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Crusader Kings II

•Год выпуска: 14 фев, 2012
•Жанр: Strategy (Real-time / Grand strategy)
•Разработчик: BadFly Interactive
•Издательство: BadFly Interactive
•Платформа: PC
Версия игры 2.5.1 от 28 января 2016г.
•Тип издания: Лицензия
•Язык интерфейса: Английский, Немецкий, Испанский, Французский
•Язык озвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: Присутствует (CODEX)

• Операционная система: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
• Процессор: Dual Core 2.4 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 2 Gb
• Видеокарта: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 или ATI Radeon® X1900
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 2 Гб

Вчера Paradox Entertainment выпустили свежее дополнение к полюбившейся многим стратегической игре Crusader Kings II, названное Way of Life (Образ жизни). Акцент в нем сделан непосредственно на улучшении ролевой составляющей игры путем добавления новых способов взаимодействия с персонажами, населяющими этот мир, и охмурения ваших ближайших родственников. Все на борт поезда кровосмесительства, ту-ту!
DLC Crusader Kings 2: Way of Life позволит провести жизнь ваших персонажей именно так, как вы хотите; это достигается посредством выбора новых фокусов, которые формируют судьбу вашей империи. На выбор предоставляются 10 фокусов: Правление, Торговля, Охота, Война, Семья, Пир, Соблазн, Интрига, Образованность и Теология, каждый из которых дает бонусы к навыкам и позволяет формировать идеологию.
Кроме того, это дополнение добавляет возможность новых взаимодействий, таких как соблазнение кого-либо или шпионаж за кем-либо. Надоел Дядя Фил? Сошлите в монастырь! Полагаете, что вашу двоюродную сестру мог соблазнить ваш брат? Порвите с ней. Возможности создания драмы внутри этой игры, появившиеся благодаря таким нововведениям, можно обдумывать бесконечно. Кроме того в игре появились сотни новых событий, множество новых дипломатических возможностей, и 20 новых изображений.
В раздаче включены все существующие DLC
Crusader Kings II: Way of Life Trailer

Порядок установки

1. Установить игру
2. Скопировать содержимое папки (ВНУТРИ ОБРАЗА) "CODEX" в папку с установленной игрой
3. Играть

Update list

2.5.1 2016-01-28
- NAP can now be formed with close relatives (siblings etc.) of different dynasties
- Great Feasts, Grand Tournament and Furusiyya events have been reworked to be triggered and not MTTH, increasing performance slightly
- Rebalanced ai council position selection to make it harder to acquire loyalists and made close relatives a bit more loyal.
- The ai is better at using favors to get the council to approve laws
- AI councillors use request support and call in favor on each other to pass laws
- AI councillors use request support and call in favor on each other to protect themselves from imprisonment
- AI councillors that dislike their liege try to get more support from other councillors
- AI more prone to accept Request Support if both character dislike the liege
- AI will try to get good marriages on characters owing them favors
- AI no longer cares for having a cb when considering alliance offers
- AI won't accept request support actions if it has called favors on someone else
- AI won't accept buy favor actions if it has called favors on someone else
- AI councillors won't try to get support from other councillors while giving support to someone else
- Lieges of Trade Post owners will no longer burn mentioned Trade Posts
- Characters with unfaithful concubines will now gain proper opinion modifiers
- Halved frequency of Mu'tazila vassals asking lieges to change their beliefs- Council Appointment Offer from Liege no longer expires after a day
- Renegotiate Non-Aggression Pact interaction no longer appears if it's disabled between characters or if one of them is landless
- Governments no longer allow to freely revoke titles from tribals of same faith
- Fixed so culture and names are updated properly for some provinces when picking between bookmarks
- Holy orders, adventurers and mercs can no longer start factions
- Fixed issues in Form Non-Aggression Pact interaction
- Fixed issues with Pact list not showing certain Non-Aggression Pacts
- Game no longer crash if continue button loads a save game outside a subfolder while player is in subfolder- Dead vassals don't show up in the character selection screen anymore
- keyboard shortcuts in the character selection screen
- fixed a nasty oos possibility due to multithreading
- Children who were being educated but didn't have a guardian now go back home when they turn adult
- Fixes Revolters going independant when revolt leader loses all land (the war becomes invalidated instead)- Fixed crash caused by dead guy refusing to leave his coalition against an infamous enemy
- Fixed console command that let's you spawn in a sprite on the map.
- Speed up AI diplomacy evaluation by removing unnessecary debug code.
- Fixed so teenage hormones do not affect incapable characters, no longer gets their love event.
- Can now hide your daughter if someone is out to get her.
- Muslims unless they are sinful will no longer die from poisoned wine.
- Plot backers who are Muslim unless they are sinful will no longer get drunk and spill the beans.
- Fixed wife giving advice events from firing when councillors were not hired.
- Non-independent allies now share vision with other allies in a war.
- Incapable people are no longer capable of killing people.
- No longer makes council position buttons clickable if you are not on council.
- AI will no longer try to assign adviser titles to someone who already has it (which means it will actually be capable of assigning it now)
- The writers of the chronicle will no longer try to cover-up the warning of the coming of Xuhmalz, the demon lord, whom left a message set in stone.
- Getting killed by assassins no longer forces you to die twice.
- AI-rulers will now consider changing their obligation laws to better suit their needs.
- Councillors are now more prone to approve title grants to unlanded characters when you're above demesne limit.
- The vote window is properly aligned with the interaction position
- The vote window won't be shown when there's no vote
- The tooltip for changing a law now shows what the members of the council stand on the issue
- Fixed crash when a character dies and disbands armies that ends as combat that the player is part of
- Favor duration increased from 12 to 26 months
- Increased the chance from 25% to 75% for the AI using favors to force interactions
- No longer possible to call a favor on someone already under the influence of a favor
- Council voter list aligned
- Fixed so free vassal levies thing muslims had is no longer hardcoded.
- relative_power_including_allies_attacker and relative_power_including_allies_defender also includes potential coalition strength now.
- Renamed owes_favor trigger; now called owes_favor_to.
- Renamed holds_favor trigger; now called holds_favor_on.
- Renamed owed_favor_activated trigger; now called owed_favor_activated_by.
- Renamed held_favor_activated trigger; now called held_favor_activated_on.
- Added effect for any_favor_ower.
- Added effect for any_favor_holder.
- Fixed error with province Hoya in converter
- Fixed graphical culture for south indians
- Hansa no longer becomes Lьbeck
- Native americans are no longer anatolian beyliks in the converter
- Dravidian nations no longer need to be two religions at once to get their idea set in the converter
- Pictish is no longer forever alone in Celtic group, they joined the Gaelic club
- Andalucian nations should now get their Granadan ideas
- EU4 now properly recognize the Jews as a culture and do not say Jewish empires do not exist.
- Mamelukes ideas should now be applied properly
- Lappish now properly becomes Sapmi culture
- Added a bunch of new nation tags to the converter and fixed some out dated ones
- Fixed new way to generate governments for the converter if you have conclave

