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Dj Django / Return Of The Dreamers
Жанр: Psytrance
Год издания: 2016
Лейбл: Ohmspike Records and Mushlight Studios
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:10:04
01 D.p.P - Psytrance (128bpm)
02 Incognito Dancers - Live Supersonic Data
03 Incognito Dancers - Radio Travellers
04 Incognito Dancers - Vega Moon (Delight Mix)
05 D.p.P - Psynauts (160bpm)
06 Moon Temple Groovers - Railway To Utopia
07 Phoenix Dubfire - Destination New Gaia
08 Incognito Dancers - Vega Moon (Live Mix)


Об альбоме

Artist: Dj Django
-Title: Return Of The Dreamers
-Format: Compilation /Album
-Original Date of Release: 30 January 2016
-Label: Ohmspike Records
-Country: Greece
*Place of Origin: Corfu Island, Greece.
01) D.p.P - Psytrance (128bpm)
-Tracks 2-4 by: Incognito Dancers
02) Live Supersonic Data
03) Radio Travellers
04) Vega Moon (Delight Mix)
05) D.p.P - Psynauts (160bpm)
06) Moon Temple Groovers - Railway To Utopia
07) Phoenix Dubfire - Destination New Gaia
-bonus track:
08) Incognito Dancers - Vega Moon (Live Mix)
releases January 30, 2016
All Tracks Written and Produced by: Dj Django (Alexander Skembris)
-Mastered at Mushlight Studios, Greece.
-Artwork by: Gemini Art Lab
-Catalog No.: OR-FD16
℗ 2016 Dj Django Music.
© Ohmspike Records and Mushlight Studios. All Rights Reserved.
-Few words about the artist:
Alexander Skembris from Corfu, Greece is the main mind behind the projects of Dj Django Music. Eight projects that cover all bpm range from downtempo/psychill to pure psytrance vibes and forest psychedelic tribal beats.
The first project that came to light is -D.p.P-(Digital Pseye Poetry). It was started back in 2006 when Alexander graduated from Music technology studies. Through extensive and inspired experimentations on the psychedelic electronic sound, this project (D.p.P) ended up by having as a unique characteristic all tracks to be composed only in 128bpm and/or 160bpm. Moreover and in detail, the 128bpm value is the starter for giving the psytrance vibe and feeling to the dancefloor, ideal for grooving slightly more than downtempo sounds and giving the initial 'kick' for faster dance. The 160bpm value is Dj Django's unique innovation by bringing to the dancefloor pure Psychedelic Trance raving sounds that 'unlock' the full potential of this genre.
The initial attempt of Alexander for composing ambient and psychill music was as -Dreamsun-, a project that later became -Phoenix Dubfire-.
Koera Noera is a 'Forest' psytrance project with tracks from 150 to 175bpm.
The project -PsadA- can be described as pure psytrance with influences from the european 'school' (scene) of this genre. Tracks vary from 140bpm to 148 bpm. Heavy basslines with dreamy kicks and sharp-edge melodic themes can be found on every track. PsadA is ideal for nightime hours live acts and also for mindtravelling psytrance mornings in festivals.
Dolby Caramel is a Progressive Psytrance project that made its debut appearance in discography through Infinity-Tunes Records.
Incognito Dancers is a project open to new ideas and of experimental ways in creation but always close to the psychedelic dance!
Moon Temple Groovers is a downtempo project.
Finally, G.O.A Monks a psychedelic trance project that formed in April 2015.
Its main goal and activity is to lead this genre to the new era. Psychedelic electronic music according to Alexander is not just another genre but a way of life that can act as the main foundations for a better society into future. Peace-Love-Unity brings Hope to mankind. As for the musical part the project is a multi-dimensional psyraving spiritual trance project that will make the dancer feel the party/festival vibes to the maximum level.
In the year 2012 Alexander made his debut appearance to the dancefloors. After the release of several demos, radio shows (Dragonfly Radio, Midiradio) and performances to cities around Greece (Athens, Preveza, Thessalonike) he started becoming well-known to the audience for his unique sounds and ideas.
During 2013-14 and in collaboration with artists like Micky Noise, Har-el Prusky (California Sunshine/Adrenalin Drum/Double Polarity), Bamboo Forest, Jirah, Blazing Noise, Fobi, Drollkoppz and many more super-talented musicians, Dj Django released four (4) FREE download compilations (one double VA plus two (2) more ) through his personal label Fantastic 5 Records. All these FREE compilation releases contain top-notch and rare tracks that attach to them a remarkable collector's value.
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