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Avram Davidson / Аврам Дэвидсон - Собрание сочинений
Годы выпуска: 1954-2015 г.
Автор: Davidson Avram / Дэвидсон Аврам
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub
Качество: OCR/eBook
Аврам Джеймс Дэвидсон (Avram James Davidson) 23 апреля 1923 г. - 8 мая 1993 г.
Американский писатель еврейского происхождения, критик и редактор, автор почти двух десятков романов, около трех сотен рассказов и повестей, а также эссе и статей. Работал в основном в жанрах научной фантастики, фэнтези и детектива, однако существенная часть литературного творчества (в большей степени это касается малых форм) не вписывается в какие-то строгие жанровые рамки, имеет сходство с лит. мейнстримом и весьма самобытна.

Список книг:


    Doctor Eszterhazy
      Milord Sir Smiht, the English Wizard 1975, fb2
      Polly Charms, The Sleeping Woman 1975, fb2
      Duke Pasquale's Ring 1985, fb2
      The Odd Old Bird 1988, fb2
    Jack Limekiller
      Manatee Gal Ain't You Coming Out Tonight 1977, fb2
      Sleep Well of Nights (= A Good Night's Sleep) 1978, fb2
      01 The Kar-Chee Reign 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4588-7, Prologue Books
      02 Rogue Dragon 1965, epub
    Vergil Magus / Вергилий
      01 The Phoenix and the Mirror / Феникс и зеркало 2012, epub, eISBN: 978-1-4405-4584-9, Prologue Books
      02 Vergil in Averno 2012, epub, eISBN: 978-1-4405-4594-8, Prologue Books
      03 The Scarlet Fig; or Slowly through a Land of Stone 2012, epub, eISBN: 978-1-4405-5276-2, Prologue Books


    Joyleg 1962, fb2 (with Ward Moore)
    And on the Eighth Day 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4532-8946-4, Open Road Integrated Media (под псевдонимом Ellery Queen)
    Mutiny in Space 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4481-1, Prologue Books
    Masters of the Maze 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4480-4, Prologue Books
    Rork! / Рорк! 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4482-8, Prologue Books
    Clash of Star-Kings 1966, fb2; 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4592-4, Prologue Books
    The Enemy of My Enemy 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4582-5, Prologue Books
    The Island Under the Earth 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4479-8, Prologue Books
    Ursus of Ultima Thule 2012, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4405-4586-3, Prologue Books