Список 58 DLC

███ This release is standalone and contains all previously released DLC + OST! ███
███ ███
███ 1 Crusader Kings II: Dynasty CoA Pack 1 ███
███ 2 Crusader Kings II: Mongol Graphics Pack ███
███ 3 Crusader Kings II: Songs of Albion ███
███ 4 Crusader Kings II: Songs of Faith ███
███ 5 Crusader Kings II: Ruler Designer ███
███ 6 Crusader Kings II: Songs of the Holy Land ███
███ 7 Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam ███
███ 8 Crusader Kings II: African Unit Pack ███
███ 9 Crusader Kings II: Songs of the Caliph ███
███ 10 Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields II ███
███ 11 Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome ███
███ 12 Crusader Kings II: Byzantine Unit Pack ███
███ 13 Crusader Kings II: African Portraits ███
███ 14 Crusader Kings II: Mediterranean Portraits ███
███ 15 Crusader Kings II: Russian Unit Pack ███
███ 16 Crusader Kings II: Russian Portraits ███
███ 17 Crusader Kings II: Songs of Byzantium ███
███ 18 Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion ███
███ 19 Crusader Kings II: Songs of the Rus ███
███ 20 Crusader Kings II: Norse Portraits ███
███ 21 Crusader Kings II: Norse Unit Pack ███
███ 22 Crusader Kings II: The Republic ███
███ 23 Crusader Kings II: Songs of Prosperity ███
███ 24 Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods ███
███ 25 Crusader Kings II: Hymns to the Old Gods ███
███ 26 Crusader Kings II: Celtic Unit Pack ███
███ 27 Crusader Kings II: Celtic Portraits ███
███ 28 Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shield III ███
███ 29 Crusader Kings II: Europa Universalis IV Converter ███
███ 30 Crusader Kings II: Customization Pack DLC ███
███ 31 Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham ███
███ 32 Crusader Kings II: Military Orders Unit Pack ███
███ 33 Crusader Kings II: Warriors of Faith Unit Pack ███
███ 34 Crusader Kings II: Hymns of Abraham ███
███ 35Crusader Kings II: Songs of Yuletide ███
███ 36 Crusader Kings II: Saxon Unit Pack ███
███ 37 Crusader Kings II: Finno-Ugric Unit Pack ███
███ 38 Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India ███
███ 39 Crusader Kings II: Turkish Unit Pack ███
███ 40 Crusader Kings II: Turkish Portraits ███
███ 41 Crusader Kings II: Songs of India ███
███ 42 Crusader Kings II: Persian Unit Pack ███
███ 43 Crusader Kings II: Persian Portraits ███
███ 44 Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne ███
███ 45 Crusader Kings II: Early Western Clothing Pack ███
███ 46 Crusader Kings II: Early Eastern Clothing Pack ███
███ 47 Crusader Kings II: Dynasty Shields Charlemagne ███
███ 48 Crusader Kings II: The Song of Roland Ebook ███
███ 49 Crusader Kings II: Way of Life ███
███ 50 Crusader Kings II: Iberian Unit Pack ███
███ 51 Crusader Kings II: Iberian Portraits ███
███ 52 Crusader Kings II: Tales of Treachery EBook ███
███ 53Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords ███
███ 54 Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords Content Pack ███
███ 55 Crusader Kings II: Orchestral House Lords ███
███ 56 Crusader Kings II: South Indian Portraits ███
███ 57 Crusader Kings II: Viking Metal ███
███ 58 Crusader Kings II: Conclave ███


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