Robert van Gulik / Роберт ван Гулик - Собрание сочинений
Годы выпуска: 1956-2014 г.
Автор: van Gulik, Robert / ван Гулик, Роборт
Язык: Английский
Формат: fb2/epub/pdf
Качество: OCR/eBook
Роберт Ханс ван Гулик (Robert Hans van Gulik) 9 августа 1910 — 24 сентября 1967.
Нидерландский востоковед, дипломат, музыкант и писатель, наиболее известный благодаря циклу повестей о судье Ди. Этого героя он позаимствовал из китайского детективного романа «Ди Гун Ань» (XVIII в.), который, в свою очередь, базируется на биографии реальной исторической личности, жившей в VII в.
В 1949 году переведенный ван Гуликом роман «Ди Гун Ань» был опубликован в Токио. Главный герой романа — судья Ди, реальный исторический персонаж (ок. 630 — ок. 700) династии Тан (VII—X вв.), хотя в романе используется множество исторических элементов из времен династии Мин (XIV—XVII вв.).
Эта работа чрезвычайно заинтересовала ван Гулика, и он решил написать собственный вариант истории о судье Ди. Первой повестью с участием судьи Ди и его помощников стала «Убийство на улице Полумесяца» (написана в 1949-1950).
В комментариях к повести он заметил, что «хотел показать современным китайским и японским писателям-детективщикам, что их собственная древняя литература содержит множество ценного материала, могущего послужить основой для таких историй».
Ван Гулик старательно соблюдал традиции китайского детективного романа в своих повестях. Например, в большинстве романов судья расследует одновременно три дела, как правило, не связанных между собой.
Собственно детективный элемент также выдержан более в духе традиционных китайских историй, хотя и приспособлен ко вкусу европейского читателя.
В раздачу входят все произведения ван Гулика о судье Ди и перевод романа «Ди Гун Ань».
Нумерация книг сделана в соответствии с англоязычной WIKI, в порядке написания/издания.

Список книг:

    The Poisoned Bride and Other Judge Dee Mysteries (= Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee) / Знаменитые дела судьи Ди 2001, epub, ISBN: 978-1-9313-0547-1, New Albion Press (перевод старинного китайского романа, обычно не включается в серию "Судья Ди")
    01 The Chinese Maze Murders / Убийство в лабиринте (= Китайский лабиринт) 1956, fb2
    02 The Chinese Bell Murders / Смерть под колоколом (= Убийство на улице Полумесяца) 1958, fb2
    03 The Chinese Lake Murders / Убийство в цветочной лодке 1960, fb2
    04 The Chinese Gold Murders / Золото Будды 1959, fb2
    05 The Chinese Nail Murders / Убийства гвоздями 1961, fb2
    06 The Haunted Monastery / Монастырь с привидениями 1961, fb2
    07 The Red Pavilion / Красный павильон 1961, fb2
    08 The Lacquer Screen / Лакированная ширма 1962, fb2; 2010, epub, ISBN: 9780226849003, The University of Chicago Press
    09 The Emperor's Pearl / Императорская жемчужина 1963, fb2; 2010, epub, ISBN: 9780226849072, The University of Chicago Press
    10 The Monkey and the Tiger / Обезьяна и тигр 1965, fb2
    • The Morning of the Monkey / Четыре пальца
    • The Night of the Tiger / Ночь тигра
    11 The Willow Pattern / Пейзаж с ивами (= Белая ваза с синим рисунком) 1965, fb2; 1993, pdf, ISBN: 978-0-226-84875-4, The University of Chicago Press
    12 Murder in Canton / Убийство в Кантоне 1966, fb2
    13 The Phantom of the Temple / Призрак в храме 1966, fb2
    14 Judge Dee at Work / Судья Ди в деле 1967, fb2; 1992, pdf, ISBN: 978-0-226-84866-2, The University of Chicago Press
    • 1. Five Auspicious Clouds / Пять облаков
    • 2. The Red Tape Murder / Убийства с красной лентой
    • 3. He Came with the Rain / Он пришел вместе с дождем
    • 4. The Murder on the Lotus Pond / Убийство на лотосовом пруду
    • 5. The Two Beggars / Два бедняка
    • 6. The Wrong Sword / Не тот меч
    • 7. The Coffins of the Emperor / Саркофаг императора
    • 8. Murder on New Year's Eve / Убийство в новогоднюю ночь
    15 Necklace and Calabash / Ожерелье и тыква-горлянка (= Ожерелье и тыква) 1967, fb2; 2014, epub, ISBN: 9780226849027, The University of Chicago Press
    16 Poets and Murder / Поэты и убийцы 1968, fb2

