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- Risk of Rain-Дата выхода: 8 ноября 2013
Жанр: Arcade
Разработчик: Hopoo Games
Издательство: Hopoo Games
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Версия игры: 1.2.8
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Музыкальное сопровождение
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Системные требования:
⇛ Операционная система: Windows Vista, 7, 8
⇛ Процессор: 2.5 ГГц
⇛ Оперативная память: 1 ГБ
⇛ Видеокарта: Direct X9.0c Compatible Card
⇛ Звуковая карта: Совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
⇛ Свободное место на жестком диске: 100 МБ
Risk of Rain - Игра жанра рогалик, характеризуется прежде всего рандомизированным геймплеем и постоянными смертями, а это значит что для многих игроков этот жанр покажется сложным. Risk of Rain нацелена на оживление жанра со стилизованной графикой и интуитивной схемой геймплея.
Три простых цели игры:
1. Дизайн игры генерируется случайно, чтобы сохранить реиграбельность.
2. Время = сложность. Чем дольше Вы играете - тем сложнее становится игра.
3. Наслаждайтесь игрой, несмотря на то выигрываете Вы, или проигрываете.-

Особенности игры:

⇛ Участвуйте в мультиплеере с друзьями или другими игроками со всего мира!
⇛ 10 уникальных персонажей
⇛ Сражайтесь с ордами разнообразных врагов и боссов, случайно выбранных игрой со случайными способностями и силами
⇛ Исследуйте 10 массивных уровней с разными врагами, сокровищами и т.п.
⇛ В помощь Вам разнообразные дроны, от боевых до лечебных
⇛ Разблокируйте информацию о вещах и монстрах в игровой энциклопедии
⇛ Разблокируйте новые вещи и персонажей с помощью сложных ачивок, чтобы сохранить реиграбельность
⇛ Сохраните свои лучшие результаты


Список изменений:

Experience and coins are now invisible at low graphics settings
Steam Cloud Saving is now enabled (has been active for the last couple weeks already)
Bug Fixes
Item Storage Menu unlocks are now properly matched up with their achievements(syringe, scepter, laser)
Added in a catch for ‘draw_item’ bugs that were crashing the game
Optimized texture pages to reduce memory usage in game
Changed the way the online multiplayer connects to the host, should no longer get stuck on “forced item-sharing”
Added in a multiplayer ‘de-sync’ catch to make sure there isn’t one remaining enemy on the client side
Can no longer pause the game while hosting online and drop the connection
Hidden Damage Numbers no longer crash the game
Fixed the oDecoy error that would crash the game
Other general online optimization that should solve connectivity issues some players were having

