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Название: Navigatrix (Linux для навигационных целей)
Версия: 0.5
Архитектура: i386
Navigatrix полноценная операционная система для компьютера, сделанная людьми, плавающими на судах, для людей, плавающих на судах.
Navigatrix совмещает электронные инструменты для навигации, коммуникации, связи, информации и безопасности. Это простая и безопасная система базирующаяся на одном из последних выпусков Ubuntu.
Navigatrix быстрый и наиболее эффективный дистрибутив Linux для целей навигации, работающий на большинстве аппаратных средств выпущенных в последние годы.
Navigatrix может работать с USB от 4Гб и более или с SD карты.
Navigatrix может быть установлен и на жесткий диск для ускорения работы.

Дополнительная информация:

All the important navigation tools preconfigured and ready to use. This will save your valuable time which you need so much to maintain your boat and to enjoy sailing!
Navigatrix - A Voyager's Companion - has all the goodies that sailors want, tested on the ocean.
We include all the features and software requested while maintaining the system as fast and energy efficient as possible with the same basic interface you are used to.
The new version should run even on the newest laptops. This Backup Rescue System for your safety may help you when other things fail...
Have a look at the list of essential tools included and ready to use:
- OpenCPN 3.2.2 Chartplotter and all the plug-ins available for Linux.
- Chart Converter and Calibration Utility. Make pictures from your paper charts, calibrate them and use them inside OpenCPN.
- zyGrib 6.2.3 Grib Weather Data.
- qtVlm 3.4 Sailboat Router. Optimize your route according to current weather condition.
- QGrid 3.0 Distance and Bearing Calculation using QRA Locater or Lat/Lon.
- Weather Wizard Superimpose weather fax and grib files to cross check for tropical phenomenons.
- GnuAIS Decoder 0.3.1 integrated into OpenCPN. Turn your old VHF into a fully functional AIS receiver.
- RTLSDR 0.5.3 and AISDecoder (beta) integrated into OpenCPN. Use the RTL2832U Dongle to receive AIS signals.
- PolarCOM 1.9.6 A Full Screen Navigation Instruments Panel.
- Matrix Mariner 1.0beta3 A Large GPS Panel.
- Airmail 3.4.062 for HAM and Sailmail with the latest frequency list and added zyGrib support.
- JWX 2.8 and HamFAX 0.8.1 to receive Weather Fax through SSB.
- JNX 1.4 Navtex Decoder.
- JTides 5.2 Worldwide Tidal Calculator with the latest tide definition files.
- WXTide 4.7. The classic Tidal Calculator you may already know from Windows.
- XTide 2.13. Tidal Calculator for the United States.
- Nautical Almanac 1.5-1. Never need to buy the Almanac again.
- CelNav 0.2 Celestial Navigation Calculator and Astronomical Almanac Interface. Works until Year 2100 and beyond.
- flDigi 3.21.80 and jPSKMail 2.0.30 Send and receive eMails over SSB without a Pactor Modem.
- gpsd 3.9 Supports many GPS receivers out of the box and needs no additional drivers.
- gpsbabel 1.4.3 converts your GPS routes and way points to many different formats.
- gpstrans 0.41 communicates with your Garmin GPS receiver.
- wvdial 1.61 Ready to connect and use your Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro or Iridium Satellite Phone.
- XGate 3.85 Use your SatPhone with your compressed email account.
- Stellarium 0.12.4 Complete Planetarium for your actual GPS Location.
- FoxtrotGPS 1.1.1 Download maps to find your way on land, even if you are offline.
- Google Earth shows satellite images from the whole world.
- Kiwix 0.9rc2 Take the whole Wikipedia with you and access it whenever you want - without the Internet!
- hdparm 9.43 will turn off your hard drive temporarily while you run Navigatrix from a USB Stick or a Memory Card.
This gives you full protection against permanent hard disk damage due engine vibrations and boat movement while under sail.
- redshift 1.7 sets the color temperature according to the position of the sun, click the red light bulb to activate night vision for all applications,
the color will change smoothly to allow your eyes to slowly adapt.
- OSD Depth script to display water depth with big digits above any application.
- Muplex scripts for your NMEA multiplexer.
- RTL2832 EZcap USB SDR receiver support.
- Calibre 1.35 Electronic Library ready to connect your eBook reader and convert/transfer all the books you like.
- Easy to setup data encryption. So nobody gets your sensitive data if you loose your USB Memory.
- wine-1.7.22 ... runs Windows Programs too! So you may also install your favorite Windows applications (e.g. EchoLink, Yotreps, HamRadioDeluxe, VisualPassagePlanner).
- DSP enabled Kernel 3.13.9-dsp so you can use all the included SSB tools which usually wont run under newer Ubuntu versions.
- Free online support and a fast growing community ready to help you.
- and many more useful tools for Videos, Music, Pictures, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Web-browsing, Email, Internet Telephony and Data Rescue....

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