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Yate Тип издания: OS X Software
Релиз состоялся: 24 февраля 2015
Поддерживаемая ОС: Mac OS X 10.6+
Разработчик: Many Robots
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: патч
Системные требования:
• Intel, 64-bit processor
• OS X 10.6 или более новая

Yate - Мощный редактор ID3-тегов с широким набором полезных функций.
Yate был разработан для людей, которые серьезно относятся к маркировке и организации их аудио файлов. Приложение было разработано с нуля для пользователей Mac. Это - 100%-ое Cocoa редактор и пользуется своей собственной библиотекой маркировки. Yate пометит mp3, m4a, AIFF, wav, dsf и файлы FLAC. У Yate есть длинный список особенностей, включая инновационную scripting систему, названную действиями. Приложение также поддерживает интеграцию с Discogs, MusicBrainz, AcoustID и iTunes.


- поддержка файлов в формате mp3, m4a, FLAC и AIFF
- возможность добавления нескольких значений в одно поле
- возможность добавления нескольких полей одного типа
- экспорт/импорт метаданных, включая обложки альбомов
- автоматическое масштабирование импортированных обложек
- добавление обложек простым перетаскиванием
- автоматический поиск обложек
- перемещение треков в другие папки
- просмотр последних изменений и многое другое.

Что нового в версии:

Main Window File List:
• New filtering functionality for the main file list. You can now define compound filters and hide, close and select files which either match or do not match a filter. You can filter in one way or another on any pretty much any metadata associated with a track. (There are more than 120 test points.) The filters can be saved, modified and exported. You can hide filter options that you're not interested in. The new functionality is available from the File>Filter... menu item, the main window's Filter... context menu item and from the new Filter toolbar item. Saved filters are available from the Close Files , Hide Files and Select Files submenus.
• The filtering options added in v3.3 and Close Under Mask have been removed as the new filtering functionality is far more powerful.
• A Randomize option is available from the main window's file list column header's context menu.
AcousticBrainz Support:
• AcousticBrainz provides access to an online database used to maintain acoustic information extracted from audio files. At this point we're supporting the importing of BPM and Initial Key values.
Track Renumbering:
• The Renumber and Calculate Track of functions (via the UI or actions) have per disc and per album variants. The per album methods are essentially what existed before. The per disc methods will do the functions in discs within albums. Note that the toolbar items for these functions remain the per album variants.
• There is now a Renumber from... UI function.
• There is now a Renumber Random UI function. The function renumbers selected tracks from 1 in a random order. This can be useful if you are creating your own compilations and you want to randomly number the tracks.
Playlist Support:
• The Create m3u Files action function has been enhanced. You have control as to whether relative or absolute paths are used; you can relocate the paths and you can supply specific file names. You can also randomly order the tracks in the produced playlist.
• The Create iTunes Playlist function has a new Randomize track order option.
Custom Fields:
• There are now 10 custom fields Custom0...Custom9. The new fields are available as File List columns, and in Rename and File to Tag templates.
• Custom fields in Tag Sets and action editor statement lists now show the current name associated with the field.
• You have always been able to set the mappings for Custom fields in FLAC files. You can now do so for ID3 based files and m4a/mp4 files as well. This means that you can map your custom fields to specific file frames/atoms used by other applications. This will be useful for users who access the extended classical fields used by some applications. Note that in ID3 based files the Custom fields can be mapped to COMM, TXXX and WXXX frames. The functionality is accessed via the Column Mappings and Custom Fields - Configure button in Preferences - File List. Custom fields are properly synchronized with their low level mappings as you would expect. For example if you map a custom field to the Discogs Release Id, the Discogs Wizard will set the appropriate custom field even though it lives as a UDTI in the file.
Action Manager:
• The Action Manager now keeps track of modification date/times for actions. There is a new column in the window to display the data. Note that older actions which do not as of yet have a recorded modification time, will display the field as empty. You can configure the format for the display of the date/time information in Preferences-Actions.
• You can now search for actions in the Action Manager.
• The entire Action Manager display can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on the column headers. You can also sort a selected folder or the folder containing the selected action via the Sort Folder context menu items.
Action Editor:
• When doing a SaveAs in an action you can now choose to have the new action replace all references to the old name. The initial action is not deleted or modified.
• You can now choose to display the list of action statements in an action editor window with a monospace font. See Preferences-Actions.
• Comment statements are now highlighted to make them more visible.
Action Functions:
• There are new escape sequences, C0, ... C9 to insert the value of a custom field.
• There is a new escape sequence, [field name] which used to insert the contents of the specified field within a file. The field names are case insensitive and are available for easy insertion from context menus. If the specified field name cannot be matched the sequence will simply be removed. Note that Variables and Custom fields can only be inserted via the v and c escape sequences.
• The Start function allows you to specify an inline comment.
• The Copy function now has an only if the source is not empty option.
• The Create m3u function has been enhanced.
• The Renumber Tracks function has been enhanced.
• The Compare Text Test function now has a like operator.
• The User Defined Fields function has a new Set state option. If an item match was made the action test state is set to true, otherwise false. This is only a meaningful result when the action is executed grouped.
• New function called Index Of which returns the index of a string in a field or named variable.
• New function called List Item At Index used to return a list item by its position in the list.
• New function called List Key to make it easier to store and access key-value pairs in lists.
• New function called Finder Tags used to read and write Finder tags on OS X 10.9 and greater.
• New function called Scanner. Successive Scanner statements can be used to form complex field analyzers.
• New function called Access AcousticBrainz. If you have tracks with MusicBrainz Recording Ids, you can use extract BPM and Initial Key values from the AcousticBrainz database.
• There is a new Preference section called Actions.
• Preferences - Audio has a new option for m4a files used to choose the mapping for the Conductor field. There are two mappings commonly used: CONDUCTOR (Yate's default) and Conductor. Yate now let's you choose whichever mapping you wish to use. See the online help for more information. The setting is imported/exported with the m4a custom field mappings.
• Preferences - General Use Yate Context Menus has been removed. Yate now does it automatically.
• Yate is now far more aggressive about protecting you against changing field mappings when files are open. Changing field mappings in application preferences is now disabled when files are open. Resetting preferences, resetting FLAC items and reimporting FLAC items are also disabled. You will not be allowed to import preferences which can change the field mappings when files are open.
• Modification: The Show in iTunes Playlist UI and action functions will now display all selected files in the Yate-Work playlist. The previous interpretation was too vague.
Custom Panel Editor:
• The Custom Panel Editor now supports the import/export of the current panel. This will allow you to share custom panels with others.
MusicBrainz Fields:
• Once again we're attempting to standardize the names of some MusicBrainz fields so that Yate's aligns with theirs. In the MusicBrainz Wizard's Release View, Track Id is now Recording Id and Track Position Id is now Track Id. None of your settings have changed as only the descriptive names have been modified. Hopefully this will clear up some confusion.
Bug Fixes:
• Some action editor context menu items were not correctly disabled when running an action.
• When renaming an action the Discogs and MusicBrainz Run action after import actions were not renamed if affected.
• When quitting Yate, holding down the Shift key was not disabling the auto export of a preference file (if enabled).
• The Format Credits action statement would insert an = for an empty field.
• Right clicking on Unused grid elements in the Custom Panel Editor under Snow Leopard was not working.
• Scrolling in single line text fields on Custom Panels was not working.
• Fixed a crash after moving files if the OS could not maintain the file tracking.

Version 3.3:

Artwork Viewer
• Enhanced the database artwork viewer to work in conjunction with the main window.
• New Artwork menu item Show Artwork Viewer
• The image in the Artwork panel's large image panel, (or in any full artwork display on a custom panel), can be opened in the Artwork Viewer by double clicking on the image or via the context menu.
• The Artwork Viewer can be configured to follow selection changes in the file list or an album/track database via new options on the Preferences-Artwork panel. You can force images to always open at 100% via preferences.
• The image in the Artwork Viewer can be dragged out, can be copied, zoomed and saved.
• The Artwork Viewer displays the pixel dimensions of the displayed image and the percentage of its size as currently displayed.
• Images in the artwork Viewer can be zoomed to 100% by double clicking on the image.
Main Window
• Added new filtering items to the main window's Hide context submenu. You can now hide files based on having or not having content in any field. Where appropriate, you can also hide based on multi item fields having values other than their associated default value.
Multi Field Editor
• Enhanced Find and Remove
• Enhanced Trim
• Enhanced Replace Text
• Added a Copy field section.
• Preferences-iTunes has been rearranged. Auto import and export of iTunes settings is now supported. Be careful when using these settings as values in iTunes or Yate will be overwritten. The options are useful when importing metadata that you only change in one location. For example, you might want to import the current play counts from iTunes whenever linking tracks. If you only change ratings in Yate, you might want to export the current ratings to iTunes whenever saving files.
• New Preferences-General option called Use Yate context menus for text fields. This option enables the substitution of the system's default text field context menu for one which supports all of Yate's case transformations and space compression. This only affects context menus in the Edit Panel and sheets displayed by the Edit Panel.
• New Preferences-Audio option to write an ID3v1 tag in addition to the ID3v2.4 or ID3v2.3 tag being written. This is mostly to help satisfy some older hardware based players which unfortunately still require the older (1996) format.
• Preferences-Audio now supports the customization of the internal rating mapping. The internal rating mapping also controls which values get written out for the Full (0-255) ID3 and FLAC rating settings. You can now customize the mappings to be the same as any of the competing rating mappings out there if you so desire. There is a new action function called Translate Rating which can be used to modify the rating values in files between different mappings.
• Preferences-Audio now allows you to choose to write m4a/mp4 ratings in an alternate format in addition to the standard Yate format. Yate writes ratings to m4a/mp4 files using a standard container extension method. If your ratings are not showing up in a media player (other than iTunes) you may be able to fix the issue by enabling the new rate atom settings.
• Preferences-Audio now allows you to map the m4a/mp4 stik (Media Kind) atom to the Media Type field. Yate will let you export the Media Type as Music or Audiobook. Any other value will be changed to Music. This is really only useful if you want to tag files as being audiobooks before adding them to iTunes. The stik atom is only read once by iTunes when files are added. The atom is not written by iTunes.
• Preferences-Artwork has new options for the artwork viewer.
• The following actions have been modified to accept named variables: Compare Date Test, Compare Numeric Test, Compare Text Test, Copy to Clipboard, Decrement Variable, Increment Variable, Set Action Test State from Variable, Text from Clipboard and Set Variable to Action Test State.
• The Text from Clipboard function has been enhanced to allow you to copy only the first non empty line or the entire contents.
• The Scale Artwork / Change Type function has been enhanced to support the squaring of images. An image is squared by resizing an image to the larger of its width and height by introducing transparency. The old image is centered in the new area. The resultant image is a png image.
• Added a new action function called Artwork Information to extract various information about the artwork available in one or more files.
• Added a new action function called Add Folder to Recently Opened List. Useful when you move tracks and you want a quick reference to the new location.
• The Set action function interprets values as 0 to 5 stars when setting the rating field. If you wish to specify a specific value for the internal ID3 format enter the value as a negative number from -1 to -255.
• New action function called Translate Rating used to modify the rating values in files between different mappings.
• The Prompt for Folder/File action function has a new option displayed when File is chosen. The New File option causes a save dialog as opposed to an open dialog to be displayed.
• Added a new action function called Set Action Test State from File Type. Yet a any even more convient method of testing file types than the Audio File Type property introduced in v3.2
Album and Track Databases
• Two new columns can be created when building the databases. The Artwork Size column will contain width x height for the default artwork item. The db column will contain the online database associations as described in the main window's db column.
Bug fixes
• When a rating was changed inline in the file list, the change indicator was not updated until the focus changed.
• The Copy function was not letting you copy the Rating field. Note that copying the default rating copies the unmodified rating value. You can use the R escape sequence to get the value as a number of stars.
• At some point the Preferences-Exception set Remove Special Status menu item was disabled.
• False "modifications made" warnings were sometimes issued when closing actions where Text Item Lists were sorted.

Процедура установки:

• Смонтировать образ и переписать иконку приложения в папку "Программы"
• Запустить патч
• Нажать на кнопку с увеличительным стеклом и найти установленную программу
• Дождаться окончания активации.
Courtesy of Special [K]
• При применении патча, возможно, будет предложено загрузить средства разработчика Xcode - ничего загружать не требуется
• патч совместим с 10.9.5 - 10.10 +
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