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Resonic Player 0.6.3b build 1170 + Portable [En] - Версия программы: 0.6.3b build 1170
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: не требуется
Системные требования:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86-x64)

Resonic - это ультра-быстрый, маленький и портативный проигрыватель музыки без плейлистов и медиатеки, с хорошим звуком и настраиваемой визуализацией анализа аудиосигнала. Resonic создан, чтобы быть молниеносным, надежным и делать свою работу исключительно практично и без наворотов. Благодоря встроенному в интерфейс файловому браузеру пользователю будет удобно ориентироваться в больших коллекциях аудио файлов, а встроенной таймер, с настраиваемым действием, позволит не беспокоится о ручном отключении плеера или PC. Проигрыватель может быть использован и понятен любому, но он также снабжен функциями для продвинутых пользователей, аудио профессионалов и музыкальных продюсеров. Resonic плеер является бесплатным для некоммерческого использования.

Поддерживаемые форматы:

    WAV, AIFF, FLAC, APE, ALAC, WV, TTA, MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, M4A, MP4, MP4 Video Audio, AAC, MPC, MP+, OPUS, SPX, WMA, WMA Pro, WMA Lossless, WMV Video Audio, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD


    • + New feature
    • - Removed
    • * Improved or changed
    • ! Corrected or fixed
    • ? Unresolved
    • # Remark
    Resonic 0.6.3b (2015-07-07)
    # This release adds much improved drag & drop functionality,
    a rename bookmark feature, and fixes several bugs and issues.
    Please note that you'll have to re-configure your settings (including hotkeys)
    in this release because of heavy internal changes.
    Your bookmarks won't be touched.
    + Much improved drag & drop support for both browser and file list.
    Supports play, copy, and move operations.
    The copy operation is the default, but copy/move can be toggled by holding down
    the CTRL or SHIFT key while dragging.
    + You can now drag & drop copy one or more files from Resonic's file list
    onto folders in Resonic's browser.
    Hold down SHIFT while dragging to move the files.
    + You can now drag & drop copy one or more files from Windows Explorer
    onto folders in Resonic's browser.
    Hold down SHIFT while dragging to move the files.
    + Bookmarks can now be renamed.
    Right-click any bookmark in browser and select 'Rename bookmark'.
    To restore its default name enter an empty name.
    + You can create new folders in Resonic's browser.
    Right-click on a parent folder, select 'New folder'.
    or use the CTRL-SHIFT-N shortcut. which is the same
    as in Windows Explorer.
    + Resonic now comes with custom tiles for Windows 8/8.1/10 users.
    + Files can now be dragged and dropped directly into applications that previously
    didn't accept the drop, e.g. Skype, Miranda IM, etc.
    This works for both the file list and the header filename.
    This includes explicit support for Skype.
    + Window can now be moved by dragging the header bar.
    + 'Turn off monitor' option for sleep timer.
    Click the 'zZz' button in the lower right of the application window,
    then go to the sleep type menu and select 'Turn off monitor'.
    This option works for all sleep types that don't turn off the computer,
    for example 'Exit' (and turn off monitor).
    + A-B loops are now taken over to the next file when the 'Maintain position'
    feature is enabled.
    This is useful for listening to/comparing the same region in different files
    or to quickly listen through a whole album.
    + Experimental support for Audio CD files (.cda), although without waveform.
    Please report any weird behavior or findings.
    * Optimized visualizations (waveform, level meter, etc.)
    for slightly less CPU use.
    * Improved file drag and drop,
    e.g. a file type icon is shown now where available.
    * Updated all Explorer icons
    ! Volume bar sometimes did not repaint properly
    (reported: S. Panin)
    ! Splash screen sometimes caused crashes when clicked rapidly
    (reported: A. Ginhoux)
    ! Browser did not behave as expected during incremental search,
    i.e. during quick-search via letters,
    also ENTER starts folder playback as intended.
    (reported: Shyman)
    ! Browser did not behave as expected when the header filename is clicked,
    i.e. it did not scroll to the active file's folder.
    Both browser and file list are now synced to the active file.
    ! Folders that use custom icons no longer appear hidden (transparent icons).
    (reported: ExtremRaym, user of 'Rainbow Folders')
    ! Wave files with garbage 'fact' chunks could not be played back correctly
    (reported: MrMichaelz)
    ! Files tab occasionally not showing up on first start.
    ! Mouse wheel not working in preferences dialog (hotkeys).
    ! Volume bar didn't repaint properly when compact mode is toggled
    (reported: Andreasvb)
    Resonic 0.6.2b (2015-04-12)
    + Basic sound card selection in preferences dialog.
    DirectSound will eventually be replaced with WASAPI and ASIO (Pro).