скрытый текст

Список изменений на версию 1.1.2 не обнаружен
Version 1.1.1:
- Artifacts system
Version 1.0.2:
Protect and Serve
Cooldown reduced by 1 second
Internal cooldown reduced by 1 second
Animation now properly scales with attack speed
Now allows for slowed movement, retaining shield direction
We were aiming to have the skill feel less clunky, also allowing the Enforcer have tools to block body-centered missiles later in the game
Removed redundant frames
Steady Aim
Fully charges at 2.5 seconds, rather then 3
Now properly reduces damage by 50% (rather than 60%)
Again, aiming to have the Sniper feel less clunky while maintaining class identity
Multiplayer games now have the option to prevent item hogging
Enabled by the host in lobby
If a single person has too many items compared to the rest of their team, the game will prevent you from picking them up. Feel free to post feedback if it is too strict/lenient!
Last boss now drops a Monster Log
--Bug Fixes
Melee attacks now properly work with the Brilliant Behemoth
Hourglass no longer procs on dead players
40 minute achievement no longer procs on dead players
Monsters on top of drones no longer crashes the game
Gaining more than 70 unique items no longer crashes the game
Damage stat is now properly saved
Sound no longer loops if cutscene is skipped during the alarm
Ifrit can no longer moonwalk
Variety of other small bug fixes
Version 1.0.1:
Lights Out achievement now properly works on Worms/Wurms
Reload bonus now properly applies to the Heaven Cracker
-Golem and Wandering Vagrant kills now properly grant progress for unlocks online
-Achievements dependent on stage progression now properly unlocks online
-Monster Logs now drop for the client online
-Monster Logs now adds a chat message on pickup
-Tiny Imps hitbox is now taller
-Ampersands (&) can no longer be included in names
-Swapping between dead players now properly works online
-The caged test subject is now considered a boss
-Providence Shrine health percent moved down to 50% from 60%
-Unlocks now properly wrap vertically post-game
-Game completion no longer increases your death count
-Game completion no longer adds to nemesis score
Thanks to everyone who made our game better! You guys lead the most amazing day of our lives!
Feature Additions:
Online Co-op
Difficulty levels (Casual, Normal, Hardcore) can now be selected
Explorer’s Key, Jar of Souls, and Happiest Mask have been enabled for online play
Health Shrines and Imp Jars have been enabled for online play
Ancient Valley has been enabled for online play
Imp Overlord has been disabled for further testing
The ‘Achievement’ tab in the Highscores is fully functional
New achievements have been added to facilitate testing
Elite bosses now adjust their displayed name in correspondence with their element
The Legendary Wisp now properly spawns as an elite
The Toxic Beast now properly spawns as an elite
The Cremator now properly spawns as an elite
The Magma Worm now has updated graphics when spawning as an elite
Monsters and certain bosses can now spawn with the Blighted affix (Hardcore only)
Certain bosses require more points to now spawn as elites
Error messages are no longer displayed on screen
Error logs are now saved in the location of your game as a .txt (Naming is done through the date ie. “error_8_24_2013.txt”)
Error logs have a maximum size of 100 kb
Depending on the nature of the error, you may have to return to the main menu
Health regeneration per level has been increased by 33%
Attack speed coefficent on ‘Strafe’ has been raised to 0.29 from 0.25
‘Laser Glaive’ has been updated to be more responsive
Hp/level has been raised by 4 to match the Commando
Now gains 2.5% attack speed/level
‘Thermal Harpoons’ now have a maximum range of 600 pixels
Art has been slightly updated in character selection
DRONE now deals 190% damage, down from 210%
DRONE now heals for 8% max health, down from 9% max health
Attack speed gained per level is now uncapped
Bug Fixes:
Elite Giant Golems no longer crash the game
Scavenger no longer regenerates past full health
Lemurains no longer grant a completed achievement when left at low health online
Miner no longer loses attack speed when leveling up with the Battery
Ghosts are now working
Multiple mushrooms can now be spawned by players if sufficiently far away
(ONLINE) Fixed a variety of glitches
Feature Additions:
New Classes:
Huntress (unlocked by default for the beta)
Acrid (unlocked by default for the beta)
Online Co-op (Alpha)
While not quite finished, we were too excited not to show our beta testers! In this patch, you will be able to play an early version of Risk of Rain online. Please remember that online is still a work in progress!
Certain items, shrines, stages, and features have been disabled to facilitate the alpha testing
Tough Times now grants 14 armor (down from 20)
Happiest Mask now increases durability and damage of ghosts, rather then spawning multiple ghosts
Number of mini-imps spawning from the Imp Pot now scale with number of players in-game
Max health is now capped at 9999
Engineer Turret no longer procs items
Healing on area of effect skills now have diminishing returns
Bug Fixes:
Music now properly resumes after pausing
Missing ground tiles in Temple of the Elders replaced
Heaven Cracker now properly works with the Engineer
Fixed problems with HAN-D and Engineer skills scaling cooldown with attack speed