Примеры текстов:

The Chinese Maze Murders

First Chapter
Heaven created an immutable pattern for ten thousand ages, Regulating sun and stars above, mountains and rivers below; Thereafter the sages of old did model our sacred social order, Taking Heavenly Justice as warp, and man-made Law as woof.
A wise and honest judge is Heaven's unerring instrument, The people's father and mother, both compassionate and stern; In his court the oppressed obtain redress of all their wrongs, No criminal there escapes, despite base fraud and guile.

Under the present illustrious Ming dynasty, in the Yoong-lo era, our Empire is at peace, crops are plentiful, there are neither droughts nor floods, and the people are prosperous and content. This fortunate state of affairs is due entirely to the August Virtue of His Imperial Majesty. Naturally in this blessed time of peace crimes are few, so that the present provides scant material for the study of crime and detection. Rather than the present one must turn to the past for accounts of baffling crimes, and their marvelous solution by perspicacious magistrates.
Finding myself with ample leisure for the pursuit of my favourite study, I diligently search old records and dusty archives for famous ancient criminal cases, and I have made it a habit always to listen carefully to my friends and acquaintances when, gathered in the tea house, they start discoursing on the astounding crimes solved by famous judges of past centuries.
The other day, late in the afternoon, I strolled through the Western Park to admire the lotus flowers that were in full bloom. I crossed the carved marble bridge that leads to the island in the center of the lotus pond, and found myself an empty corner table on the open terrace of the restaurant there.
Sipping my tea and nibbling dried melon seeds I enjoyed the beautiful view over the lake all covered with lotus flowers. I observed the motley crowd and, as I often do, amused myself by trying to deduce from the appearance of some passers-by their personality and background.
My eye fell on two remarkably beautiful girls who passed by walking hand in hand. Their strong resemblance suggested at once that they were sisters. But evidently their characters were entirely different. The younger one was gay and vivacious who talked all the time. The elder, on the contrary, was reserved and shy who hardly answered the other. Here face bore an expression of deep sadness. I felt sure that somewhere there was a deep tragedy in her life.
As the two girls disappeared among the crowd I noticed that they were followed by an elderly woman; she had a slight limp, walked with a cane and seemed intent on overtaking the girls. I took her to be their duenna. But as she passed in front of the terrace I saw such an evil leer on her face that I hastily transferred my attention to a handsome young couple that came walking along.
The young man wore the cap of a Candidate of Literature, the girl was dressed demurely as a housewife. They walked apart but from the fond looks they gave each other it was clear that they belonged together. I concluded from their furtive air that theirs must be an illicit love affair.
Just when they were passing in front of me the girl made to take the young man's hand, but he hastily withdrew his and shook his head with a frown.
Letting my eyes rove over the guests assembled on the terrace I noticed a plump, neatly-clad man who was sitting alone just like myself. He had a round, pleasant face, I placed him as a member of the landed gentry. Since he seemed the talkative type I hastily averted my eyes fearing that he would mistake my intent gaze as an invitation to strike up an acquaintance. I preferred to be left alone with my own thoughts, all the more so since I had seen a glint in his eyes that made me wary. I reflected that a man with that cold, calculating look that so belied his friendly face might well be capable of committing a dark, premeditated deed of evil.
After a while I saw an old gentleman with a flowing white beard slowly come up the steps of the terrace. He was clad in a brown robe with wide sleeves seamed with black velvet, and a high cap of black gauze on his head. Although he wore no insignia of rank, he had a most distinguished appearance. He stood for a moment leaning on his crooked staff, surveying the crowded terrace with piercing eyes from under bushy white eyebrows.
Since a person of such venerable age cannot be left standing, I hastily rose and offered the newcomer a place at my table. He accepted with a courteous bow. While drinking our tea we exchanged the usual polite inquiries and it transpired that his family name was Dee and that he was a retired prefect.
Soon we were engaged in an agreeable conversation. My guest proved to be a man of wide learning and elegant taste, time passed unnoticed while we discoursed on prose and poetry, in between looking at the gay crowd that milled along the water front.
I had noticed that my guest spoke with the accent of Shansi Province. So during a lull in the conversation I asked whether by any chance his family was related to the old Dee clan of Tai-yuan, the capital of that province, which centuries ago, during the Tang dynasty, had produced the great statesman Dee Jen-djieh.
Suddenly the old gentleman's eyes blazed. He angrily tugged at his long beard.
. . .

