add. Press “T” and you can now write messages to your friends when you play together. Press “Y” to hide the chat.
Multiplayer: resetting vehicles
Resetting vehicles in multiplayer used to cause some trouble with synchronization between players. Not any more!
Fuel tanks
Those who play the most have noticed that they need to refuel a little too often. Fuel tanks are larger now, so you won’t have to drive to the petrol station all the time. Unless you want to!
Garbage compactors
Also, all garbage and recycling trucks have bigger containers. From what you said, emptying them too often was a bit tiring. So we made them larger. Large enough?
Expander achievement
There was a bug in the Expander achievement and it wouldn’t trigger. Now it should work fine, so go and try to get it! And don’t worry if you’ve already unlocked all contracts (districts) - this bug fix works backwards and the game will recognize the achievement.
Thank you for your suggestions and dedication! We hope you like the changes! Let us know what you think in the comment section and the forums.
We’ll keep working on other topics which appeared in the comments, let’s plays and reviews. Another update will be up soon.
Best regards,
Cityconomy Team

Особенности Repack-a

Ничего не удалено/не перекодировано
Версия игры; v1.0.180 ot 23 ДЕКАБРЯ
Проверено ; на Windows 8.1 (x64)
RePack от R.G. Freedom

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