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- -Völgarr the Viking- Дата выхода: 13 сентября 2013
Жанр: Arcade (Platform)
Разработчик: Crazy Viking Studios
Издатель: Adult Swim Games
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется-Системные требования:
☐ Операционная система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
☐ Процессор: 2.0GHz
☐ Оперативная память: 1 GB
☐ Видеокарта: 256MB
☐ Звуковая карта: Совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
☐ Свободное место на жёстком диске: 200 MB-Описание:
Volgarr the Viking - классика, и это очень атмосферная олдскульная игра, которая уже снискала тысячи поклонников в игровых сообществах. Volgarr the Viking сочетает в себе лучшее из платформеров прошлого, таких как Castlevania, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts и даже Rastan. Напрягите свои игровые мускулы и вступите в золотой век аркад с Volgarr the Viking.

☐ Особенности игры

7 миров для прохождения через 30+ карт
40+ ловушек и врагов, включая немалых боссов
много путей прохождения через игру и разные концовки

☐ Особенности релиза


☐ Установка

1 Установить.
2 Играть.

☐ Скриншоты


Список изменений

* Added alternate palettes for color blind players, accessible via Graphics.
This replaces the Triple Buffering option, which is now automatically set
based on other settings (like color depth) and available VRAM.
* Added a follow-up message to clarify that to skip already-completed Worlds,
the player must go left multiple times, once for each World to skip.
* Fixed a crash at startup when using a Steam Controller on Windows.
* Fixed incorrectly loading older save data, preventing skipping Worlds until
the player had beaten them again with the new save data file.
* Volgarr will no longer bonk his head on the posts that ropes are sometimes
tied to when jumping from the rope. This confused many players who did not
understand that this is what was preventing upwards movement from jumping
from the top of a rope and that they needed to jump from lower down.
* Fixed graphical distortion in World 2-1 when using DX9 renderer on graphics
cards with low Guard Band Clipping values.
* Fixed graphical corruption when using OpenGL renderer on systems with low-end
on-board Intel graphics chipsets.
* Fixed crash if go under water while using the '-nosound' command-line option
(or have no compatible sound card enabled).
* Fixed the spelling of "received".
* Added a note on our video monetization policy (i.e. we don't care, go nuts!)
as a button in the Settings menu.
* Added an option to replace the licensed Sonic Prophecy credits music with
just the generic theme song so video creators can use it to avoid the hassle
of getting flagged by content ID matching systems like YouTube's (though this
option makes the end credits far less awesome...).
* Added graphical button icons instead of text names for buttons when game
detects the player is using an XInput (360) controller.
* Added Achievement and Records tracking (just stored on user's hard drive).
* Improved the first-time player experience through the first World, without
changing how it plays for experienced players.
* Fixed a graphical glitch with the sail of the boat when it stops at the end
of its journey in World 2-1.
* Fixed issue where all game sound could be permenantly muted.
* Fixed issues with multiple monitors and full screen modes on SDL-based
versions (Mac/Linux).
* Added an option in the Settings menu to let the game keep running when
it loses focus (so music keeps playing and it doesn't auto-pause).
* Tutorial help strings now display actual assigned key/button names for
actions instead of generic terms like "Jump" and "Attack".
* Added support for Force Feedback (Rumble) to the SDL controllers module
which should enable it for supported devices on Mac/Linux. Windows users
with non-360 controllers might also be able to get force feedback now by
using the command-line option -controller=2 to switch to SDL mode.
* First version with Mac OSX and Linux support!
* Fixed the settings for disabling down+jump = roll and disabling
up+attack = spear being swapped in what they actually did.
* Fixed a runtime error when using SDL-based sound playback with
the latest version of SDL2.DLL.
* Fixed a crash when pressing a specific button sequence that only
Kickstarter beta testers should have tried using.
* Faster loading times - up to half the time it took before.
* Fixed invisible World 4 boss when using OpenGL render option.
* Fixed invisible special attack effect in the World 6 boss fight.
* Fixed a minor collision oddity in World 3-2V.
* Screenshot hotkey has been changed to F12 instead of F11, since F11 is
commonly used for switching between full screen and windowed mode.
* Game will now detect if it is running faster than it is supposed to
and after a few seconds switch to a manual timer mode, which will force the
proper frame rate (but may cause screen tearing). If you want the game to
immediately enter this mode, you can use the command line option: -vsync=4
You can also usually prevent this problem from happening in the first place
by setting VSync to On for Volgarr in your video card's per-application
settings (if your video card driver has such capability).
* Fixed an exploit that allowed opening the same chest over and over again,
gaining infinite gold (points) and items.
* Game is no longer packed into a single .exe, and instead has a .exe file and
a separate .pak file, to prevent certain over-zealous virus scanners from
claiming the game has a virus because of the packed .exe.
* Added an obvious message about skipping worlds you've completed before to
make it clear that the game DOES include a form of progress-saving.
* Added an optional OpenGL-based graphics engine, as a possible solution for
anyone having issues with Direct3D on their system.