Magma Worm’s burning now pauses correctly
Wicked Ring now properly procs only when hitting an enemy
Enemies in the Temple of the Elders now properly pause when you stop time
Ghosts now despawn on Boar Beach
Hitlist no longer fails to give stacks when killed by explosive attacks
Brilliant Behemoth no longer deals double procs
Harvestor Scythe now heals for the intended amount
Engineer mines can no longer be activated by ghosts
Imp Bodyguard’s death no longer freezes the game
Temple Guard ghosts now have proper AI
Elder Lemurians now properly deal % of your current health as damage
(COOP) post-game screen now shows the stats of the last player alive
(COOP) now displays arrows correctly during teleporter event
(COOP) achievements should now unlock correctly during co-op
Feature Additions:
Highscores Tab is now enabled in the main menu!
The ‘General’ Tab displays total number of games and high score, along with percent of the game completed
The ‘Stats’ Tab displays a variety of info tracked from your games
The ‘Achievements’ Tab is still under construction!
Please note that all stats are NOT retroactive; while older save files will work, it will not track progress of what you’ve accomplished before.
Save files now automatically creates a back-up when saving, named Save_backup.ini
Microsoft Visual C++ Redist. has been packaged inside the zip file
For users suffering from ‘Error Defining External Function,’ run the .exe in the ‘redist’ folder to fix the issue
The game has been optimized for lower end computers; users who had frame rate issues before should see a huge performance boost
‘Frame Skip’ option has also been added into the options. Enable to run graphically at a lower framerate for lower-end computers
New Class:
Engineer (unlocked by default for the beta)
New Stage:
Temple of the Elders
Bustling Fungus’ heal will be canceled when taking damage
Repulsion armor changed to 500 armor (83% damage reduction) rather then full invincibility
These two changes were aimed at the eventual invincibility late-game. While it is fun to heal-tank, it led to users being so strong they couldn’t even end the game. Not only that, but it was a bit silly to be invincible while afking!
Lightning bounce range reduced to 100 (from 200)
Lightning bounce number has been raised to 5 (from 3)
Lightning no longer does double damage at the end of the chain
Advanced lightning elite aura damage reduced by 30%
Advanced lightning elite proc chance reduced by 30%
We felt that melee characters had an unfair time vs. advanced lightning elites. These changes are aimed at giving melee characters an opportunity window to attack
Advanced explosion elite missiles now have a cap of 250 pixel distance
Advanced explosion elite missiles now only fire if the monster has been aggro’d
Advanced explosion elite missile delay has been normalized to 0.8 seconds (from 0.6-0.9)
These changes are aimed at giving players a way to manage elite missile mobs while still retaining their power
Max health bars displayed now depend on graphics settings
The ‘Item’ category in Post-Game Stats now account for item stacks
Bug Fixes:
Magma worm displays behind pillars in Sky Meadow
Gaining max hp inside the Warbanner can cause negative health regeneration
Time stop’s tickin’ doesn’t stop tickin’
Repulsion Armor sometimes doesn’t display graphics
‘External’ errors, involving audio and dlls
Savefiles being overwrote
Lava worm burn loop crashes on exit
Warbanner causes negative health regeneration, resulting in many on-hit procs
Friendly Imp does not transition into the next stage
Repulsion Armor doesn’t display in storage menu
Edge of the secret level has no walls
Evolved Lemurians still track the Bandit when he’s using Smokescreen (which should make him invisible).
Monster Log and Item Log sometimes do not unlock from co-op gameplay
Chain lightning sometimes would have untethered range
Thallium now correctly deals damage
Mechanical spider bullets would go off-screen and never be deleted
Feature Additions:
New Boss:
Imp Overlord
Credits to Seria-Myouna for the idea and Daimera for the sprites. You guys rock!
New Items:
Repulsion Armor (Hey Tucker!)
Nematocyst Nozzle (unique)
Captain’s Brooch
Tesla Coil
Photon Jetpack
Dead Man’s Foot
Energy Cell
Dio’s Friend
Legendary Spark (unique)
Snake Eyes
Arms Race
Meat Nugget
Imp Overlord’s Tentacle (unique)
New music track for Sky Meadow and Ancient Valley
Two new music tracks for high tier boss fights
Previous music tracks have been remastered
Headstomper damage now scales exponentially with fall height, rather then linearlly
Headstomper damage cap removed
This was intended to reward falling from great heights as an intro to the battle. Falling from smaller heights will hit for much less, and falling from bigger heights will hit for much more.
Enemy missiles are now displayed as red on low graphic settings
The Monster Log now has a Table of Contents
The Item Log has been readjusted to fit for future items
Burning Witness no longer stacks bonuses past the first kill, but refreshes the duraction
Burning Witness bonus movespeed increased
The Wandering Vagrant, Ancient Wisp, and Imp Overlord all drop unique items at a 15% chance along with the Magma Worm
Bitter Root capped at +300% bonus health (38 Bitter Roots)
Boxing Gloves now suffer from diminishing returns at the same rate as Concussion Grenades
