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Год выпуска: 2015
Жанр: Стратегия/Песочница
Разработчик: Madruga Works
Платформа: PC
Версия: v1.0.10 beta2
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Язык интерфейса: русский, английский, испанский, французский, немецкий
Таблэтка: Вшита (3DMGAME)
Минимальные системные требования:
OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM (Shader Model 3)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 550 MB available space

Дополнительная информация

Установочный файл - SFX-архив

ОС Windows 8/10 могут ругаться на файл и предотвращать его запуск. Зайди в свойства файла и нажми кнопку "Разблокировать", а также снять галочку "Только чтение"

Список изменений


скрытый текст

- The game is now available on Mac
- AI will now will prioritize the storage of resources with low condition
- Engineers will try really hard to build structure connections before going back to base
- AI will wait for longer to go back inside the base for food, drink or sleep, this should prevent them from going out of the airlock and coming back in straight away
- The meal maker will now make a salad out of any three different vegetables
- Simplified recipe list in Meal Maker help
- Reduced power consumption of Base Pad to 0.25 KW
- Backspace now does the same as Delete (this is mainly for Mac)
- Toggle panels shortcut his now the T key (it was Alt before)
- When you select a language, a toast will appear if it has any missing strings.
- Fixed issue where meteors were the same frequency regardless of game speed
- Fixed mouse offset issues if resolution didn't match screen's aspect ratio
- Fixed colonists sometimes getting stuck in a loop when there are no tables available to eat
- Fixed issue where you would get paid even if visitors had died in the colony
- Fixed repairable structures sometimes getting stuck in a weird state
- Resolution is now saved in settings file instead on relying on windows to remember it
- Stability fixes

скрытый текст

This is a quick release before Christmas, with a couple of small but important fixes:
- Malnutrition can now be cured by eating a mixed meal (as well as by using medical supplies like before).
- Fixed bug that was making meteors in the desert planet be twice as frequent as intended, now they shouldn't be as much of an issue.
- Some other stability fixes.

скрытый текст

- Supporting user translations through the Steam Workshop
- Amount selectors now loop in the manufacturing limits panel
- Some gameplay tweaks
- Stability fixes

скрытый текст

- Added Medical Cabinet component to the Sick Bay: Medical Supplies can be stored here to avoid Medics having to go to the nearest storage
- New model for Control Center
- Colonists no longer own beds in the Cabins, now any colonist can sleep in any bed
- Wind is now a bit more stable, it tends to stay away from the extremes, which should make the frozen planet a bit easier
- Increased frequency of Solar Flares in moon planet, which should make it a bit harder
- Increased Monolith cost to 40 Metal and 10 Bioplastic (from 20 and 5), and Prestige to 60 (from 30)
- Reduced Signpost prestige from to 5 (from 10)
- Fixed memory leak
- Preventing the game from overusing the GPU when minimized
- Text highlighting for non English languages works a lot better now
- Guns inside the Armory can now be traded (and Medical Supplies in the Medical Cabinet too).
- New "durable" and "surveyed" status icons
- Improved the appearance of non-Latin text overall
- Fix for resolution settings stuck to 0x0 sometimes
- Better error handing for when the game can't save files
- Many bug fixes

скрытый текст

- Optimized pathfinding to allow 3 times as many nodes as before, this will massively reduce the chances of colonists not finding a path
- Colonists and bots will now exit the base through the best possible airlock for their destination
- If a colonist or bot can't find a path to the destination it will at least try to get closer instead of wandering in the wilderness
- The game can now cope with donut shaped bases with airlocks inside and outside the donut
- The game can now cope with isolated resources or structures
- When a colonist is very hungry or thirsty, they will go for the nearest Meal or Fountain regardless of it being targeted by another colonist
- Setting a building to high priority now also affects the resources that get taken there, not just the frequency of work.
- Increased structure limit to 250 and population limit to 600
- When a colonist gets Malnutrition for the first time, a hint explaining the condition will appear
- Increased Solar Flare visual intensity on 3rd planet
- Disabling alert if the last control center is recycled
- Preventing mines from being placed in strange places
- Limiting render frame rate when app is out of focus
- Fixed workaround for structure limit
- When looking for a resource to store or trade, colonists and bots will now pick the closest resource to them
- When healing, medics will pick the closest target to them
- Misc small fixes
- Stability fixes