    The Avram Davidson Treasury 2011, epub, eISBN: 978-1-4299-7267-3, Tor
    • Foreword - Oh, Avram, Avram, What A Wonder You Were! by Robert Silverberg
    • Foreword - Starship Avram: A Writers’ Memorial Party by Grania Davis
      • My Boy Friend’s Name Is Jello Introduction by Robert Silverberg
      • The Golem / Голем Introduction by Damon Knight
      • The Necessity of His Condition Introduction by Poul and Karen Anderson
      • Help! I Am Dr. Morris Goldpepper Introduction by F. Gwynplaine Macintyre
      • Now Let Us Sleep Introduction by Gregory Benford
      • Or the Grasses Grow / До тех пор, пока будет светить солнце Introduction by Alan Dean Foster
      • Or All the Seas with Oysters / Моря, полные устриц Introduction by Guy Davenport
      • Take Wooden Indians / Возьмем, «к примеру», деревянных индейцев Introduction by John M. Ford
      • Author, Author Introduction by Melisa Michaels
      • Dagon Introduction by John Clute
      • Ogre in the Vly / Людоед-великан в долине Introduction by Peter S. Beagle
      • The Woman Who Thought She Could Read Introduction by Martha Soukup
      • Where Do You Live, Queen Esther? Introduction by Kate Wilhelm
      • The Sources of the Nile / Истоки Нила Introduction by Gregory Feeley
      • The Affair at Lahore Cantonment Introduction and Afterword by Eileen Gunn
      • Revolver Introduction by Bill Pronzini
      • The Tail-Tied Kings / Связанные хвостом к хвосту короли Introduction by Frederik Pohl
      • The Price of a Charm; or, The Lineaments of Gratified Desire Introduction by Henry Wessells
      • Sacheverell / Сейчеверелл Introduction by Spider Robinson
      • The House the Blakeneys Built / Дом, который построил Блейкни Introduction by Ursula K. Le Guin
      • The Goobers / Арахисы Introduction by James Gunn
      • The Power of Every Root / Сила всякого корешка Introduction by Thomas M. Disch
      • Selectra Six-Ten Introduction by Ed Ferman
      • Goslin Day / День Гослина Introduction by Jack Dann
      • Polly Charms, the Sleeping Woman Introduction by Gene Wolfe; Afterword by Harlan Ellison
      • And Don’t Forget the One Red Rose Introduction by Richard A. Lupoff
      • Crazy Old Lady Introduction by Ethan Davidson
      • “Hark! Was That the Squeal of an Angry Thoat?” Introduction by Mike Resnick
      • Manatee Gal, Won’t You Come Out Tonight Introduction by Peter S. Beagle; Afterword by Lucius Shepard
      • Naples Introduction by William Gibson
      • Full Chicken Richness Introduction and Afterword by Gardner Dozois
      • The Hills Behind Hollywood High / Голливудские холмы Introduction by Grania Davis
      • The Slovo Stove Introduction by Michael Swanwick
      • Two Short-Shorts: “The Last Wizard” and “Revenge of the Cat-Lady” Introduction by F. M. Busby
      • While You’re Up Introduction by Forrest J. Ackerman
      • The Spook-Box of Theobald Delafont De Brooks Introduction by Algis Budrys
      • Yellow Rome; or, Vergil and the Vestal Virgin Introduction by Darrell Schweitzer; Afterword by Ray Nelson
    • Afterword - Night Travel On The Orient Express, Destination: Avram / Ночное путешествие в Восточном экспрессе. Место назначения: Эйв by Ray Bradbury
    • Afterword - Turn Out The Lights by Harlan Ellison
    The Investigations of Avram Davidson 2015, epub, ISBN: 978-1-4668-9161-6, Minotaur Books
    • Foreword: Avram Davidson, My Friend, This Stranger by Richard A. Lupoff
    • The Necessity of His Condition
    • "Thou Still Unravished Bride"
    • The Cost of Kent Castwell
    • The Ikon of Elijah
    • The Cobblestones of Saratoga Street / Булыжники Саратога-стрит
    • Captain Pasharooney
    • The Third Sacred Well of the Temple
    • The Lord of Central Park
    • Murder Is Murder
    • The Deed of the Deft-Footed Dragon
    • A Quiet Room with a View
    • Mr. Folsom Feels Fine
    • The Importance of Trifles
    The Other Nineteenth Century 2011, epub, ISBN: 9781429972680, Tor
    • O Brave Old World!
    • Great is Diana
    • One Morning With Samuel, Dorothy, and William
    • Traveller from an Antique Land
    • The Man Who Saw the Elephant (= What More Is There to See?)
    • Pebble in Time
    • The Singular Incident of the Dog on the Beach
    • The Engine of Samoset Erastus Hale, and One Other, Unknown
    • Buchanan's Head
    • The Odd Old Bird
    • The Deed of the Deft-Footed Dragon
    • The Montavarde Camera
    • What Strange Stars and Skies
    • The Lineaments of Gratified Desire (= Price of a Charm)
    • The Account of Mr. Ira Davidson
    • Twenty-Three (= The Very Long Silence of Aunt Susan Sutter)
    • Business Must Be Picking Up
    • Dr. Bhumbo Singh
    • The Peninsula
    • Summon the Watch!
    • Dragon Skin Drum
    • El Vilvoy de las Islas
    • Mickelrede; or, The Slayer and the Staff: A Ghost-Novel (with Michael Swanwick)

Повести и рассказы:

    My Boy Friend's Name Is Jello 1954, fb2
    The Golem / Голем 1955, fb2
    King's Evil 1956, fb2
    The Grantha Sighting 1958, fb2
    Or All The Seas With Oysters / Моря, полные устриц 1958, fb2
    Great is Diana 1958, fb2
    Or the Grasses Grow / До тех пор, пока будет светить солнце 1958, fb2
    The Woman Who Thought She Could Read 1959, fb2
    The Dive People 1959, fb2
    The Sensible Man 1959, fb2
    Love Called This Thing / Эту штуку называют любовью 1959, fb2
    The Montavarde Camera 1959, fb2
    No Fire Burns 1959, fb2
    Climacteric 1960, fb2
    Something Rich and Strange 1961, fb2 (with Randall Garrett)
    What Strange Stars and Skies 1963, fb2
    The House The Blakeneys Built / Дом, который построил Блейкни 1965, fb2
    Up Christopher to Madness 1965, fb2
    Bumberboom 1966, fb2
    The Roads, The Roads, The Beautiful Roads 1969, fb2
    Goslin Day / День Гослина 1970, fb2
    Rite of Spring 1970, fb2
    O Brave Old World! 1976, fb2
    Naples 1978, fb2
    Dr. Bhumbo Singh 1982, fb2
    Knox's 'Nga 1988, fb2
    Sacrifice 1996, fb2
    The Boss in the Wall: A Treatise on the House Devil 1998, fb2 (Grania Davis)
    Blunt 1998, fb2

