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The Guild 2 Renaissance
-OСНОВНАЯ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ-•Год выпуска: 28 июл, 2010
•Жанр: Стратегия
•Разработчик: Rune Forge
•Издательство: Nordic Games
Версия игры: 4.211 от 2 ноября 2010
•Платформа: PC
•Тип издания: Лицензия от GOG
•Язык интерфейса: английский, немецкий, французский, итальянский
•Язык озвучки: Не требуется
•Таблетка: Не требуется (DRM-FREE oт GOG)
-СИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ-• Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Pentium IV 1.7 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 512 мб
• Видеокарта: 128 Мб
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 3.5 GБ-ОПИСАНИЕ-
На протяжении многих веков вся Европа находилась под властью церкви и феодалов. Богатство и власть благородных господ и слуг божьих были созданы потом и кровью простых людей. Таков тогда был порядок, не обсуждаемый, освященный богом и временем. Темные века... Но в XIV веке устоявшийся порядок стал изменяться. Благодаря расцвету торговли и коммерции, средний класс становился всё более обеспеченным и влиятельным. Целые города смогли обрести свою свободу от гнета феодальных лордов. Чтение и письмо перестали быть достоянием лишь благородных господ и монахов. Изобретение печатного станка способствовало почти мгновенному распространению любой информации в любых количествах. Началась эпоха Возрождения...