    Changes take effect on track change.
    + Resonic now creates mini dumps when it crashes.
    You are presented the option to open up your email application
    and send us a bug report to help us fix the bug that caused the crash.
    * Sound driver is now re-opened when needed, e.g. when it was blocked
    by another application before.
    * Advance mode button is highlighted when not playing sequentially
    ! Fixed occasional line jitter when moving mouse over waveform
    ! Fixed bug in update check
    Resonic 0.6.1b (2015-04-02)
    # This is a maintenence release, it does not introduce new features.
    Update only if any of the fixes apply to you.
    You can install on top of your existing installation.
    * More visible status bar notices
    * Improved the way long paths are handled
    ! Application crashes during startup with certain system locales
    (reported: wira)
    ! Application does not start on latest Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview
    (reported: S. Mogilevtsev)
    ! Files in deep folder structures (long paths) will show, but won't play
    (reported: A. Fodor)
    Resonic 0.6b (2015-03-28)
    # This huge release officially marks the start of Resonic's Beta phase.
    All parts of the application have been rethought, reworked,
    or rewritten from scratch.
    Besides countless performance improvements this release introduces
    an improved user interface, including all new waveform code,
    a new file list, and a new browser with folder monitoring.
    # Meta/waveform data is currently only partially cached,
    i.e. after Resonic starts scans will always restart from the beginning.
    Full disk caching is coming in one of the next Beta releases.
    # The Sleep Timer was moved from main menu to a "zZz" button in the status bar (lower right).
    The timer's options can be changed any time, even while it's running.
    The timer can be aborted with a click on the countdown time.
    # The 'Events' visualization mode for module music is currently not implemented.
    # Sound output options are coming in one of the next two Beta updates,
    which will be smaller and more frequent.
    + Major visual and functional user interface rework (buttons, tabs, colors, etc.)
    + New powerful meta core with extensive support for a vast range of meta data stored
    in several important file formats.
    This core paves the way for many upcoming meta-related features.
    + Browser rewritten for overall improved performance,
    no longer blocks interface while folders are being expanded,
    which is especially noticeable on portable or slow devices (e.g. cell phones)
    + Browser now supports folder monitoring,
    i.e. external changes made to folders (create, rename, delete, etc.)
    are reflected in Resonic's browser.
    + Playback starts much faster now
    + Window restore much faster and less jumpy, especially when maximized
    + Folder changes much faster, less jumpy file list columns
    + About dialog (see 'Menu | Help') with full list of credits
    + Improved audio drop-out stability by reading/decoding files in parallel
    + Number and size of selected files now shown in footer (#378)
    + Tray icon and context menu (minimize to tray with ALT-M)
    + In addition to 'Always minimize to tray' you can now also 'Always close to tray',
    i.e. Resonic goes into system tray when you close it,
    or when you press the window's 'X' button (see 'Menu | Interface').
    + Playback advance now delays for a second after a file fails to play
    + New percentage mode for time display, in addition to the classic timecode.
    To enable it check the right-click context menu. (#473)
    + New option allows you to toggle filename in main window title.
    To access it right-click the filename in the header and use 'Show name in window title'.
    + Fast clicks on file list items are now registered properly (reported: M. Lapierre)
    + You can now use the mouse wheel on certain buttons (!)
    like visualization type (next to volume bar) or advance mode (sequential/random).
    + You can now prevent notification messages in status bar from going away automatically
    by keeping the mouse on them
    + New default waveform style: 'Solid',
    a simple but elegant single-color waveform, as seen in many classic wave editors
    (see 'Menu | Visualization | Waveform style').
    + Waveform peaks are no longer scanned when the waveform is invisible
    or when the visualization area is hidden (CTRL-F12).
    This results in a significant performance boost in situations where waveforms
    are simply not required, for example:
    You just want to browse or manage files without visualization.
    You just want to use the analyzer.
    + New shortcut: BACKSPACE goes up one level in folder tree, when browser has input focus
    + New shortcut: ALT-NUM* inverts the current file selection
    + New column: 'Track #', track number read from file tags, e.g. ID3 (suggested: trucmuch) (#157)
    + New column: 'Extension', just the file's extension.
    When the 'Extension' column is visible file extensions in the 'File name' column are hidden.
