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Fear Equation
Год выпуска: 2016
Жанр: Стратегия
Разработчик: Screwfly Studios
Издатель: Screwfly Studios
Платформа: PC
Версия: 2.0.1
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Язык интерфейса: английский
Язык озвучки: английский
Таблэтка: Вшита
Системные требования:
*Операционная система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
*Процессор: 2.2 Ггц
*Оперативная память: 4 Гб
*Видеокарта: 1 Гб (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon R7 250X)
*Место на жестком диске: 1 Гб
Fear Equation - очередной своеобразный шедевр от студии Screwfly, известной игрокам такими проектами, как Zafehouse Diaries и Deadnaut. События происходят в поезде, застрявшем в неизвестном месте, который наполнен материальным злом. Геймерам предстоит взять на себя роль лидера выживших (больше ста человек), которые всеми силами пытаются вернуться домой. Новый игровой проект от команды Screwfly обладает уникальной системой симуляции поведения обычных людей в ситуациях, сопряженных с большим риском. Игрокам придется заниматься отправкой пассажиров злополучного состава за различными устройствами, пищей, картами и другими предметами, необходимыми для выживания. К тому же геймерам предстоит решать конфликты, которые непременно будут возникать между людьми. Главная опасность же кроется в загадочном тумане, способном воплощать самые худшие кошмары людей в жизнь. По этой причине пользователям предстоит тщательно изучать дневники снов пассажиров, чтобы узнать, какие страхи их беспокоят и как их можно побороть. Среди страхов имеются как обычные монстры и пауки, так и оригинальные кошмары вроде боязни быстро состариться.


v2.0.0 и 2.0.1-HotFix:
• Added: New game mode - Blockade. The military has set up a blockade to the East. Take a squad of military deserters, upgrade your train's weapons and bust through the blockade. Note that the original game mode is now called "Salvation".
• Tweak: Pressing the time acceleration key while in the rear section of the train during the guard phase will automatically put the player into bed.
• Tweak: Slightly increased the speed of the "falling asleep" animation.
• Tweak: The player ID card and modifier bundle have been moved to the carriage console.
• Tweak: The dream log and lottery card are now hidden for carriages containing no passengers.
• Fixed: (Windows) Reverted volumetric lighting quality to pre-1.6.0 levels.
• Fixed: Potential issues with holding the carriage console notebook and attempting actions such as moving or accelerating time.
• Fixed: "NaN" appearing in the loading text during startup.
• Fixed: The graphics options menu is no longer cut-off on non-16:10 resolutions.
• Fixed: Map generation elements not being cleaned-up properly on new games.
• Fixed: A visual issue in Direct3D 9 where UI elements would disappear.
• Fixed: A few visual issues with map pin placement.
• Fixed: Workarounds for erroneous damage messages involving the Rewind fear.
• Performance: Small optimisations to light cookie textures.
• Performance: Various optimisations to reduce memory and CPU demands.
• Added: The Wanderers. Wanderers are Fearless who wish to leave the fog, but need the Engineer's help to do so. Wanderers brought onto the train grant special powers... for a price.
• Added: Gameplay options menu. This menu adds the following settings: Disable page turning animations; Faster cabin movement and Instant sleep.
• Tweak: It is now possible to select pages in the carriage console notebook using 0-9, with "0" representing the 10th carriage. Pressing the tilde or minus key will select the overview pages.
• Added: Ambient sounds when passengers board and alight from the train.
• Tweak: Modifier cards provided by passengers now show which carriage that passenger is from.
• Tweak: Normal cabin movement / turning is slightly faster.
• Fixed: Idle passengers would sometimes not start repairs automatically.
• Fixed: Food not being destroyed properly, causing it to reappear in loaded games.
• Fixed: An issue with the vignette screen effect.
• Fixed: Various issues with letterboxed resolutions resulting in visual garbage.
• Fixed: Moving to and from the bed using the keyboard now plays the correct sound effects.
• Fixed: Jump keys (F1-F4) being enabled when they shouldn't.
• Fixed: Additional workarounds for the lottery phase being skipped after waking up.
• Fixed: A workaround for duplicate disappearance reports.
• Fixed: An issue with Twitch integration and SSL connections.
• Fixed: Twitch integration now uses moderator names in addition to viewers.
• Fixed: (Mac OS X) Workarounds to address visual corruption caused by the volumetric lighting effect.
• Performance: Small optimisations to book page turning.
• Added: Five new fears: Witches, Buried, Spirits, Wasps and Snakes.
• Added: "Stranded" loss condition. As of 1.5.0, the train starts with three signal beacons instead of an unlimited supply. Once these are expended and the train has no fuel and no passengers, the game will end in a loss. Modifiers are available for custom engineers to alter the beacon limit. This change does not affect games currently in progress.
• Added: A card on the route plotting notepad that show the bonuses and penalties currently affecting the train's speed.
• Added: Lighting Quality graphics option. This changes the rendering pipeline from deferred shading to deferred lighting, which results in a loss of lighting fidelity, but can substantially improve performance on low-end systems. Note that on the "Low" setting, directional occlusion is replaced with ambient occlusion.
• Added: A detailed explanatory note regarding fear attacks now appears after the first such event. Players will find it positioned near the bed.
• Added: Ambient noises from the first carriage can now be heard in the Engineer's cabin.
• Added: Epilogue text is now exported when the game ends. On Windows, epilogues are stored in "My DocumentsFear EquationEpilogues". On OS X, epilogues can be found in "Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/Fear Equation/Epilogues", where "<USERNAME>" is your OS X user name.
• Balance: Increased the time it takes to complete upgrades at higher tiers.
• Balance: Engine upgrades now increase the train's speed, but damaged carriages now reduce speed.
