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Turtledove, Harry - The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century
Название: The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century / Лучшие рассказы 20-го века о путешествиях во времени
Год выпуска: 2005
Под редакцией: Turtledove, Harry / Тертлдав, Гарри; Greenberg, Martin H / Гринберг, Мартин
Издательство: Del Rey / Ballantine
ISBN: 0-345-46094-4
Формат: fb2
Качество: OCR
Язык: английский
16 рассказов и повестей о путешествиях во времени, которые составители антологии посчитали лучшими в 20-м веке (Произведения и вправду хорошие )


  • Yesterday Was Monday / Вчера был понедельник by Theodore Sturgeon
  • Time Locker / Идеальный тайник by Henry Kuttner
  • Time's Arrow / Стрела времени by Arthur C. Clarke
  • Death Ship / Корабль смерти by Richard Matheson
  • A Gun for Dinosaur / С ружьём на динозавра by L. Sprague de Camp
  • The Man Who Came Early / Человек, который пришел слишком рано by Poul Anderson
  • Rainbird / Главное открытие Рейнбёрда by R. A. Lafferty
  • Leviathan! / Левиафан by Larry Niven
  • Anniversary Project by Joe Haldeman
  • Timetipping by Jack Dann
  • Fire Watch / Пожарная охрана by Connie Willis
  • Sailing to Byzantium / Плавание в Византий by Robert Silverberg
  • The Pure Product by John Kessel
  • Trapalanda by Charles Sheffield
  • The Price of Oranges by Nancy Kress
  • Another Story or a Fisherman of the Inland Sea / Еще одна история, или Рыбак из Внутриморья by Ursula K. Le Guin

Образец текста:

by Lyon Sprague De Camp
No, I’m sorry, Mr. Seligman, but I can’t take you hunting Late Mesozoic dinosaur.
Yes, I know what the advertisement says.
Why not? How much d’you weigh? A hundred and thirty? Let’s see; that’s under ten stone, which is my lower limit.
I could take you to other periods, you know. I’ll take you to any period in the Cenozoic. I’ll get you a shot at an entelodont or a uintathere. They’ve got fine heads.
I’ll even stretch a point and take you to the Pleistocene, where you can try for one of the mammoths or the mastodon.
I’ll take you back to the Triassic where you can shoot one of the smaller ancestral dinosaurs. But I will jolly well not take you to the Jurassic or Cretaceous. You’re just too small.
What’s your size got to do with it? Look here, old boy, what did you think you were going to shoot your dinosaur with?
Oh, you hadn’t thought, eh?
Well, sit there a minute.... Here you are: my own private gun for that work, a Continental .600. Does look like a shotgun, doesn’t it? But it’s rifled, as you can see by looking through the barrels. Shoots a pair of .600 Nitro Express cartridges the size of bananas; weighs fourteen and a half pounds and has a muzzle energy of over seven thousand foot-pounds. Costs fourteen hundred and fifty dollars. Lot of money for a gun, what?
I have some spares I rent to the sahibs. Designed for knocking down elephant. Not just wounding them, knocking them base-over-apex. That’s why they don’t make guns like this in America, though I suppose they will if hunting parties keep going back in time.
Now, I’ve been guiding hunting parties for twenty years. Guided ’em in Africa until the game gave out there except on the preserves. And all that time I’ve never known a man your size who could handle the six-nought-nought. It knocks ’em over, and even when they stay on their feet they get so scared of the bloody cannon after a few shots that they flinch. And they find the gun too heavy to drag around rough Mesozoic country. Wears ’em out.
It’s true that lots of people have killed elephant with lighter guns: the .500, .475, and .465 doubles, for instance, or even .375 magnum repeaters. The difference is, with a .375 you have to hit something vital, preferably the heart, and can’t depend on simple shock power.
An elephant weighs—let’s see—four to six tons. You’re proposing to shoot reptiles weighing two or three times as much as an elephant and with much greater tenacity of life. That’s why the syndicate decided to take no more people dinosaur hunting unless they could handle the .600. We learned the hard way, as you Americans say. There were some unfortunate incidents....
I’ll tell you, Mr. Seligman. It’s after seventeen-hundred. Time I closed the office. Why don’t we stop at the bar on our way out while I tell you the story?
...It was about the Raja’s and my fifth safari into time. The Raja? Oh, he’s the Aiyar half of Rivers and Aiyar. I call him the Raja because he’s the hereditary monarch of Janpur. Means nothing nowadays, of course. Knew him in India and ran into him in New York running the Indian tourist agency. That dark chap in the photograph on my office wall, the one with his foot on the dead sabertooth.
Well, the Raja was fed up with handing out brochures about the Taj Mahal and wanted to do a bit of hunting again. I was at loose ends when we heard of Professor Prochaska’s time machine at Washington University.
. . .
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