    + Bookmarks are now sorted by display name
    + Most file format plugins are now loaded dynamically and when needed,
    thus reducing the overall memory footprint
    + Native PCM preview support for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) formats,
    supporting .dsd and .dsf files and the following rates:
    DSD64, DSD128 (double-rate), DSD256 (quad-rate), and DSD512 (octuple-rate).
    + Seeking across files is now possible.
    Near the end of a file a forward seek now moves on to the next file instead
    of playing out the current file, which makes it easy to quickly jump
    across multiple files (right arrow, mouse wheel on time display, etc.)
    + ENTER or double-click on a folder now activated the file list,
    i.e. sub-sequent use of the UP and DOWN keys will affect the file list.
    To go back to the browser you can always press TAB.
    + FLAC core decoder updated to 1.3.1
    + Use ALT-WHEEL to seek in the track when mouse is inside visualization area
    (on waveform, analyzers, etc.).
    Note that ALT-WHEEL on the file list jumps between tracks.
    + Use CTRL-ALT-WHEEL to randomly seek in the track when mouse is inside the visualization area
    (on waveform, analyzers, etc.).
    + You can now click and hold the A-B button, then release it after a while to set a loop.
    + Update check, looks for new versions on the internet (can be disabled).
    + Dim button next to mute button (and volume bar) lets you temporarily lower the playback volume.
    Note that you can also hold the SPACE key pressed to temporarily dim volume,
    then release it to undim volume.
    + Option to combine play and pause buttons into one (see 'Menu | Interface'),
    which changes behavior from play/pause/restart to just play/pause.
    However, you can now middle-click the play button to always restart the playing track,
    regardless of the play/pause buttons being combined or not.
    By default Resonic Player now starts up with the buttons combined.
    + New shortcuts: PAUSE/BREAK key toggles volume mute, ALT-PAUSE/BREAK toggles volume dim.
    * New default waveform style is now 'Solid'
    * Much improved and correct representation of short audio files
    * Improved overall application performance
    * Improved file list code, supports playlists in future builds
    * Improved overall playback stability and file list handling
    * Browser icon support improved (libraries, etc.)
    * Partial support for interface scaling on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1
    * Improved text rendering in visualizations (#407)
    * Taskbar progress no longer updated for short files
    * Website: Online changelog (what's new) improved, and several other changes
    * Play position no longer drawn in analyzer visualization for very short files
    * Improved frequency value display for logarithmic and linear analyzers
    * Focus is now set to file list on double-click or ENTER on a folder.
    Hint: You can use TAB to switch focus between browser and file list at any time.
    * Improved localization system (multi-language support) for faster loading
    * Improved overall file list handling and selections
    * Improved database performance and greatly reduced disk accesses when option
    'Allow multiple instances' is disabled, which is the default setting.
    * Last-playing waveform is restored with less delay on application startup
    * Improved event rendering in event visualization (for module music)
    * Icon column in file list (lossy/lossless/etc.) can now be moved
    * Renamed 'Avoid horizontal scrollbar' option to 'Auto-fit to width' (columns)
    * Fixed jumpy frequency display in analyzer when playback starts (and after stop)
    * No more runaway track advances with very short sound files.
    When you press stop, it stops.
    * Use CTRL-WHEEL on file list to play the previous/next file (previously: ALT-WHEEL)
    * Use ALT-WHEEL on file list to play a random file (previously: CTRL-ALT-WHEEL)
    ! Fixed splash screen painting on top of startup error messages (reported: ExtremRaym)
    ! Fixed hints sometimes interfering with popup menus
    ! Fixed playlist advance with unplayable files
    ! Fixed occasional endless loop in folders that contain only unplayable files
    ! Fixed playlist position not being updated properly after deleting files with CTRL-DEL
    (reported. P. Greiss)
    ! Fixed bug where standard Windows delete/copy/cut dialogs might disappear
    and cause weird GUI behavior
    ! Fixed playback auto-starting in certain cases when ALT-TAB or TAB is pressed (#406)
    ! Fixed 'Hz' column (sample rate) showing incorrect information (reported: S. Quinn)
    ! Fixed next/previous folder shortcuts (CTRL-UP / DOWN) not working in certain situations
    ! Countless other fixes and corrections, not mentioned here
    ! Support for additional ID3v1 genres
    - Removed classic Resonic Alpha waveform styles in favor of performance
    - Removed experimental feature 'Focus indicators'

О портативной версии:

    Портативная версия предоставлена разработчиком, не требует установки.
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