• Balance: Fear defense effectiveness is significantly reduced when the train occupies the same sector as a Fearless unit.
• Balance: Hungry passengers now live longer.
• Tweak: Mission equipment -- by default, all are drawn from lottery carriages; added modifier to allow mission items to be drawn from any carriage.
• Fixed: OpenGL platforms now use Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) instead of Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing (SMAA) due to ongoing rendering issues.
• Fixed: Carriages containing passengers with a desired power setting of zero will always be set to low power when the train is refuelled after a "power out" event.
• Fixed: Incorrect gender pronouns sometimes appearing on messages.
• Fixed: Technology and Passenger concerns were not being calculated correctly.
• Fixed: Cargo items not being saved correctly, resulting in items changing when loading a game.
• Fixed: A few workarounds to try and fix sound issues on some systems.
• Fixed: Randomly-generated passengers not having portraits assigned properly.
• Added: Five new fears: Hunchback, Void, Demons, Creatures and Beast.
• Added: Accessibility options -- colour blindness support and high contrast text. These features are currently being refined and will be improved based on player feedback.
• Added: It is now possible to dump / move up to five cargo items at a time with the Move Cargo order.
• Added: A dream history to the passenger dossier.
• Added: The start-up screen now shows percentage progress while processing custom portraits.
• Added: A surprise ending for players who frequently kill passengers on purpose by cutting carriage power.
• Tweak: Added a Clear button to the lottery.
• Tweak: Computer status bar now shows usage instructions for order duration while the order duration dialog is visible.
• Tweak: Passengers can be removed from the lottery card and transfer card by holding shift and left-clicking.
• Tweak: More information regarding controls added to a few tutorial notes.
• Tweak: Order cards are offset slightly to the right so they don't overlap the projection wheel.
• Tweak: When moving to the carriage console or computer stations from the front or rear of the train via mouse click, the camera will automatically be rotated to face those stations.
• Fixed: Bloom levels are now clamped globally.
• Fixed: Floating radio text is no longer visible when the main menu is up.
• Fixed: A bug that allowed unlimited assignment of mission items.
• Fixed: Clicking the train's current location is now less fiddly.
• Fixed: Numerous issues with disputes and dispute canisters.
• Fixed: The destination map flag now reappears when the effects of the Absent Minded modifier wears off.
• Fixed: Movement issues when jumping from the computer while a radio channel is selected.
• Fixed: The Shadows fear blowing out lights when bloom is enabled.
• Fixed: Various workarounds for custom portrait issues.
• Fixed: The computer not resetting properly at the end of some phases.
• Fixed: The Bindings fear once again has the "ropes" intensity.
• Fixed: An issue that could cause the player to miss the lottery phase.
• Fixed: The "Calm Down Everyone" modifier can now be selected.
• Fixed: Custom portrait issue on certain system configurations.
• Fixed: A selection bug when only one location is available to raid.
• Added: (Steam only) 25 achievements. Please visit the Fear Equation Steam page for a full list.
• Added: Twitch integration. To enable, select Options -> Twitch Settings from the main menu and enter a valid Twitch channel name. If the channel is found, passengers will be generated using chat usernames. You can also create random passengers from chat users in the Custom game screen.
• Added: Two new graphics options for high-end PCs: Real-time reflections and an "Ultra" mode for directional occlusion.
• Added: A message on the main menu screen explaining that saving is only possible during the Lottery phase.
• Added: Resolution support for 1280 x 1024 screens.
• Balance: Rescued survivors no longer have an immediate effect on dreams.
• Balance: Fuel consumption has been reduced by 20%.
• Balance: Reduced the radius bonus of the level II radio upgrade.
• Tweak: On Windows, custom portraits can now be placed in "My DocumentsFear EquationUserPortraits".
• Tweak: Pressing spacebar (or return) now confirms an order duration.
• Tweak: Fear attack jump points now provide a better view out the cabin windows.
• Tweak: Increased the font size of dream notes and the dream folder is now docked closer to the player camera.
• Tweak: Reduced the intensity of red text on the route planner.
• Tweak: The cursor on the in-game computer is hidden while a Hail Mary or beacon is running.
• Tweak: Once a mission order is confirmed, the status bar will return to the passenger selection menu.
• Tweak: Defenses now have a different outline to regular cargo items.
• Tweak: It is no longer necessary to zoom into the computer to read a message capsule or turn the radio on/off.
• Tweak: Cargo items now have a highlight when moused over.
• Tweak: Slightly increased the player's keyboard turning speed.
• Tweak: Radio and mission transcripts on the computer are now read automatically when you move through them with the up/down arrow keys.
• Fixed: Several fixes to message system to prevent "floating" capsules.
• Fixed: Fuel estimate inconsistency after plotting a route.
• Fixed: Passenger radar dots were sometimes not scaled properly.
• Fixed: It's no longer possible to click "through" the route planner and manipulate the train controls.
• Fixed: A rare error when distributing items during world generation.
• Fixed: A workaround for a visual issue on Mac OS X at game start.
• Fixed: The fog light now turns off when the fog level is low.
• Fixed: A number of issues with saving and loading games.
• Fixed: A number of issues with abandoning and then starting a new game.
• Fixed: Workarounds for custom portraits not working correctly on certain configurations.
• Fixed: Carriage console power bars are now more accurate.
• Fixed: A contradiction in the train manual relating to phase start and end times.
• Fixed: Dead VIPs causing problems with the player's modifier card stack.
• Fixed: Projection wheel dot positions and sizes not updating to match the wheel mode on page turn.
• Fixed: Keyboard location panning is disabled when the order duration dialog is visible.
• Fixed: Clicking "Confirm" on the order duration dialog no longer makes the location view snap around.
• Performance: Many optimisations to reduce CPU workload, memory usage and intermittent stuttering.

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