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Unity3D Pro 4.6.3f1 [En]- Версия программы: 4.6.3f1
Официальный сайт: Unity3D
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: замена файлов
Системные требования:

  • ОС: Windows XP SP2+, 7 SP1+, 8; Windows Vista не поддерживается; не проведено тестирование на серверных версиях Windows.

  • Графический процессор: графическая карта с поддержкой DX9 (шейдерная модель 2.0). Должны работать любые карты, выпущенные с 2004 года.
    Остальное зависит, главным образом, от сложности ваших проектов.

Unity — это инструмент для разработки двух- и трёхмерных приложений и игр, работающий под операционными системами Windows и OS X. Созданные с помощью Unity приложения работают под операционными системами Windows, OS X, Windows Phone, Android, Apple iOS, Linux, а также на игровых приставках Wii, PlayStation 3 и Xbox 360, Xbox One. Есть возможность создавать интернет-приложения с помощью специального подключаемого модуля к браузеру Unity, а также с помощью экспериментальной реализации в рамках модуля Adobe Flash Player. Позже от поддержки Flash отказались. Приложения, созданные с помощью Unity, поддерживают DirectX и OpenGL. Активно движок используется разработчиками Indie-игр (например, Slender: The Eight Pages, Slender: The Arrival, Surgeon Simulator 2013, и т. п.) в силу наличия бесплатной версии, удобного интерфейса и простоты работы с движком.