Update list

#### Patch 4.211 (02.10.2015)
##### Fixed Bugs:
* The new feature "Frequency of Councilmeetings" didn't work properly
* AI didn't have to respect cooldowns during the measures "Press Protection Money" and "Offer Building Protection"
* Fixed a Bug in the Voodoo-Doll-Script
* Some measures couldn't be used because some targets like buildings were "too young"
* During trials the evidence now correctly expires if the accuser doesn't appear
* The AI of taverns and divehouses didn't work properly because of the "Versengold"-measure
* Like in 4.2 now only the applicant can use measures during the council session.
* Thesis papers had a much higher range if you used it via cutscene
* Fixed a small bug with the mine guards
* Fixed a small bug with the royal guards. These guards also will now not attack you if you are the king.
* As a workaround stonemasoners will now gather more Stone Blocks at once (but need more time for that). This way it's less likely that they will run between your workshop and the quarry before their inventory is filled.
* Characters who have been banished now will leave buildings when their time runs out, so that the guards can do their duty.
* Male and female characters can do dance shows again
* some additional small fixes.
* * *
#### Patch 4.21 (02.10.2015)
##### Fixed Bugs:
* ModLauncher: various bugfixes
* number of necessary inhabitants for city-level up was shown incorrectly
* sometimes it was possible to have 2 Imperial Cities on a map, what led to the doubled amount of imperial offices
* incorrect error message with guild items, if city had not the right to have a guild
* while viewing the list of the guildmasters, the city name could have been shown incorrectly
* sometimes the message of exhausted resources could be spammed by the game
* Error with random events fixed - An error prevented the AI from using toad slime and toad excrement
* the measure "Embezzle Public Money" should no longer end in an endless loop
* Partners could go away from the bathtube while using the measure "Take a bath with a partner"
* Outlaws are now being hunted and killed by the guards
* Lovers cannot be employed by AI or other players anymore
* Wedding in the monastry: both partners now go at the same time to the monastry
* AI can now use "Divorce"
* AI will try as hard as possible to get to office meetings and court sessions
* while being at war, a character can no longer be accused
* pregnant women can no longer be tortured
* Medics got stuck if Town-NPCs tried to get treated. Town-NPCs will no longer visit hospitals
* If Patients didn't have enough money, the hospitals would still lose the medicine. Now hospitals get their medicines back.
* Now you can't bribe/compliment/flirt to office holders after 16:30, because this could lead to sims leaving the townhall during the council meetings.
* Fixed a random bug with town guards, which escorted you forever
* The AI gets a new measure which will prevent them from going bankrupt (depending on difficulty setting)
* Probability of black death, the ratboy, etc. are now dependent on the difficulty
* when crashing into each other, one cart could stop his movement - office sessions could get stuck
* you can again take credits at the guildhouse
* Using the measure "Quacksalver" could cause problems with the AI, because they where not able to transfer the content of their inventory to the inventory of the hospital.
* Young AI Dynastymembers could participate in the production of goods
* Automatic Trade routes do not stop anymore - Wenches no longer stuck in front of the pub. They will search for new places frequently
* Fixed an protection money-exploit: If your demand is rejected, you will get a cooldown on further protection money atempts
* robbers will now remove items from their inventory if the robbercamp's inventory is full
* robbers will no longer follow previously attacked carts
* robbers will no longer have "the bag" in their hands, if the robbercamp's inventory is full
* dead characters do no longer receive random events
* player carts could stop their route, but it is possible that they get stuck because of the "spinning-carts"-bug
* Healing diseases no longer removes all additional talent boni due to a workaround. (Many thanks to Sublogic for his input!)
* Because of a bug with the pathfinding, caused by the construction of a building, some buildings could no longer be entered. Therefore we developed a workaround, which should work in most of the cases.
* Cemetery AI is now working again!
* Sims don't get stuck inside the stonemason's building
* The thief-measure "disguise" now has a duration of 1 hour as intended
* Sims that are not in the active player group don't get the message "you are awaken" anymore
* The AI now also needs the right nobility title to insult someone.
* Fixed a bug in the behaviour of the royal guards
* various small bugfixes
##### Features & Content:
* new option for the frequency of office sessions: every round, every 2 rounds or every 4 rounds
* Hannover is available in-game again
* New Map: Ulm
* New Map: Pressburg and Vienna
* The Shadow-AI now can court and marry
* Married AI couples will now always go for the adoption of orphans if they have no children
* Married Shadow AIs will start with a child
* The Owner of Mines can now hire Mine-Guards. These strong guards will protect the mine for 16 hours and can not be controlled. There is a cooldown of 24 hours, Player have to pay 1000 gold. The AI will protect their mines whenever they can
##### Balancing:
* When holding a worship priests better their faith (thanks to LordProtektor)
* Fisher: Now gets more Hering and Salmon
* higher spawnrate of Hering and Salmon at market on maps, without fish-sources
* After a burglary you can only get as much money as the owner of the building has
* Price for forced marriage now dependent on the level of the "destination"
* Minimum cost of the forced marriage is now 1500
* doubled the amount of healthpoints of the mine
* increased amount of healthpoints of the woodcutter's hut
* Protection money fully rebalanced: now depends much more on the building's level
* Market/Item-adjustments.
* Cemetery gets first item-ugrades for free
* The weight of some ressources have been reduced because of some problems
* The mine is much more expensive to build and also now needs to unlock upgrades for Gold and Gems. All mine-upgrades are quite expensive.
* The measure "Curse building" is now much more likely to succeed if you have a high "secret knowledge" skill
* We fixed an exploit, that allowed to hire henchmen and sell their stuff to make high profits.
* We fixed an exploit, that allowed to marry high leveled spouses: you can no longer hire an employee, fire them and marry them to get a well trained new family member. Employees who get fired will now be resetted.
* Mercenaries get more profit and lose less favor.
##### Other changes:
* Vienna now is "Small Town"
* Pressburg had two blackboards
* You can now enter the guildhalls in Vienna and Pressburg again
* Vienna-Map: Completely reworked pathfinding
* Hannover-Map: Completely reworked pathfinding
* Resources on Hannover should not collapse anymore
* Hannover-Map: added Danquardessen as counting house
* various texts reworked
* while executing various measures, characters now run instead of walking
* you don't need to pay, if you want to change your faith in your own church
* men can no longer arrange danceshows
* the "donkeyteam" vanishes after 12 hours
* You can't get insulted while you are at home

Особенности игры

8 новых профессий: наемник, могильщик, каменщик, фокусник, трактирщик, банкир, мельник и садовод
Новые товары, новые здания, множество добавленных деталей и эффектов
Новые сценарии («Трансильвания», «Ринленд» и «Альпы»), увеличенные мировые карты
Доработанный ИИ, улучшенная система титулов и «благородности». Множество новых настроек и возможностей (например настройка уровня сложности, функция «мерки бога» и т.д.)

Особенности GOG издания

Included FREE goodies: manuals+wallpaper + handbuch

Порядок установки

Установить, играть.


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