Poets and Murder

The obese monk, sitting cross-legged on a corner of the broad bench, silently regarded his visitor with unblinking eyes. After a while he replied in a hoarse, grating voice, 'The answer is no, I have to leave the city this afternoon.' The thick, hairy fingers of his left hand closed round the dog­eared volume on his knee.
The other, a tall man in a neat, black silk coat over a blue gown, was momentarily at a loss for words. He was tired, for he had been obliged to walk down the entire length of Temple Street. And his gruff host had not even deigned to offer him a chair. It might be just as well if this ugly, rude monk did not join the distinguished company. ... He surveyed with disgust the monk's large, shaven head sunk between bulky shoulders, the swarthy face with the sagging, stubbly cheeks, the fleshy nose above the thick-lipped mouth. With his un­usually big, bulging eyes, the man reminded him forcibly of a repulsive toad. The odour of stale sweat from his patched monk's robe mingled with the fragrance of Indian incense in the close air of the bare room. The visitor listened for a few moments to the drone of voices raised in prayer, over on the other side of the Temple of Subtle Insight, then he suppressed a sigh and resumed:
'Magistrate Lo will be distressed, sir. This evening there'll be a dinner in the residence, and for tomorrow night my master has planned a Mid-autumn banquet, on the Emerald Cliff.'
His host snorted. 'Magistrate Lo ought to know better! Dinner parties, forsooth! And why did he send you, his coun­sellor, instead of coming to see me himself, eh?'
'The Prefect is passing through here, sir. Early this morning he summoned my master to the government hostel in the West City, to take part in a conference of all the fourteen district magistrates of this Prefecture. Afterwards my master'll have to join the noon meal the Prefect is giving in the hostel.' He cleared his throat and continued apologetically, "The feasts I mentioned, sir, are quite informal affairs, and very small. Poetic gatherings, as a matter of fact. And since you ...'
'Who are the other guests?' his host interrupted curtly.
'Well, to begin with, there's the Academician Shao, sir. Then Chang Lan-po, the Court Poet. Both arrived in the residence this morning, and ...'
I've known them both for many years, and I know then-work. So I can well do without meeting them. As to Lo's doggerel ...' He cast his visitor a baleful look and asked abruptly, 'Who else?'
'There'll be Judge Dee, sir, the magistrate of our neighbour district, Poo-yang. He was also summoned by the Prefect, and arrived here yesterday.'
The ugly monk gave a start. 'Dee of Poo-yang? Why the devil should he ...?' he began. Then he asked testily, 'You don't mean to say that he would take part in a poetical gather­ing? Always heard he is of a rather pedestrian turn of mind. Dull company.'
The counsellor carefully smoothed his black moustache before he replied primly:
'Being my master's friend and colleague, sir, Magistrate Dee is considered as a member of the household, and attends all parties in the residence as a matter of course.'
'You're a cautious kind of chap, aren't you?' the other scoffed. He thought for a while, puffing out his cheeks, which made him resemble a toad even more than before. Then a lop­sided grin parted his sensual lips, revealing a row of brown, uneven teeth. 'Dee, eh?' He stared at his visitor with his bulging eyes, pensively rubbing his stubbly cheeks. The rasping sound grated on the neat counsellor's nerves. Lowering his eyes, the monk muttered, half to himself, 'It might be an interesting experiment, after all. Wonder what he thinks about foxes! Fellow is deuced clever, they say.' Sud­denly he looked up again and croaked, 'What did you say again your name was, Counsellor? Pao or Hao or some­thing?'
. . .

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The Willow Pattern

Judge Dee at Work

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