Примеры текстов:


They had driven up, just the two of them, to a place in the mountains he had spoken of—store, garage, hotel, all in one—it was a rare day, a vintage day, with no one to bother them while they ate lunch and shared a bottle of wine. She spoke most; the things she said were silly, really, but she was young and she was lovely and this lent a shimmer of beauty to her words.
His eyes fed upon her—the golden corona of her hair, the green topazes of her eyes, exquisitely fresh skin, creamy column of neck, her bosom (O twin orbs of sweet delight!)—
"But never mind that," she said, ceasing what she had been saying. "I want to forget all that. You: What were you like as a boy? What did you dream of?"
He smiled. "Of a million beautiful girls—all like you," he added, as she made a pretty pout with her red little mouth—"and how I would rescue them from a hideous dragon, piercing through its ugly scales with my lance," he said, "while its filthy claws scrabbled on the rocks in a death agony . . . And the girl and I lived happily ever after, amid chaste kisses, nothing more."
She smiled, touched him. "Lovely," she said. "But—chaste kisses? Now, I used to dream—but never mind. It's funny how our dreams change, and yet, not so much, isn't it?" They looked swiftly about, saw nothing but a distant bird, speck-small in the sky; then they kissed.
Very soon afterward, they drove up a side road to the end, then climbed a path. "You're quite sure no one can see us here?" she asked.
"Quite sure," he said. He stepped back. There was a noise of great rushing, then a short scream, then—other noises. After a while he drew nearer and ran his hands lovingly over the sparkling and iridescent scales. The beautiful creature hissed appreciatively, and continued to clean its gorgeous and glittering claws with its shining black bifurcated tongue.

The Phoenix and the Mirror

HIS FIRST MEETING with her was quite by accident.
He had long ago lost his way in this vast, vaulted labyrinth, and the manticores, seeming to sense this, began to draw closer. He could smell the strong, bitter stink of them; could hear the guttural, gobbling noises which passed for speech among them. From high overhead, at regular intervals, slotted shafts of light came through the grates. The man looked back, without pausing, and saw the manticores, as they came to the diffused well of sunlight, divide into two groups and sidle, single file, along the walls . . . whispering, slithering, scuttling noises . . . scrabble of claws . . . click-click-click.
The manticores abhorred the light.
He pressed on.
To move faster might prove fatal. So far they had not come to deciding on a rush. The awe of men (along with the hate of men, one of their seemingly instinctive characteristics) still held them from it. He walked along as steadily as if he were passing through the streets of Naples — and some of those streets were darker than this; and some of them were not even as wide — and some of them, though not many, were almost as unsafe.
Behind him, just as steadily, came the manticores. In shape they were like great bloated weasels, hair a reddish-yellow for the most part and shaggy as goats, eyes bulging and glowing and rolling every way, showing an intelligence that, for all it differed so incomprehensibly from that of man, was far more than merely animal. Around each neck was a mane like a ruff of clotted plumes, framing a face which might have come from a nightmare — like a human face reduced in size and stretched to distortion: nose shallow and wide, eyes narrow, mouth broad.
So as not to attract attention the man did not now raise his head, but lifted up his eyes. Whoever had built these great tunnels through which the rains of Naples were drained off into the Bay, whether the Titans or the Greeks, the Carthaginians or the Old People of the Land, the Etruscans or whoever (Clemens would know if anyone knew, but Clemens would say only that the tunnels were places to be avoided, which was why Clemens was not here) — they had provided shafts and stairways. If he could manage to find one, if his finding one did not precipitate an attack, if the upper exit was not closed off . . .
Many such doorways were known to exist. Some would require weeks to open, so firmly had they been sealed with cement and masonry, with a gorgon’s mask or the Sign of Methras Invictus or some other talisman or apotropos fixed into them. Others were guarded by heavy doors, locked; but keys existed and hinges were well-oiled, in case those who held the gates wanted a quick way out with no necessity of advertising their movements in the streets. And there were, there had to be, other openings of which no man knew . . . or at least, which no man guarded, either personally or by proxy.
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Davidson, Avram - The Enemy of My Enemy - 2012.epub (ebook, новая)
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01 Davidson, Avram - The Kar-Chee Reign (Kar-Chee) - 1966.epub заменен на 01 Davidson, Avram - The Kar-Chee Reign (Kar-Chee) - 2012.epub (OCR на ebook)
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