  • iOS: Added Metal rendering support. By default Metal will be used on capable devices. You can force graphics to be OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 only in player settings.
  • Asset Loading: Added names of affected assets to the error message when a hash collision occurs while generating asset bundles.
  • BlackBerry: Passport device now supports landscape orientation.
  • Documentation: Fixed broken links, particularly in UI docs.
  • Documentation: Updated documentation for iOS 64-bit and UI.
  • iOS: Added launch screen support for iPhones.
  • iOS: Added PlayerSettings.shortBundleVersion which is linked to the CFBundleShortVersionString stored in the Info.plist file; this relates to short public version string. PlayerSettings.bundleVersion can now be used for full incremental build version and is linked to CFBundleVersion.
  • iOS: Allow to set compile flags for already existing files in Xcode API.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Added support for async delegates (BeginInvoke/EndInvoke).
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Disabled Script Debugging option when building iOS projects with IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Implemented .NET classes: for ThreadPool, Asynchronous Sockets, WebRequest.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Optimize methods that use string literals and memory used for string literals.
  • Shaders: Added UNITY_NO_SCREENSPACE_SHADOWS, UNITY_NO_RGBM, UNITY_NO_DXT5nm macros; better to check for these instead of hardcoding checks for "GLES or GLES3" and similar.
  • Shaders: MRT support on OpenGL ES 2.0 via GL_EXT_draw_buffers.
  • Shaders: Support for GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch. If you have a pixel shader with an "inout" color, it gets translated to use shader framebuffer fetch on GLES2/GLES3/Metal. Use UNITY_FRAMEBUFFER_FETCH_AVAILABLE macro in shaders to conditionally enclose that.
  • UI: Exposed IsAddedToManager on Behaviour.
  • UI: Improved ordering for the EventOrdering.
  • UI: Optimized adding/removing Graphics to a Canvas. It should be much cheaper to enable and disable Graphics now.
A whole bunch of fixes were done for initial iOS 64 bit support (released in 4.6.2):
  • Break IL instruction is now a no-op instead of a crash.
  • Don't allow to select ARM64 architecture when using Mono scripting backend.
  • Don't include .NET metadata into the binary.
  • Ensure that the HideInInspector and ResourceRequest types are not stripped so they can be used if necessary.
  • Fixed an issue with Socket.Poll, where socket instances where not removed from the list if inactive.
  • Fixed Application.RequestUserAuthorization not working.
  • Fixed a problem with generic classes where the generic type argument lives in a different assembly from the type definition.
  • Fixed array of interfaces also being marked as interfaces.
  • Fixed Attribute.GetCustomAttribute crash.
  • Fixed C++ compile error for marshaled types.
  • Fixed C++ compile error for methods with two or more generic arguments of the same type.
  • Fixed C++ compile error when there's a struct array field in a marshalable struct that is marshaled as ByValArray.
  • Fixed C++ compile error when using Interlocked.CompareExchange/Exchange with null.
  • Fixed code generation for arrays of System.IntPtr, as well as IntPtr passed by reference.
  • Fixed code generation for generic methods with generic instance type constraints.
  • Fixed code generation for leave instructions jumping out of multiple exception handlers; fixes crash in Parse libraries.
  • Fixed code generation for unsafe structs with fixed fields.
  • Fixed crash in some cases when using ILeaderboard.
  • Fixed crash when calling GetCustomAttributes() and one of the methods happened to have a [DllImport] attribute.
  • Fixed CustomAttributes on constructors and method parameters.
  • Fixed deserialization of Dictionary.
  • Fixed Enum.IsDefined.
  • Fixed incorrect stripping in some cases when inheriting classes with interfaces.
  • Fixed issue with two dimensional arrays.
  • Fixed lock statement code generation when wrapping a try/catch statement.
  • Fixed memory corruption when using AssemblyName.
  • Fixed MethodInfo.ReturnParameter.
  • Fixed multiple Cryprography library issues.
  • Fixed RakNet being unavailable on IL2CPP, causing linker errors.
  • Fixed some race conditions in the low level threading primitives.
  • Fixed Type.GetNestedTypes() crash.
  • Fixed unsigned storage types for CustomAttributes.
  • Get the correct method to invoke via a delegate that points to an interface method.
  • Handle LdToken IL instruction correctly.
  • Handle non-ASCII characters in names.
  • Implemented dynamic library loading.
  • Implemented FieldInfo.GetRawConstantValue.
  • Implemented marshaling of fixed size strings as fields of structs and classes.
  • Implemented support for StructLayout and FieldOffset attributes in managed code, when not using for PInvoke.
  • iOS Internal profiler is now working on IL2CPP.
  • Make JsonFX library work with stripping.
  • Make reflection on constant fields work (with the exception of string, for which support is pending).
  • Never use microcorlib for iOS/IL2CPP.
  • Nullable now works correctly when being cast to/from object or T.
  • Prevented a duplicate symbol linker error for projects that use zlib in a static library by renaming the zlib symbols exported from the iOS/IL2CPP version of zlib.
  • Prevent the error "Cannot get stack type for Item" when "Item" is a type nested in a generic type.
  • Reduced the maximum depth to which IL2CPP tries to inflate generics. This fixed an issue which caused IL2CPP to never finish on certain C# patterns.
  • Runtime now attaches to native thread automatically if it's being called into from native code through reverse P/Invoke.
  • Support attributes that have arrays of System.Type arguments.
  • 2D: Detect when Sprite.Create is called with an invalid rectangle.
  • 2D: Fixed sprite UV calculation when mipmapped NPOT sprites were used for sliced UI elements.
  • AI: Fixed crash when exceeding maximum polygon count in a tile (4096).
  • AI: Fixed no result when calling NavMesh.SamplePosition with infinity range argument.
  • AI: NavMeshObstacle carving tessellation fixes.
  • AI: Prevent occasional hang when path is requested to an invalid position (degenerate values).
  • Android: Added support for ATC decompression on x86.
  • Android: Fixed black screen when using some ImageEffects on Adreno 2xx devices.
  • Android: Fixed crash on some NullReferenceExceptions.
  • Android: Fixed TextureAtlasses with only RGBA4444 textures.
  • Animation: Fixed animation event not always fired when they are at the limit of transition end.
  • BlackBerry: Deploy tools on OSX now have execute flag set properly.
  • Deployment Management: Prevent simultaneous launches of Unity loading wrong project.
  • Editor: Fixed occasional crash when switching between DX9 and DX11 in the editor.
  • iOS: Fixed a crash due to unaligned memory access.
  • iOS: Fixed a crash in physics code on iOS 6.x and older.
  • iOS: Fixed a typo in UnityRegisterMainViewControllerListener().
  • iOS: Fixed Chinese/Japanese keyboard dismissing itself when scrolling suggestions on iPhone.
  • iOS: Fixed crashes on iOS 5 devices.
  • iOS: Fixed performance drop for iPhone 6+ in Zoomed Mode.
  • iOS: Fixed sound stopping to work when using OnAudioFilterRead.
  • iOS: Fixed the issue where Unity doesn't check if startUnity() has been called.
  • iOS: Fixed various issues with Xcode project handling.
  • Linux: Fixed "fullscreen to native resolution" for window managers that resize the window many times while full-screening.
  • Oculus Plugin: Fixed editor crash when trying to open a project with Oculus Plugin present and an issue with Plugins not being detected if moved in the Plugins folder.
  • Physics: Changing only Z position of an object which has a Rigidbody2D component no longer disturbs its X/Y interpolation.
  • Scripting: Fixed issue in Mono that threw "Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.TlsException: Bad record MAC" exception.
  • Scripting: Fixed plugin verification crash on reload/shutdown.
  • Scripting: Fixed regression in StopCoroutine(Coroutine) error message.
  • Scripting: Fixed rare crashes on Webplayer which is most likely to happen on x64.
  • Shaders: Fixed some blending modes (e.g. One Zero, Zero Zero) only working in editor.
  • UI: Disabling an InputField clears the caret data now.
  • UI: Fixed a memory leak with Text objects.
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the ObjectField was not configured to look at the correct time.
  • UI: Fixed an issue with calling disabled from OnEndEdit.
  • UI: Fixed a render-to-texture issue of UI elements.
  • UI: Fixed keyboard not displaying on mobile devices.
  • UI: Fixed menu items in GameObject > UI menu not having spaces between words. They now match component names as shown in the
  • Inspector and in the Component menu.
  • UI: Fixed screen space camera canvas using a uninitialized camera.
  • UI: Fixing issue with setting InputField.value on mobile devices.
  • UI: Make “ignore parent group” work properly with selectable and Graphic.
  • UI: Maximum allowed internal font size (after pixels per unit have been applied) is now clamped to a maximum of 1000 to prevent majority of cases of the font rendering becoming very slow.
  • UI: Prevent characterCountVisible from getting the length of a null string.
  • UI: Prevent deleting selection from calling OnValueChanged multiple times.
  • UI: Prevent InputField caret from positioning based on layout.
  • Webcam: Fixed webcam detection on x86 first time creating WebCamTexture with empty device name.
  • WebPlayer: Unity 2.x content is no longer supported on modern OSes (Windows 8+, Mac OS X 10.9+).
  • Windows Standalone: Adding/removing game controllers should be detected more reliably now.
  • Windows Standalone: Fallback to XInput 1.0 when XInput 1.3 is not installed on the system.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed architecture specific plugin copying.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed InvokeOnAppThread/InvokeOnUIThread from scripts.

Процедура установки и лечения:

  • Устанавливаем Unity (в конце снимаем галку, чтобы программа не запустилась сразу)
  • От имени администратора запускаем файл
    Unity 4.x Pro Patch.exe из папки
  • Жмём "Browse" и выбираем папку с установленной программой\Editor
    (по умолчанию
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor")
  • Чуть ниже, из списка выбираем правильную версию программы (в нашем случае выбираем
    Unity 4.0.0f0 - 4.6.3f1)
  • Жмём "Patch".Готово
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