Rope grabbing code improved to account for highly increased movespeeds
Gold denominations have been changed
Small coins now represent 1 (same as before)
Coins now represent 5 (from 10)
Gold coins now represent 25 (from 50)
Platinum coins now represent 125 (from 200)
Bag of Coins represent 625 (new)
Platinum Bag of Coins represent 3125 (new)
Net gold dropped from monsters have not been changed
The game no longer uses Ultracrypt, because it would interfere with FRAPS and non-Windows 7 Computers.
Yes, this means the save files from previous builds will not work! We have included a save file with everything unlocked EXCEPT for the new items to compensate. Sorry!
Health bars now display more intuitively
Previously: Red bar represented first 3000 health, orange bar the next 3000, and the yellow bar the rest. This meant that the yellow bar could hold much more health than either orange or red bar
Now: Red, orange, and yellow represent a third of the total health
Health bars are also capped in size at 200 pixels wide. While it’s still very wide, we think its part of the charm to see large health bars (and to take them right down!)
GameMaker has been updated from 8.1.91 to 8.1.141. While we can’t recreate the bugs on our own computers, this may result in fixing a variety of GameMaker engine bugs for some users.
Bug Fixes:
Plasma chain and ‘plasma count’ error
Save files would sometimes delete/not save correctly
The Vagrant instantly fired its orbs in a cluster while Unstable Watch is activated
Magma worm grants a stack on the Hit List every time it goes off the screen
The Watch description still says 10 seconds while it was changed to 7
While playing coop the Lights Out ability on the bandit refreshes both players CD’s
The life bars are still extremely long after playing for 2 hours
(COOP) Player two cannot pause the game
Sometimes previously unlocked items relocked after restarting the game
Backup Drones sometimes wouldn’t attack monsters.
Backup Drone description was off by 2 seconds
Massive leech healed less than intended
Stacking different buffs/debuffs could result in strange movement speed and attack speed interactions
Movement speed is reduced while having a large number of goat hooves and buying witnesses
When teleporting with the invincibility shield you are invincible for a long time
Prison shackles were not working
New Boss: The Scavenger
The Scavenger will only spawn naturally as a rare boss (outside of teleporter events)
New Items
The Ol’ Lopper
Telescopic Scope
56 Leaf Clover
Headstompers (Actually drops now!)
Gold-to-exp rate is now increased at higher gold amounts to reduce time spent waiting
Elite mobs now have stun/knockback durations reduced by half
This might prove too powerful. Tell us what you think!
Director spawn points increased by 15%
Enemy damage coefficient scaling increased from 0.6 to 0.66
Bandit’s Blast:
Increased to 150% from 140%
Now capped at 6 attacks/second, from 60 attacks/second as before
The cap now scales with attack speed
You can now hold down the key to have the Bandit attack automatically
This rate is equal to 59% of the maximum attack speed, so pressing the key repeatedly is still worthwhile. Late game, when the attack speed cap is too high to humanely press, you can now hold the key down.
Seed now heals for 2(+1 per stack), down from 2(+2 per stack)
Plasma Chain can only cast one chain per stack as originally intended
Cast chance raised from 8% to 10%
Harvester’s Scythe now heals for 12(+4 per stack), down from 12(+12 per stack)
Bustling Fungus now heals for 4.5% per stack (down from 6% per stack)
Skull Ring no longer reduces the cooldown of basic attacks
Unstable Watch’s effects now last 7 seconds, down from 10
Infusion no longer has a cap
Now grants +1 (+0.5 per stack) health, down from +2(+1 per stack)
Bug Fixes:
Second subpermutation of the Lake no longer has one location where you can still climb down into the ground
Second subpermutation of the Forest no longer has one location where you can still climb down into the ground
Second subpermutation of the Cavern no longer has missing blocks on the far right
Sky Meadow now has a teleporter animation when entering the level
Rolling as the Commando no longer negates the Shield Generator
Hitlist description updated
Walls on sides of the map have been added to be taller
Imp Shrine text no longer sometimes appear behind tiles
Getting every item no longer results in a crash
‘Error Defining External Function’ should no longer show up on computers
Ghosts no longer count as spawns
The Cremator will no longer break dance
(COOP) Buff bars will now remain attached to the correct player
Lava worm damage did not scale correctly
Lava worm lightning affix did not scale correctly
Demo v1.0.1:
Fixed a glitch where the difficulty would reset after beating the 2nd level
Fixed a glitch where boss health did not scale correctly
Fixed a glitch where the difficulty change on entering a level only lasted one minute
Changed coefficients for health and damage scaling on enemies
Changed coefficients on bonus spawns on late-game teleporter activations
Alpha Version
The game should no longer crash when the giant worm spawns
Drones now have a shorter vertical tether range
Drones now no longer attack while you are on ropes
Took out a few unfinished items that were accidentally included in the last patch
Should no longer receive sound errors