* Added an optional SDL-based sound and music engine, which can be selected in
the Sound Options menu (as long as the game can find SDL2.dll in your
system's PATH somewhere or in the same folder as the game's .exe file - see
http://www.libsdl.org/ for details), as a possible solution for anyone having
issues with DirectSound on their system.
* Added a new scaling filter to the Graphics Options menu titled "Bilinear X2",
which should look crisper than Bilinear yet avoid the uneven pixel sizes seen
with Point filtering (basically halfway between the two filters previously
NOTE: This filter will not work on all resolutions on all systems - in the
cases where it doesn't work it will look the same as normal Bilinear.
* Fixed an incorrectly-looping ambient sound in the first level.
* It is now possible to request a specific graphic/sound/music engine via
command-line parameters, useful for troubleshooting when can't get to the
pause menu.
-graphics=# (1-dx9, 2-opengl, 3-dx7)
-sound=# (0-no sound, 1-DSound, 2-SDL)
-music=# (0-no sound, 1-DSound, 2-SDL)
-soundquality=# (1-4, only applies to SDL currently).
-controller=# (0-no controller support, 1-DirectInput/XInput, 2-SDL)
* XInput (XBox 360) controllers can now be detected even if their DirectInput
drivers are not currently functioning.
* Added a new Setting that disables up+attack=spear throw, instead requiring a
separate button be mapped for spear throw, to prevent accidental spear throws
by players who prefer to use a separate button.
* Added a new Setting that disables down+jump=dodge roll, instead requiring a
separate button be mapped for dodge roll, to prevent accidental dodge rolls
by players who prefer to use a separate button.
* Up+Attack (Spear) and Down+Jump (Roll) shortcut buttons are now mapped to
controller buttons by default.
* Camera no longer resets to close-up zoom when change maps while have the
toggle zoom option set.
* Using Alt+Return in Full Screen Windowed mode now goes to a normal window
instead of immediately switching to Full Screen mode (which made it look like
nothing happened).
* Fixed a few minor visual glitches.
* Fixed a frame rate hitch every 1.6 seconds, seen only on low-end systems that
did NOT have any game controllers connected.
* Completely new graphics engine based on DirectX 9 to resolve compatibility
issues with some systems. The original DirectX 7-based graphics engine is
also still available just in case anyone has issues with the new one.
* Graphics Options menu overhauled and includes more options such as selecting
graphics engine and manually overriding full-screen resolution.
* The timer for individual World time will no longer start from pressing the
camera zoom-out button at the start of a World. You must press a button that
affects Volgarr (movement, attack, jump, etc) to start the timer.
* Fixed a very rare bug that could cause a spear platform to float in mid-air
(by having it form at the exact moment that the object the spear hit is
destroyed by other means).
* Added command-line option to force full-screen mode (-fullscreen).
* Added command-line option to delete all data the game stores locally, which
can be useful to reset all settings if the game worked the first time but
then has problems later (-reset). This can also be used as a way to
essentially uninstall the game completely (run it once with the -reset option
before deleting the .exe).
* All World 2 maps (both paths) streamlined to be more in-line with other
Worlds in terms of difficulty curve, time between checkpoints, and VRAM space
* Added a very brief visual warning before a Slime spawns and drops on your
head, and made them hop slightly less often.
* Reduced the health of Crab Battler by 1.
* World 3 ghost enemies pause slightly longer before flying toward you.
* World 3 boss is now easier to hit from the ground using the normal sword.
* World 4 boss fight is now less boring/tedious when using a specific
slow-but-safe method.
* Fixed rolling off a cliff edge and cancelling into a down-stab causing the
player to get potentially hit by a projectile they were previously rolling
under (which would not happen if dropped into a fall instead of a down-stab).
* Fixed screenshot hotkey (F12) not working.
* Made full-screen windowed mode more alt-tab-friendly.
* Made the level skip warp entrance a bit more obvious in World 1.
* Exiting the pause menu no longer prevents immediately moving forward without
needing to release and re-press left/right.
* Hitting a large enemy with the back of your sword swing while in the air
facing away from them will no longer pull you closer to them.
* Extended support for DirectInput controllers from 14 buttons to 31 buttons.
* Can now map mouse buttons to actions like jump and attack.
* Added ability to make the Look Around button a toggle, via Options->Settings.
* Fixed falling far, grabbing a rope, jumping off, and landing causing the
"hard land" animation even though didn't fall far from the rope.
* Volgarr can now step up a few pixels automatically when walking instead of
being required to jump over very tiny ledges.
* Fixed some minor art/collision mismatches in Worlds 4 & 5.
* Now defaults to only loading resources that are needed at startup, to reduce
RAM usage and speed up initial load time. However this does cause longer
loads between maps. This change can be disabled in Options->Settings.
* Fixed rare crash (usually reported as a Runtime Error) when run through many
maps in a single play-through.
* Added a full-screen window option available in the Graphics menu or via the
command-line option -fullscreenwindow
* Added command-line option to force a specific resolution (-w=### -h=###).
* Added command-line option to force start in windowed mode (-window).
* Added command-line option to force full screen vsync method
(-vsync=1 for cpu, -vsync=2 for gpu, -vsync=3 for neither).
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