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Gardner Dozois & George R. R. Martin - Old Mars
Название: Old Mars / Древний Марс
Год выпуска: 2013
Под редакцией: Dozois, Gardner & Martin, George R. R. / Дозуа, Гарднер & Мартин, Джордж Р. Р.
Издательство: Bantam Books
eISBN: 978-0-345-53859-8
Формат: EPUB
Качество: eBook
Язык: английский
Об этой планете написано множество фантастических произведений. Еще начиная с XIX века эта планета привлекала к себе как ученых так и простых людей, а вслед за ними и писателей-фантастов. Тогда Марс был малоизучен и это порождало простор для фантазии... Все изменилось с освоением космоса. Появилось множество результатов исследований, которые подтверждали или опровергали, ту или иную гипотезу... И простора для фантазии осталось мало.. И интерес фантастов к этой планете начал угасать...
Данная антология призвана возродить интерес к данной теме... Она представляет своего рода ностальгию, по тем временам, когда ничто не ограничивало воображение писателей-фантастов...


    Introduction: Red Planet Blues / Блюз Красной планеты. Предисловие by George R. R. Martin
    Martian Blood / Марсианская кровь by Allen Steele
    The Ugly Duckling / Гадкий утенок by Matthew Hughes
    The Wreck of the Mars Adventure / Крушение «Марс Эдвенчер» by David D. Levine
    Swords of Zar-Tu-Kan / Мечи Зар-Ту-Кана by S. M. Stirling
    Shoals / Залежи by Mary Rosenblum
    In the Tombs of the Martian Kings / В гробнице Владык Марса by Mike Resnick
    Out of Scarlight / Прочь из Скарлайта by Liz Williams
    The Dead Sea-Bottom Scrolls / Свитки со дна мертвого моря by Howard Waldrop
    A Man Without Honor / Человек без чести by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck
    Written in Dust / Начертано в пыли by Melinda M. Snodgrass
    The Lost Canal / Затерянный канал by Michael Moorcock
    The Sunstone / Солнечный камень by Phyllis Eisenstein
    King of the Cheap Romance / Как в приключенческом романе by Joe R. Lansdale
    Mariner / Мореход by Chris Roberson
    The Queen of the Night's Aria / Ария для Королевы Ночи by Ian McDonald

Образец текста:

The Ugly DucklingMATTHEW HUGHESIT TOOK FRED MATHER THE BETTER PART OF AN HOUR TO drive over the blue hills that stood between the base camp and the bone city. At the highest point of the switchbacking ancient road of crushed white stone, the thin Martian air grew even thinner. He had to take long, slow breaths to fill his lungs, while dark spots danced at the edges of his vision and he worried about steering the New Ares Mining Corporation’s jeep over one of the precipices.
He could have gotten there more quickly—and more safely—by paralleling the dried-up canal down to the glass-floored sea. Then he could have plowed fifteen miles through its carpeting dust to the promontory girdled by a seawall that had not felt a wave’s slap in ten thousand years. The towers of the dead Martian town stood like an abandoned, unsolved chess puzzle, white against the faded sky.
The road at the landward end of the town was lined on either side by low, squat structures, windowless but with arched doors of weathered bronze. He was just wondering if they might be tombs—nobody knew yet what the Martians had done with their dead—when the hand radio on the passenger seat squawked and Red Bowman’s voice said, “Base to Mather, over.”
He picked up the set, keyed the mike switch, and said, “Mather, over.”
“How you coming?” said the crew chief. Mather thought he heard a note of suspicion in the man’s voice.
“I’m just pulling into the town now.”
There was a silence, then the radio said, “The hell you been playing at? You should’ve been there an hour already.”
“I took the hill road.”
“What the hell for?”
“I thought it might be quicker. It looked shorter on the map.” Mather was lying. The reason he hadn’t gone by the canal road was that he hadn’t wanted to meet any other traffic. He had wanted, for a little while at least, to be able to pretend that he was the only Earthman on Mars instead of just the only archaeologist.
. . .
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