скрытый текст

- Now the game can load third party translations from Documents/Planetbase/Strings
- You can now set buildings in construction as high priority to make the AI take care of them first
- Trading Ships now have a maximum cargo capacity, and can't trade if they are over it (60 for small ships, 120 for the large ones)
- Wind Turbines now decay a bit slower (55 min now, from 45 min before)
- Reduced the amount of people taking resources to traders
- Engineers and Constructor Bots are now very likely to build connections after building structures
- Biologists will tend to maintain more damaged Vegetable Pads first
- Certain panels (Landing Permissions, Security Controls...) are now accessible from the info panel after selecting certain structures
- Stats window now displays how many guards are armed
- If you have a Starport and delete the Landing Pad, you can still build more Starports and access the Landing Permissions
- Fixed engineers getting confused when an unconnected interior structure got damaged
- Fixed pathing issues due to rocks blocking areas near airlocks
- Fixed colonists taking guns to the armory even if it was full
- Fixed issue with preventing colonists from arriving to the base when loading a game with a solar flare in progress in planet1 on 1.0.4
- Stability fixes

скрытый текст

- Removing solar flares from desert planet as this was making the game too hard too early, it also makes planets more different.
- Guards now have 20% armor (they were always meant to, this was a bug).
- Colonists and Bots inside the Mine are now unaffected by solar flares or sandstorms
- If you are low on Food/Spares/Medical Supplies, there is a high chance you will get a merchant bringing these goods
- You can now delete resources laying on the ground
- AI will now prefer to repair very damaged buildings over less damaged ones (as long as they are not much further).
- Setting a structure to high priority now has a more dramatic effect on AI behavior: They will prefer to work there before carrying stuff around or relaxing.
- Better AI behavior when base is on alert: Anyone walking outside will go inside immediately, and no one will ever go outside from the inside.
- Highlighting keyboard shortcuts in a more obvious way.
- Removed "Meteor has been destroyed" notification.
- Doing basic checks on savegames to ensure they have not been tampered with
- Fixed "Police State" achievement
- Fix for issues with navigation when building to the edge of the map
- Fix for corridors sometimes getting locked by accident.
- Fix for massive storage sometimes having graphic glitches on the doors.
- Fix for colonists getting stuck if there was an unbuilt component placed in an isolated module.
- Fix for resources sometimes getting stuck after recycling buildings.
- Fix for telescope animation bug
- Lowering alert volume sound
- Stability fixes

скрытый текст

• Fixed issues to do with saving the game when the hard drive is full
• Fixed component sounds playing when not being used anymore
• Fixed issue causing always getting intruders after disabling colonists for a long time
• Various other stability fixes

скрытый текст

• Added a ton more recipes to the Meal Maker
• Increased the number of basic meals a colonist has to eat to get malnutrition from 10 to 15
• Fixed problems when trading with 2 traders at once
• Stability fixes
Это на Земле развивать инфраструктуру легко. Все-таки воды, еды, а тем более кислорода в достатке. А вот в дальнем уголке галактики с этим проблемы. Нужно решать! Поиск и добыча всевозможных ресурсов не должны останавливаться ни на минуту, как и строительство, научная деятельность и прочие работы. Благодаря разностороннему взгляду на выживание в космических условиях игра Planetbase претендует на звание симулятора. Она основана на предполагаемых проблемах, с которыми столкнутся в буквальном смысле неземные колонисты.
К выбору жителей нужно подходить тщательнейшим образом! Инженеры, медики, биологи, квалифицированные разнорабочие, космонавты однозначно нужны, а всякие лентяи пусть остаются дома. Кстати, переселенцам огромную помощь оказывают роботы, они тоже классифицируются, например, есть сверлильщики, сборщики различных конструкций, транспортеры.
Итак, представим, что команда переселенцев собрана, а основные здания возведены. Вопрос: можно ли теперь жить хотя бы относительно спокойно? Нет! Станция должна быть в постоянной готовности, поскольку ее могут уничтожить метеоритные дожди, мощнейшие солнечные вспышки, невиданные песчаные бури. Плюс учтем, что колонисты успели нажить себе врагов и среди живых созданий. Поэтому сохранить свой хрупкий мирок им будет совсем непросто.

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Для русификации нужно скопировать из папки "Русификатор" папку "Strings"s в папку Мои документы\Planetbase. Изначально папки "Strings" там нет.


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