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USB Device Tree Viewer Portable [En]- Версия программы:
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: не требуется
Системные требования:
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86-x64)

UsbTreeView маленькая утилита, реализующая большую, по сравнению со стандартным средством, наглядность представления USB портов, хабов и устройств, посредством древовидного списка и поля информации, с возможностью копирования текста простым выделением. UsbTreeView основан на образце USBView из комплекта драйверов Windows Server 2003, но дополнен: лучшими значками, возможностью обновлять устройства или список без сброса выбора, показом доп. информации от менеджера устройств, показом буквы диска монтирования и COM-портов, возможностью безопасного извлечения (Admin), выбором шрифта и цвета для правой панели, имеется панель инструментов и списки переходов для легкого поиска устройства в сложных деревьях. Из контекстного меню можно презапустить девайс или порт, а так же безопасно извлечь устройство (эти действия требуют права администратора), или вызвать стандартный диалог свойств.


    UsbTreeView [/R:filename]
    /R:filename write (silently) a report to filename
    About Unknown Descriptors
    There are two reasons why decriptors cannot be decoded and therefore shown as "Unknown":
    - decoding is not implemented
    - the device's InterfaceClass is 0xFF (vendor specific), so class specific
    descriptors cannot be decoded since their class is unknown
    So, if you have an unknown descriptor and the interface class is not 0xFF then please let me know, maybe I find the right specification document and can add the decoding for it.
    For an unknown reason HID descriptors often cannot be read, Windows returns ERROR_GEN_FAILURE or ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. As far as I have seen it depends alone on the device but another user reported that some device's hid descriptor can be read under NT6 but not under NT5.
    About "Safe Removal" and "Restart"
    On Safe Removal UsbTreeView first calls the configuration management call CM_Query_And_Remove_SubTree. On success the device has the problem code 21 which is CM_PROB_WILL_BE_REMOVED. A code 21 device can be reactivated by performing a DIF_PROPERTYCHANGE class installer call. This is what UsbTreeView does if you select "Restart device".
    But CM_Query_And_Remove_SubTree needs admin previleges, otherwise it fails with CR_ACCESS_DENIED. In this case CM_Request_Device_Eject is called which works without admin previleges but leads to problem code 47 which is CM_PROB_HELD_FOR_EJECT. Such a device cannot be reactivated alone.
    A reactivation is possible by restarting the port or the whole hub it is attached to. But the latter of course restarts all devices attached to the hub.
    In all cases UsbTreeView just performs the system call and shows a message-box if Windows returns an error. But Windows does not always return an error, even there was one, so sometimes nothing happens at all.
    About "Restart Port"
    This calls IOCTL_USB_HUB_CYCLE_PORT which simulates a disconnect and reconnect of the attached device.
    It is available under XP but usually only for hubs which run with the Microsoft default driver. 3rd party drivers usually return ERROR_UNKNOWN_FUNCTION.
    Under Vista and Windows 7 it is no more supported by the Windows standard drivers, it always fails with ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED.
    Since Windows 8 it works again but in contrast to XP admin previleges are required. Without admin previleges it fails as under Vista and Win7 with ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED.
    About the Debug-Port
    In Microsoft's USBView sample there is a list of USB host controllers and their debug port. I've put the table into UsbTreeView, it shows then in the properties of the host controller a line like so: DebugPort (from List): 1
    Windows 8 has extended USB information, it reports for each port if it is debug capable and this works indeed (seen on a i945G Chipset with ICH7).
    USB Mouses
    If an USB mouse is moved while the tool requests its USB properties there is usually an error because the mouse just has more important things to do. UsbTreeView tries then for some seconds to get this information.
    You might see the yellow question mark at the mouse's tree node for a moment which disappears as soon as you stop moving the mouse.
    This retry mechanism is done for all type of devices but usually its a mouse where it helps.
    Information shown in the tree-view
    UsbTreeView is optimized for speed, therefore USB descriptors are not gathered before a device is selected in the tree-view. So, information which come from USB descriptors cannot be shown in the tree-view, it all comes from the Windows device manager.
    This is also why creating a full report takes a moment.