Alpha Version

Fixed a glitch where ending the game with barb wire would crash
Fixed a glitch where you can get unlimited items from mini-imps
Fixed a few issues where enemies could spawn in walls
The Giant Golem in level 3 should now spawn everywhere
Should no longer recieve an error after running out of memory
Alpha Version
Now has full gamepad support, with remapping!
New items now are highlighted in the item log
Added gamemodes; casual, normal, and hardcore. Alter your gameplay depending if the game is too hard or easy!
Reduced Drone’s tether range
Reduced bonus spawns from activating teleporter
Enemies no longer despawn once the teleporter time is up
You now have an arrow pointing to the nearest enemy once teleporter time is up
You now heal to full health at the beginning of every stage
You can now press F9 to take screenshots (saved in the .exe directory)
Fixed a gap in the map on the 3rd level
Fixed an invisible rope glitch on the 1st level
Fixed an issue where rope controllers would be visible
Fixed an issue where you can climb into walls on the 3rd level
Fixed lag caused by some in-game text
Alpha Version
Multiple Barb Wires and Toxic Worms should no longer crash
Glitches involving the ropes on the 3rd level have been fixed
Alpha Version
The 3rd level is now fully redone!
The Commando’s FMJ boosted to 140% damage from 120%
The Commando’s FMJ now knocks enemies back
The Commando’s Tactical Dive now has its cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds
The Miner can no longer fly
Enemy health scales faster, and enemy damage scales slower
The Key no longer repairs drones
1 New Shrine
4 New Items, the ‘Hero’s Set’ (not currently in item log)
1 New Enemy
Fixed rope errors on 1st level
The Ancient Wisp now spawns small wisps on hit
The Alien Head is now rarer
Fixed Money Bags text file
The Jetpack now requires two to reach the same jump height as before
Fixed issues with Magma Worm noise levels
The Teleporter now has audio
Fixed some terrain issues in the 2nd level
Alt-Tabbing should now prevent audio from the menu
Drones no longer live after the player dies
Affixed enemies no longer have a chance to drop tier-1 items


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