    V1.1 - first published version
    V1.2 - works with Windows 2000 again
    V1.3 - shows some more information about USB 3.0 devices
    V1.3.1 - minor fixes
    V1.3.2 - workaround for TI root hubs
    V1.4.0 - device safe removal and restart, saves window position
    V1.4.1 - shows driver version and date, custom font and color for the right pane,
    removed some redundant information
    V1.4.2 - keeps tree item selection over refresh
    V1.5.0 - More USB information
    - Extended USB information available under Windows 8
    - Rearranged the text output
    - Some minor improvements
    V2.0.0 - USB enumeration rewritten; faster and independent from the treeview
    - Port restart
    - Extended host controller information
    - Some failed USB requests are re-tried in the background, e.g. for
    - nearly flicker free refresh and resize
    - lots of minor improvements
    V2.0.1 - Bugfix: Crash on complex descriptors
    V2.0.2 - Bugfix: Multiple volumes per disk not shown correctly
    - Bugfix: String descriptors which are referenced more than once was
    shown multiple times each
    V2.1.0 - Decoding of USB Video Class (UVC) 1.1 descriptors
    - Toolbar with jump-lists for easily finding devices in complex trees
    - Driveletters, COM-Ports or extended device names shown in the device tree
    V2.1.1 - Bugfix: Crash on root-hubs which are not a child device of the host controller
    V2.1.2 - Bugfix: Windows 'app key' (or Shift+F10) opened the context menu in the wrong position
    V2.1.3 - Bugfix: V2.1.2 always showed wrong error for the device's Address property
    Bugfix: Workaround for font problem
    V2.1.4 - Bugfix: V2.1.3 switched back to the default font
    V2.1.5 - New: Can write a report
    New: Improved device names in the treeview
    V2.1.6 - Bugfix: Crash on decoding USB3 standard hubs
    - Bugfix: some format glitches on USB3 standard hubs
    V2.1.7 - Bugfix: Decoding of bmAttributes in USB 2.0 Extension Descriptor was wrong
    V2.1.8 - Bugfix: Decoding of SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion Descriptors was done only for MSC devices
    V2.1.8.1 - Bugfix: Crash when saving report to 'long' path
    V2.1.9 - Bugfix: Crash on USB-Hubs with more than 16 Ports
    - New: Commandline parameter for writing a report, e.g. /R:U:\UsbTreeView-Report.txt
    V2.2.0 - New: Shows some more device properties
    - New: Can show the Windows device properties dialog
    V2.2.1 - Bugfix: V2.2.0 worked under Windows 7 and 8 only
    V2.3.0 - Bugfix: Several bugs which could cause crashes
    - New: Decoding of HID descriptors
    V2.3.1 - Bugfix: Font color setting was ignored
    V2.3.2 - Bugfix: Device Descriptor was called Device Qualifier Descriptor and a Device Qualifier Descriptor was not decoded
    V2.3.3 - Bugfix: Crash when configuration descritor fails to be read
    V2.3.4 - Bugfix: Crash with some USB over network products
    V2.3.5 - New: Can save report for selected device only
    V2.3.6 - Bugfix: Configuration Descriptor's bmAttributes Bit7 decoded wrong
    - Bugfix: If a device's Address value is not found then it was shown as '0', now as '-'
    - New: All string descriptors shown in a separate section
    - New: Hexdumps with ASCII
    V2.3.7 - Bugfix: Damaged display when window is resized from top or left
    - New: Safely removed devices get a green "SR" icon instead of the yellow error icon
    V2.3.8 - Bugfix: USB Hub Descriptor's DeviceRemovable and PowerControlMask error shown wrong (Intel ICH6 and VirtualBox with 8 or more ports)
    - Bugfix: USB SuperSpeed Hub Descriptor's DeviceRemovable was decoded for all ports even the USB3 spec states a maximum of 15 ports
    - Bugfix: USB SuperSpeed Hub Descriptor's PowerControlMask was decoded even it does no more exist
    - Bugfix: USB Hub Descriptor's wHubCharacteristics "TT Think Time" decoded wrong
    V2.3.9 - Bugfix: Wrong Error message about number of frame descriptors when more than one Frame Based Format Type
    - Bugfix: Crash when 'Audio Control Feature Unit Descriptor' bControlSize is zero Descriptor
    - New: Decoding of bmaControls of 'Audio Control Feature Unit Descriptor'
    V2.4.0 - New: Decoding of MIDI descriptors
    - New: On Windows before Windows 8 'H' or 'S' on port icons if High or SuperSpeed device is attached
    V2.4.1 - Bugfix: Wrong 'USB 3.0 Companion Descriptor missing' error removed
    - Bugfix: Windows Version under Windows 8 and 10 correctly shown as NT 6.3 and 6.4
    V2.4.2 - Bugfix: Wrong item order in the report
    - New: "Copy report from here" treeview context menu
    - New: Decoding of some USB 3.1 descriptors (untested)
    - New: Decoding of some Wireless USB 1.1 descriptors (untested)
    V2.4.3 - Bugfix: "Save Report from current Item" made a report of the selected item only
    - Bugfix: "Save Report from current Item" failed if the item name contains a character which is invalid in a file name
    V2.4.4 - Bugfix: Since V2.3.9 'S' and 'H' not shown on empty ports unter Win8+
    - USB Video Class H.264 decoding
    - Maybe Unicode support

О портативной версии:

    Предоставлена разработчиком, не требует установки.

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